WCOOP 2011: Ankle bracelet for Berg?

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgAnders Berg was one of just a handful of people who needed both wrists to hold his World Championship of Online Poker bling. The member of PokerStars' Team Online had two bracelets to his name and was an odds-on favorite to be only the second person in history to win a third WCOOP title (Ryan "g0lfa" D'Angelo was the first). To his chagrin, the first week of WCOOP started off poorly.

"The patience wasn't there, my timing was off, and the number of non-cashes piled up," he said.

Though he's a longterm vet of fighting through the tedium of long online series, Berg couldn't dredge up the proper motivation to keep going. He was treading water, holding himself just above the surface, but seemingly incapable of pulling a giant killer whale jump into fresh air. On Friday, however, he had an idea. He hopped on a popular Norwegian poker forum and told a bunch of people the next three events he planned to play.

"That really helped," he said "People were following me and other Norwegians as we got deep. That inspired me to play my very best game."


And so, in Event #16, a $215 PLO six-max affair, Berg found himself short-stacked but determined. He refused to gamble just because he was short. He clawed his way all the way to the final table. He was still short-stacked, but started to get a feel for his opponents. He waited a lot longer than he usually would to make a move. When he did, it worked.

"Twice I was all-in against aces, and won, so thanks to the poker gods for that," he said. "Apart from that, I felt in total control, and refused to make a deal when were heads up."

It took just a few more hands before Berg had his third WCOOP title and a third bracelet for which he doesn't have a third wrist. We're going to see about getting it fit for his ankle.

"I am very proud to join Ryan 'g0lfa' D'Angelo as the only player with three WCOOP bracelets," Berg said. "My favorite events, triple draw, Omaha Hi-Lo, HORSE and 8-game are still to come, and I will give it my all to win another bracelet."

For a look at the final table of Berg's third win, see the PokerStars.tv video below.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP