WCOOP 2011: Brryann outlasts PearlJammer, 2FLY2TILT, ElkY, takes Event #17 ($215 2-7 NL Draw)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpg Something about draw. Draws 'em in, that's for sure.

Last year's version of the WCOOP's $215 Deuce-to-Seven No-Limit Single Draw event saw an impressive field of 367 enter, with cal42688 coming out on top. And this year's version outdrew that one, with 390 registering.

That group created a prize pool of $78,000 even, more than three times the event's $25K guarantee. The top 49 finishers would make the cash, with a prize of $16,380 awaiting the winner.

From 390 to 100

Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer, fresh off his 16th-place finish in last night's WCOOP Event #15 ($215 Razz), was one of the very first to run out of chips in this one, getting knocked out within the first half-hour.

Also out before the three-hour mark were Danzer's teammates Kristian "CharismA3" Martin (Team Online), Pat Pezzin, J.P. Kelly, Diego "vgreen22" Brunelli (Team Online), Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth, Ana Marquez, and Shane "shaniac" Schleger (Team Online).

By then just 194 remained. ALEE24 was on top with just over 40,000, p3rc4 second with just under 32,000, and water1006 with a little more than 27,000.

Among the other representatives of Team PokerStars, Lex Veldhuis, Marcin "Goral" Horecki, and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier were all hovering just inside the top 100, with Anders "Donald" Berg (Team Online), Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, Ivan Demidov, and Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu also alive with below-average stacks.

Just under an hour later there were 100 players left, with PitBrett in first with 60,435, capoch next with 54,353, and backflip91 third with 52,376, with Boeken having hit been eliminated in 186th.

From 100 to 49

Over the next hour-and-half Boeken would be joined on the rail by Negreanu (92nd), Horecki (86th), and Berg (79th) as the field was trimmed to just 50 -- just one spot from the cash. By then PitBrett had moved in front with just over 90,000, FrankThomas8 was next with a little more than 78,000, and Veemer just behind with about 77,000.

Those 50 battled for another 15 minutes until a hand arose in which water2006 minimum-raised to 2,000, then saw taz338 reraise all in for 18,741 total from the big blind. water1006 quickly called the reraise, and after taz338 stood pat water1006 did as well. taz338 showed J♦T♦7♥5♠4♥, no match for water1006's 8♦7♦5♦3♣2♠, and thus just moments before the six-hour break taz338 was eliminated one spot shy of the cash.

From 49 to 14

Soon Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier began to move up the counts and onto the front page, knocking out his teammate Ivan Demidov along the way.

In Demidov's knockout hand, the blinds were 600/1,200 (with a 300 ante) when ElkY opened for 2,400 from under the gun. It folded to Demidov who pushed for 27,248 from the button. The blinds got out, but Grospellier called. Both players stood pat. The hands they tabled were close, but Grospellier's T♠8♥5♦4♥2♠ nipped Demidov's T♦9♠8♦3♣2♥, sending the Russian out in 41st for a payday of $468.

A few pots later, ElkY had pushed into first place with 30 players remaining, climbing up near the 200,000-chip mark. Meanwhile Lex Veldhuis had slipped to short-stacked status, and soon was at the bottom of the counts.

"RaSZi" would hang on for more than half and hour, though, while others were eliminated. Then, with the blinds at 800/1,600, Veldhuis raised to 3,200 from early position, leaving himself just 16 chips behind. It folded to water1006 who reraised from the big blind, and Veldhuis called. Both players drew a single card, with water1006 tabling Q♥T♣9♦7♠5♠ to Veldhuis' K♠9♠8♦4♦2♥, sending the Team PokerStars Netherlands Pro out in 23rd place for $624.


Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis

Grospellier remained on top for the next half-hour, furthering his quest to win a third WCOOP bracelet after winning two in 2009 in the $530 no-limit hold'em (1R1A) (Event #38) and a $215 NLHE event (Event #43).

Eventually Chillolini would push ahead of ElkY to be the first player to 300,000 with 20 left. Play continued, and shortly after the eight-hour break just 14 players remained assembled around two seven-handed tables.

From 14 to 7

At that point, Chillolini remained on top with 290,679, ElkY next with 253,591, and tonkaaaa with 221,355, the only other player with more than 200k. Hovering in the middle of the pack were other familiar names, including mustafa, tonkaaaa, and Jon "PearlJammer" Turner.

Also there was Joel Adam "2FLY2TILT" Gordon, gunning for his second WCOOP bracelet of the year and like ElkY his third overall. (Read more about Gordon here.)

Over the next half-hour ElkY would see his stack slip back down under 100,000, pushing toward the bottom of the counts. Meanwhile capoch (14th), PitBrett (13th), moggiii (12th), and theNorfman (11th) were all eliminated, each earning the same prize of $1,092.

A short while later __akun333__ was eliminated in 10th ($1,482). Then came a big hand between Grospellier and tonkaaaa, both short stacks with nine left. After ElkY made a minimum-raise to 10,000, tonkaaaa shoved all in for 92,872 and after some thought Grospellier called.

tonkaaaa stood pat while Grospellier drew one card, then tonkaaaa showed 9♠7♥6♥3♦2♠ to ElkY's A♦T♥8♣5♠3♣, claiming the nearly 200,000-chip pot.


Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

Grospellier continued to fight for another orbit, but was soon all in before the draw against Brryann, standing pat while Brryann drew one. ElkY showed Q♣T♦8♠5♣2♦, not enough against Brryann's 9♠8♥6♥5♥4♣.

