WCOOP 2011: Austria goes one-two as Schildy1984 defeats TheFan83 for Event #28 title ($1,050 NLHE)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgWhen online pros say they live for WCOOP season, most of them are talking about events like this one-- deep-stacked, slow-structured and more than a million bucks in the prizepool. Busting through its $600k guarantee, the second $1,050 buy-in NLHE event of this year's WCOOP drew 1,146 grinders to their monitors, putting $1,146,000 up for grabs. 135 of them earned a share of it with first place set to earn more than $200,000. After two full days of button-mashing it came down to Austrian vs. Austrian, with Schildy1984 coming away with the bracelet after putting away his fellow countryman, TheFan83.

More than two dozen members of Team Pro and Team Online bought in to this event but only three cashed, Matthew "chipstar1" Didlick (133rd), Jorge "Baalim" Limon (87th), and Javier "vgreen22" Dominguez who busted in 66th place just as Day 1 came to a close. The remaining 65 players advanced to Day 2, among them Adam "Roothlus" Levy (63rd), Will "molswi47" Molson (55th), Chris "Genius28" Lee (42nd), Event #21 winner gregor7878 (36th) and Event #5 winner Mossop7 (24th).

Eitan2134 wasn't the shortest stack when play turned ten-handed, but nevertheless put all his chips at risk, opening for 38,000, then calling off his last 303,114 when Schildy1984 three-bet shoved from the big blind. Eitan2134's pocket jacks, however couldn't outrun Schildy1984's A♥K♣ when an ace hit the flop. Schildy1984 picked up the 700,000 pot and eitan2134 hit the rail, setting our final table.

WCOOP 28-FT.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: hithenose (292,854 in chips)
Seat 2: d-mon-d (1,305,649 in chips)
Seat 3: touchmynuts1 (1,571,854 in chips)
Seat 4: Schildy1984 (1,697,993 in chips)
Seat 5: lindeyloo22 (1,857,150 in chips)
Seat 6: anguila (234,400 in chips)
Seat 7: djibh (250,790 in chips)
Seat 8: TheFan83 (536,513 in chips)
Seat 9: delaney_kid (847,797 in chips)

Short stacks succumb, lindeyloo22 loses lead

Hithenose's stint at the final table only lasted three hands. He decided to go for broke with pocket jacks, three-bet shoving for 278,854 behind delaney_kid's 32,000 opening raise and delaney_kid quickly called with pocket queens. The ladies held up on an ace-high board to eliminate hithenose in ninth place, earning him $13,752.

Lindeyloo22 came into the final table with the chip lead but saw it slip away following a preflop raising war with touchmynuts1. TheFan83 was the initial raiser, opening for 32,000, touchmynuts1 flat-called, and lindeyloo22 three-bet to 123,876 from the small blind. The Fan83 gave up his hand and touchmynuts1 came back over the top, making it 265,152 to go. Lindeyloo22 five-bet to 448,000 and touchmynuts1 pulled the trigger and shoved for 1,658,734. After a long tank, lindeyloo22 folded and touchmynuts1 raked in the 960,000 pot.

Short stack anguila hung on for a little more than a level before open-shoving his last 10 BB with pocket sixes. Delaney_kid called from the cutoff, turning up A♣Q♦. Again, the overcards won the race, the board running out A♠9♠4♦K♥4♣ to send anguila home in eighth place with $22,920 in prize money.

Lindeyloo22 lost a little more ground in a hand against Schildy1984 when she played a small pair aggressively, leading at him on every post-flop street only to have him call her down with fourth pair:

Touchmynuts1 tumbles, lindeyloo22 runs into aces

Touchmynuts1 had a rough go of it during the 10,000/20,000 level. First, he gave up the chip lead when he doubled up TheFan83 in a 1.3 million-chip pot. Schildy1984 was the initial raiser, opening for 40,000 at 10,000/20,000 blinds. TheFan83 called from the cutoff and touchmynuts1 came along from the big blind. The flop fell K♠8♥5♠ and touchmynuts1 checked to Schildy1984, who bet 66,850. TheFan83 raised to 180,000, touchmynuts1 three-bet to 293,150, and Schildy1984 ducked out of the way. TheFan83 shoved for 565,978 and touchmynuts1 called, turning over K♥Q♠ for top pair. TheFan83 showed the nut flush draw with A♠J♠. Although the Q♦ on the turn made touchmynuts1 top pair, TheFan83 caught the 2♠ on the river to hit his flush. A few hands later touchmynuts1 got into a pre-flop raising war that ended with delaney_kid six-bet shoving for over 1.57 million. Touchmynuts1 gave up his hand along with the 445,200 he'd put into the pot.

Onetime chip leader lindeyloo22 ended up making a far earlier exit than she'd have liked. Down to 725,000 at 12,500/25,000 blinds, she came into the pot for a min-raise along with TheFan83 and delaney_kid. She checked the Q♦7♠4♠ flop over to TheFan83 who bet 100,000. Delaney_kid called and lindeyloo22 went for the squeeze raise, moving all-in for 671,841. TheFan83 called and delaney_kid folded. Although lindeyloo22 held top pair with Q♣T♣, she'd run headlong into TheFan83's A♦A♠. Lindeyloo22 did not improve and hit the rail in seventh place, earning $34,380 for two days' work.

Following lindeyloo22's elimination, touchmynuts1's downward spiral continued. After TheFan83 opened for 60,000 and d-mon-d called from the small blind, touchmynuts1 three-bet shoved for 685,446 from the big blind with A♠6♣, hoping to induce a couple of folds. TheFan83 had other ideas, though, and re-shoved to isolate, moving in for 1.69 million. D-mon-d gave up his hand and TheFan83 turned over 6♠6♦. The pair held on the K♣Q♣9♦5♠8♠ board and touchmynuts1 bowed out in sixth, earning $45,840.

Djibh, d-mon-d done and dusted

Djibh's stack dwindled all the way to 242,845 before he picked up 7♠7♥ and three-bet shoved for 239,095 over Schildy1984's UTG opening raise. The action folded over to d-mon-d in the big blind and he re-shoved for 459,066, pushing out Schildy1984's Djibh's sevens were up against T♦T♣, d-mon-d turning a set on the K♣6♣4♦T♠Q♣ board to send djibh home in fifth place. He collected $57,300 for his efforts.

Although that pot gave d-mon-d a bit more of a cushion against the rising blinds, he was the next player to fall. With the blinds up to 17,500/35,000 d-mon-d open-shoved for 474,411 with Q♥7♥, no doubt trying to pick up the blinds and antes. Unfortunately for him, TheFan83 woke up in the small blind with A♥J♥. A jack hit the flop and d-mon-d couldn't find a queen on the turn or river, bowing out in fourth place with an $85,512 score.

Delaney_kid departs in third

Down to three players, the action was paused to discuss a potential deal, but the parties involved failed to come to an agreement. Play went on and soon after the restart, Schildy1984 got his chips in the middle with a dominated hand-- his A♠J♦ up against TheFan83's A♣Q♥. The A♦J♣9♣ flop, however was boffo for Schildy1984, making him aces up. The turn made him jacks full and Schildy1984 doubled to 3.67 million.

A couple of orbits later, Schildy1984 opened for a min-raise to 80,000 and delaney_kid called from the big blind. Delaney_kid check-called 85,850 on the 9♥6♣3♠ flop, then checked again when the K♥ hit the turn. Schildy1984 bet 182,550, delaney_kid shoved for 1.34 million and Schildy1984 quickly called with K♦9♦ for kings and nines. Delaney_kid was semi-bluffing, having turned an open-ended straight draw with 7♠8♥. His only hope for survival was a five or a ten on the river but it was the A♠ instead, and the Aussie departed in third place with a $110,016 score.

The battle of Austria

As heads-up play began, Schildy1984 held a 1.65 to 1 advantage over TheFan83:

Seat 4: Schildy1984 (5,357,874 in chips)
Seat 8: TheFan83 (3,237,126 in chips)

Their match, however, only lasted ten hands. The chip counts had closed together by about 250,000 on each side when a classic cooler ended things, TheFan83's two pair on the flop snapped off by Schildy1984's turned set:

Congratulations to Schildy1984 on winning national pride, his first WCOOP title and the $206,280 first-place prize! For his runner-up finish, TheFan83 earned $147,031.80.

WCOOP Event #28 ($1,050 NLHE) results

1. Schildy1984 (Austria) $206,280.00
2. TheFan83 (Austria) $147,031.80
3. delaney_kid (Australia) $110,016.00
4. d-mon-d (Norway) $82,512.00
5. djibh (Canada) $57,300.00
6. touchmynuts1 (Ukraine) $45,840.00
7. lindeyloo22 (Canada) $34,380.00
8. anguila (Spain) $22,920.00
9. hithenose (Spain) $13,752.00

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