WCOOP 2011: Demokritos09 draws the win in Event #52 ($320 NLHE)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgWest-coast Canadians got up at 3:00am for this one. Costa Ricans rose at five. The Brazilians got to wait until seven and most of Europe got to sleep until noon...the poker players, at least. The 2011 PokerStars WCOOP is in its home stretch and with only four more NLHE events left before the Main Event gets rolling on Sunday, this one was worth setting an alarm for. All told, 1,771 players bought in, taking the prize pool past the half-million mark to $531,300. 234 places were paid with $85,008.65 set aside for first place.

30 bearers of the mighty red spade were in the fray including three-time WCOOP bracelet winner Anders "Donald" Berg, 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem, and Team Pro's newest member, Vivian Im. Five of them made the money-- Maxim Lykov (228th), Alex Kravchenko (187th), Jonathan Duhamel (159th), Daniel Negreanu (104th) and Liv Boeree (54th).

Toddytheboy was sitting on about 26 big blinds when he opened the pot for 85,225 and was met with a three-bet shove for 912,956 from Sajanas23. Toddytheboy called for an additional 827,731, with A♦Q♣ having his opponent slightly covered. Sajanas23 turned up K♣9♣ and outflopped toddytheboy, the first three coming down K♦Q♥J♠. Toddytheboy caught up on the turn, though, the Q♦ falling to make him trips. The river was the 2♥ and the final table was set, with Sajanas23 exiting on the bubble in tenth place.

WCOOP 52-FT.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: Demokritos09 (3,047,251 in chips)
Seat 2: Telefonkiosk (3,046,423 in chips)
Seat 3: B_Lindberg (1,674,647 in chips)
Seat 4: d0r1t0s (2,675,919 in chips)
Seat 5: Pro1612 (709,445 in chips)
Seat 6: redmaex1989 (744,474 in chips)
Seat 7: F3nix35 (1,785,919 in chips)
Seat 8: toddytheboy (1,993,508 in chips)
Seat 9: HerrLauti (2,032,414 in chips)

Redmaex1989 wasn't long for this final table, going out on the fifth hand of play. After B_Lindberg opened for 85,615, redmaex1989 moved all-in for his last 784,474 with A♦Q♥. B_Lindberg called with pocket fives, the small pair holding up on the K♥J♣8♥9♠K♠ board to eliminate redmaex1989.

This left Pro1612 as the table short stack, until he claimed a nice chunk of B_Lindberg's chips on a cooler of a hand. All the money went on on a J♠T♦5♦ flop, Pro1612 with pocket tens and B_Lindberg with pocket fives. Pro1612 doubled to 1.3 million with set over set but could only hang on to those chips for another ten minutes before a river two-outer bounced him from the tournament in eighth place:

B_Lindberg ran into even more misfortune when he doubled up d0r1t0s on a coinflip. All the money went in preflop, B_Lindberg four-bet shoving for 1,992,786 with A♦K♦ and d0r1t0s making the call with pocket eights. B_Lindberg did not improve on the Q♣J♠6♥2♦6♦ board and was left on 324,343 in chips (6.5 BB) while d0r1t0s moved up to 3.45 million. Seven hands later, the rest of B_Lindberg's chips were in d0r1t0s' stack when his A♦T♥ failed to improve against d0r1t0s' pocket nines. For seventh place, B_Lindberg earned $14,345.10.

If not for one lucky flop, F3mix35 would have been the next player out. After opening the pot for 120,000 and facing a 360,000 three-bet, F3mix35 decided to four-bet shove with his A♣J♣. He ran headlong into HerrLauti's K♠K♦, but caught an ace on the flop to double up to 3.04 million. Instead, toddytheboy was the next to fall, moving all-in for 979,252 behind Telefonkiosk's 131,614 opening raise. Telefonkiosk called and turned up A♦Q♦, dominating toddytheboy's A♥9♠. A queen hit the flop and toddytheboy had to settle for sixth place, collecting $19,658 for his troubles.

What began as a family pot ended in disaster for F3nix35. D0r1t0s was the initial raiser, making it 120,000 to go from under-the-gun. F3nix35, HerrLauti, Demokritos09 and Telefonkiosk all called to see the Q♣J♠3♣ flop. Demokritos09 led out for 210,000 from the small blind, Telefonkiosk and d0r1t0s both folded and F3nix35 raised to 635,000. HerrLauti got out of the way and with the action back on Demokritos09, he three-bet to 1.23 million. F3nix35 moved all-in for 2,510,204 and Demokritos09 called, turning over Q♠J♣ for top two pair. F3nix35's A♣T♣ needed to hit another club to make the nut flush, but missed on the turn when the 2♥ fell. The river was the Q♦, making Demokritos09 queens full and F3nix35 was left with only 256,144 in chips. He put them in on the next hand with K♣6♠ and got two callers in HerrLauti and Demokritos09. The flop came down A♣J♦5♥ and F3nix35's two opponents went to war on the side. Holding a set of fives, HerrLauti four-bet shoved for 2.45 million and Demokritos09 called with A♠Q♦. HerrLauti raked in the 4.9 million pot after the turn and river fell the 7♠ and the T♥, halving Demokritos09's stack and eliminating F3nix35 in fifth place for a $25,236.75 score.

After three-betting Demokritos09 preflop and raising his lead bet on a A♠9♠3♥ flop, Telefonkiosk got a fold and raked in a 2.6 million pot without a showdown, boosting his stack to 4.3 million, good for third in chips behind HerrLauti with 5.56 million and d0r1t0s with 6.1 million. Demokritos09 didn't stay on the short stack for long, though, doubling through d0rit0s. All the money went in on the turn with the board reading A♥K♥J♠A♣, and when the cards were turned up-- Demokritos09 with A♦4♥ and d0rit0s with A♠8♦, --the hand was a favorite to end in a chop. The 4♣, however, spiked on the river, making Demokritos09 aces full of fours. Demokritos09 moved up to 4 million while d0r1t0s fell to 4.2 million.

D0r1t0s rebounded when he flopped two pair against HerrLauti and got paid off, moving back up to 6.5 million. The game changer for our nacho cheese-loving friend came in this hand against Demokritos09 where both players rivered straights, Demokritos09's the higher one:

Suddenly, the onetime chipleader was left with 988,000 while Demokritos09 vaulted to over 10.5 million. D0r1t0s managed to stay alive by doubling up through HerrLauti, his Q♣7♣ flopping two pair and turning a full house against HerrLauti's K♦7♠. The hand left HerrLauti on only 409,000 and three hands later he was eliminated in fourth place on a hand that also left d0r1t0s crippled. HerrLauti open-shoved for 321,730 from UTG and both Demokritos09 and d0r1t0s called. With HerrLauti already all-in, both d0r1t0s and HerrLauti checked the A♥K♠4♠ flop. The turn came the 7♠ and d0r1tos bet 300,000. Demkritos09 raised to 600,000 and d0r1t0s called. D0r1t0s check-called another 350,000 on the river and mucked his hand when Demokritos09 showed 8♠T♠ for the flush. HerrLauti couldn't beat it either and hit the rail in fourth, collecting $34,932.97.

Left with only 317,000 after that hand, d0r1t0s went into shoving mode and managed to double three times in three minutes, each time through Telefonkiosk. All those chips, however, ultimately went back to Telefonkiosk. D0r1t0s tried to go for four, moving all-in with pocket sevens and Telefonkiosk called with A♦8♥. An ace hit the flop and Telefonkiosk raked in the 4.16 million pot, sending d0r1t0s home with a $47,817.00 payday for third place.

Demokritos09 held a 1.6 to 1 chip advantage as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 1: Demokritos09 (10,927,186 in chips)
Seat 2: Telefonkiosk (6,782,814 in chips)

The Demokritos09 vs. Telefonkiosk match lasted only 17 hands. The money went in on a A♥Q♥8♦ flop, Telefonkiosk's A♦8♠ flopping two pair against Demokritos09's A♠T♦. If Telefonkiosk's hand held, he'd double up to 14.3 million and control 80% of the chips in play.

Like a dagger, the T♠ hit the turn. Demokritos09 ,made aces and tens, leaving a devastated Telefonkiosk drawing only to the two remaining eights. The river, though, was the 6♦ and the title belonged to Greece, Demokritos09 winning his first WCOOP bracelet and $85,008.65. For his runner-up finish, Telefonkiosh took home $63,756.00

2011 WCOOP Event #52 ($320 NLHE) results

1. Demokritos09 (Greece) $85,008.65
2. Telefonkiosk (Sweden) $63,756.00
3. d0r1t0s (Canada) $47,817.00
4. HerrLauti (Germany) $34,932.97
5. F3nix35 (United Kingdom) $25,236.75
6. toddytheboy (Australia) $19,658.10
7. B_Lindberg (Sweden) $14,345.10
8. Pro1612 (Germany) $9,297.75
9. redmaex1989 (Germany) $5,313.00

Time is running out to win your way into the WCOOP Main Event! Hit up the WCOOP page for information on how to qualify. There's a satellite out there for every bankroll.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in WCOOP