ElkY was out in ninth ($1,482), and moments later reported the news to his Twitter followers:

"sickest life ever bubbled 2-7 #WCOOP FT.... #whenwillitend..."

Shortly after mustafa knocked out Vemeer in eighth ($1,482), and the final seven-handed table was set.


Seat 1: PearlJammer -- 164,832
Seat 2: tonkaaaa -- 119,686
Seat 3: 2FLY2TILT -- 120,167
Seat 4: Falco234 -- 220,344
Seat 5: Chillolini -- 356,961
Seat 6: Brryann -- 726,932
Seat 7: mustafa -- 241,078

From 7 to 2

It would take nearly a half-hour for the first elimination.

The blinds were 3,000/6,000 (1,500 ante) when Chillolini opened for 13,500 from under the gun. All folded to tonkaaaa on the button. tonkaaaa had begun the final table with the shortest stack of the seven players, and was still sitting in last when he reraised all in for 82,563 from the button.

It folded back to Chillolini who called, then drew one card while tonkaaaa stood pat. tonkaaaa showed J♥9♣8♣6♦3♦, but Chillolini had made a T♦9♥6♠3♥2♥ to send tonkaaaa out in seventh.

About 10 minutes later the antes/blinds had risen to 1,750/3,500/7,000 when leader Brryann opened for 16,758 from early position, then it folded around to Joel Adam "2FLY2TILT" Gordon who reraised all in for 58,084 from the small blind. Falco234 folded the BB and Brryann called.

Both stood pat, and Brryann's T♦8♣6♦5♠3♠ was just a bit better than Gordon's T♠9♣8♦7♣4♣, sending the latter out in sixth.

Chillolini had become the short stack. Recognizing his situation, he decided to do something about it.

Chillolini: *putting on my rungood song*

Not longer after, Brryann opened for 16,758 again, this time from under the gun, and it folded to Chillolini in the big blind who called the raise. Both players took one card, then Chillolini bet 24,500, about one-fifth of his stack. Brryann responded with an all-in shove, and Chillolini called.

Chillolini had T♠9♥6♥5♥2♠ for a 10, but Brryann had made an 8 with 8♦7♥6♣3♦2♣ to end Chillolini's song in fifth.

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With four left, Brryann had extended his lead considerably, sitting with more than 1.17 million, well over half the chips in play. Falco234 was his closest challenger with a little more than 341,000, mustafa was third with about 311,000, and Jon "PearlJammer" Turner last with just over 124,000.

mustafa asked about the possibility of deal-making, but Brryann quickly refused and the quartet played on through the 10-hour break.

Shortly after they returned, PearlJammer scored a large pot from Falco234 to push into second place. The blinds had moved to 4,000/8,000 (2,000 ante) when mustafa opened for 24,000 from UTG, then PearlJammer made it 63,750 to go from one seat over. It folded back around and mustafa pushed all in for 249,792 total, and PearlJammer, having mustafa, covered, made the call.

Both players stood pat. mustafa showed T♥9♦6♠5♥4♣, but Turner had him beat with 9♥6♥5♠3♦2♥. They were down to three.

Falco234 was now the super-short stack, hovering between 100,000 and 150,000 while Brryann still had more than 1 million and PearlJammer better than 750,000.

Before long the antes/blinds were 2,500/5,000/10,000 and Falco234 was open-raising all in from the small blind for 110,053 total. Brryann called from the BB, and both players drew one. Brryann appeared to pick up an ace, tabling A♣9♣7♦3♠2♥, but it was good enough as Falco234 had made an unwanted straight, showing 6♦5♣4♥3♦2♠.

Just two remained.

Heads-Up Play

Heads-up play began with Brryann out in front with 1,199,327 to Jon "PearlJammer" Turner's 750,673. It also began with a bit of chatbox banter between the pair.

Brryann: gg
PearlJammer: gg
PearlJammer: buena suerte
Brryann: means?
PearlJammer: means gl :)
Brryann: i think

Turner -- playing from Mexico -- had it right with his Spanish wish of good luck to his Netherlander opponent. Brryann, well knowing the reputation of the player sitting across from him, had one more question and comment.

Brryann: how many wcoop bracelets do you have?
PearlJammer: 0
Brryann: im going for second

Despite such humility, Brryann would increase his lead over Turner during the first 15 minutes of their battle, pushing out to a 3-to-1 chip advantage. He continued to chip away at PearlJammer, building up close to 1.7 million and knocking Turner down to just over 250,000 when the night's climactic hand took place.

With the antes/blinds at 3,000/6,000/12,000, Brryann opened from the button for 26,589, then Turner pushed his stack of about a quarter million all in and Bryann called. Turner stood pat while Brryann discarded one.

PearlJammer had stuck with his T♥9♠7♣6♠5♦, but Brryann had drawn to a 9♥6♥5♣4♠2♠, thereby claiming the last of Turner's chips.

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Congratulations to Brryann for outlasting a huge field and especially tough final table to claim the WCOOP bracelet and a cool $16,380 payday.

WCOOP Event #17 ($215 2-7 NL Draw) Results:
1st place: Brryann ($16,380)
2nd: PearlJammer ($11,700)
3rd: Falco234 ($8,190)
4th: mustafa ($5,070)
5th: Chillolini ($3,510)
6th: 2FLY2TILT ($2,730)
7th: tonkaaaa ($1,950)

That marks the first bracelet at this year's WCOOP for the Netherlands. You can track how all countries are doing -- as well as a lot of other cool statistics and info -- over at the WCOOP site. And don't forget about the Exclusive Live WCOOP Radio shows, too!

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP