WCOOP 2011: mnstrkll hates aces, loves cash winning Event #51 PLO8

wcoop2009-thumb.jpg"Seems like everyone at this table is trying to win, that's no fun!" exclaimed Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu near the sixth hour of play and holding a sizable stack going towards the money bubble of 117 places paid. Indeed PLO8 is not for the faint of heart nor timid betting if a final table, five figure scores, or WCOOP bracelet is in your future. While the betting is restricted to pot limit, big bet poker plus skillful players like Team PokerStars pro Nuno Coelho trying to make it back to the final table as he did last year finishing 4th for $27K, there was no easy money to be had despite Daniel's pleas.

907 players total would drop into Event #51's $320 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low tournament, meaning the PokerStars guarantee of $175,000 was not needed once again as the $272,100.00 prize pool would provide funds for 117 players to enjoy, including $48,978.00 for the champ.

Another final tablist from last year, Brazilian caprioli, would head into the sixth hour with chips along with Team PokerStars pros Marcin "Goral" Horecki, Bryan Huang, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, and Team Online's Anders "Donald" Berg who was trying to notch his seventh cash of the WCOOP 2011 series (but behind his teammates ElkY with eight cashes, and Negreanu with nine). However, being in fifth place in the WCOOP Player of the Series race starting tonight and of course his runner-up finish last night nearly notch his record breaking fourth WCOOP bracelet after capturing his third win in Event #16 , Berg was standing the tallest of all the Red Spade holders being just a runner-up finish from catching 2FLY2TILT in the overall series race and holding three WCOOP bracelets overall.

No final table for the Norwegian as Berg would meet a quick end to his tournament after the 15 minute break finishing outside the money in 139th place along with Mike "SirWatts" Watson in 141st place who nearly made a final table in Event #27 Badugi and was seen last year heads-up in SCOOP 2011's Event # 34-Medium but falling just short of the championship watch. Negreanu, Grospellier, Horecki, and Huang would cross the bubble safely, as would Finland's villepn who notched his 12th cash of the series and was looking to add a bracelet to the SCOOP watch earned in 2010's Event #14-High.

Of the four Team PokerStars pros ElkY would be the first to get scooped as he tried to get his small stack of 12,299 chips with blinds at 1,250/2,500 in the middle preflop with a pot size raise. Called only by mickeyknox7 in the small blind, the Triple Crown winner was unable to match up with the board after throwing in the rest of his stack post-flop as mickeyknox7's pair of sixes would take it down and Grospellier collected $680.25 in 73rd place. Bertrand was followed closely by Bryan Huang on the rail as the Singapore pro was also short on chips failing to salvage half the pot after flopping the nut flush draw as his opponent Pokerccini (late night poker playing pizza topping?) would scoop the 24,162 chip pot with a straight and nut low ending Huang's night in 71st place ($734.67).

Horecki saw the cruelness of aces cracked in PLO8 when mnstrkll reraised the Polish pro until all of Marcin's stack was in the middle holding K♣7♥A♣A♠. mnstrkll held a decent two-way hand K♥ 5♣ 3♥ A♦ that turned into a monster as low cards kept coming off the deck 9♥ 7♠ 4♣ 6♥ 2♠ giving mnstrkll a seven-high straight to go with the nut-low and a tidy 141,736 chip pot eliminating "Goral" in 58th place ($789.09).

At the ninth hour break and four tables left, Daniel would still be in the running for the bracelet holding his own with 87,428 chips and blinds at 2.5K/5K. But, ImaLucSac, currently tied for 10th on the Player of Series leaderboard was sitting two his right with double of the 150K average chip stack. The shortstack would bobble up and down a bit before going underwater with the blinds at 4K/8K in a battle of the blinds with akkenny the two would see a K♥ 4♦ 7♥ flop with 48,000 chips already in the middle. Immediately akkenny shoved out a pot bet which covered Negreanu's stack, and holding two pair Q♠ K♦ 3♠ 7♦ Daniel made the call hoping to fade the low draw to scoop a much needed 126,824 chip pot. 5♥ locked up half the pot for akkenny and in runner-runner fashion, the J♠ stole the high end as akkenny's set of jacks knocked out Kid Poker in 21st place ($1,251.66).


Daniel Negreanu - 21st place

Marcin Horecki was not the only Polish player to make it deep tonight. lukro8, who has a SCOOP 2011 watch from taking down Event #33-High NLO8, would nearly miss the final table after busting in 14th place ($2,312.85).

After Barseggg and YaaGy both earned $2,857.05 in 12th and 11th place respectively, the shortstacks were anything but weak with several all-ins on both tables and ten players go for the win versus eeking out another step on the pay scale. With only a little more than four big bets left, PKgrower managed to get most of those chips in the middle preflop with a pot bet as only Burkolo made the call from the button. J♠ 6♣ 2♣ flop and PKgrower was all-in as Burkolo called and hit the flop hard with a nut low/nut flush draw 3♦ 5♣ A♣ 3♣, PKgrower however was wilting with a lot of nothing 5♠ 9♠ A♠ 7♥. Flush on the turn Q♣ and PKgrower was down to three deuces in the deck for a quarter and a sliver of life, but the 7♦ river closed the book on PKgrower in tenth place ($2,857.05) opening the final table below:


Seat 1: Kanolio (782812 in chips)
Seat 2: akkenny (504899 in chips)
Seat 3: Cloudag88 (306384 in chips)
Seat 4: mnstrkll (1070566 in chips)
Seat 5: Burkoló (840026 in chips)
Seat 6: dev209 (242944 in chips)
Seat 7: ImaLucSac (285718 in chips)
Seat 8: nccarvalho11 (345421 in chips)
Seat 9: IRLMedic (156230 in chips)

And a lovely lady was there waiting for the final nine to be seated as Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome welcomed our players to the table.

Blink and you would think we started with eight

No, tonight's Event #51 final table started with a full table of nine but IRLMedic would bust from the table like there was an emergency to attend to as on the final table's second hand 352,460 chips would be scooped by mnstrkll. With the blinds at 8K/16K IRLMedic would trade raises with mnstrkll until the shortstack's very strong double suited ace-deuce was exposed 2♠ 7♦ 6♠ A♦. mnstrkll turned up a high hand with a low possible 3♠ K♦ J♠ A♥. King on the flop and nine on the turn locking out any possible low Q♥ 6♥ K♣ 9♥ left IRLMedic in need of some poker CPR with a two-outer. No six on the river Q♦ and IRLMedic flatlined in ninth place ($3,401.25).

Trying to knock out the entire table?

One might ask mnstrkll this after the hand shown the video below:

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Cracking aces in Omaha is not the same as doing so in Hold Em' but nccarvalho11 probably does not want to hear that after mnstrkll's 6♦ A♣ 2♣ J♠ found on a couple of jacks on the flop J♦ 4♠ J♥ 5♠ K♦ smashing nccarvalho11's A♦ 9♥ K♥ A♥ heart-broken aces into $5,578.08 for eighth place.

Shoot to strkll

As the blinds moved up twice to 12.5K/25K mnstrkll continued to dominate the final table and got a little stronger after pushing akkenny all-in after the lighter stack tried to pot raise from the button while the chip leader sat in the big blind. Both with strong aces and two-way hands, akkenny holding T♠ 3♠ A♥ J♣ and mnstrkll A♦ 5♦ 4♦ K♠ as akkenny would jump out to an early lead flopping two pair 3♦ 9♣ T♦. But, akkenny's two pair were made with diamonds and sure enough by the river a third one would appear 8♣ 6♦ knocking out akkenny in seventh place ($8,271.84) for mnstrkll's third straight elimination.

Who's going to tell mnstrkll there's no bounty for taking out players?

Nine players to start and shortly before the 12th hour 15 minute (8 minutes after a consensus to keep the tourney moving) break there would only be five heading out to grab a quick bite to eat, run a marathon, or whatever one does after twelve intense hours of high stakes poker. With the blinds at 15K/30K once again the resident bulldozer, mnstrkll, would flatten another player. After a min raise UTG, mnstrkll would call Cloudag88's shove to 153,019 chips total showing Q♥ K♦ 8♠ A♥. Cloudag88's tournament life would be floating on double suited jacks and tens J♣ J♦ T♦ T♣. However the wispy Cloudag88's hand would turn into vapor after a turned ace 9♠ 6♥ 2♥ A♦ 8♥ giving mnstrkll yet another non-bounty as Cloudag88 collected $10,992.84 in sixth place.

Playing for second place

Apparently, mnstrkll is immune to fatigue and aces. Watch the video below for another pair of bullets falling to the unstoppable force known as mnstrkll:

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Started like the previous cracking where mnstrkll opened with a min raise and a three-bet by the big blind, this time Kanolio both would gaze briefly at the T♠ 3♥ K♠ flop. Kanolio wanted to no decision and shoved for 254,812 holding the aforementioned aces A♠ 6♦ A♣ 6♥ as mnstrkll flipped up a very dirty T♦ J♦ Q♥ 7♦ which held several outs to two pair and straight draws. 9♦ on the turn brought the straight and a collective sigh from the rest of the table as mnstrkll scooped the 914,624 chip pot sending Kanolio home in fifth place ($13,713.84).

VERY costly jack

ImaLucSac, no not that one, the other one, would leap into second place in the Player of the Series standings with a win tonight. But, someone not named mnstrkll decided to ruin the party. With the blinds now at 20K/40K ImaLucSac would decide his fate preflop after trading raises with Burkolo till nearly one million chips sat in the middle to take on the massive stack of mnstrkll. Kings for ImaLucSac K♣ 6♠ K♥ 8♦ while Burkolo held jacks with a better low draw 5♠ A♦ J♥ J♣. Flop was great for ImaLucSac nearly getting rid of the low with the 8♣ 9♠ 5♥ flop. But, the jack on the turn J♠ could very well cost ImaLucSac that massive Player of the Series package as the 3♦ fell limply on the river to hand $19,727.25 the Canadian in fourth place.

Yeah, I think we have seen this before

Personally this writer has played a lot of Omaha but cannot recall such a hating on aces in a short time. With the blinds still at 20K/40K in what is the theme of this final table, player gets aces, player gets aces all-in against mnstrkll, player collects $XXXXX.XX in anything but first place. This time the victim was Burkolo for a huge 2.1 million chip pot as the script played out yet again. mnstrkll min raised, Burkolo three-bet, mnstrkll called. The flop J♥ 2♥ 3♣ was big enough for Burkolo to continue pushing those aces A♦ A♣ 8♠ 4♦ but this time there was a redraw to a wheel and any non-pairing low card for a lock low as mnstrkll turned over top pair and a flush draw J♦ T♦ 9♥ 7♥ and no possible low. Much like knowing someone's about to get whacked in The Godfather when the violin music pipes up, the river delivered after a blank turn Q♦, as the 9♠ gave mnstrkll the huge pot leaving Burkolo wondering what went wrong so quickly in third place ($26,393.70).

Cracking aces not necessary

dev209 tried to approach a deal with mnstrkll but Finnish turned down all requests politely, perhaps due to the roll those four cards in front that name was on. Despite the 807,577 to 3.7 million chip advantage, dev209 did not go meekly into the night or cower to mnstrkll's domination of the final table. Six hands into heads-up play dev209 would show the spectators that mnstrkll was indeed human by getting a double up to 1.7 million.
But, seven hands later mnstrkll would have a WCOOP bracelet after the hand below laid on ace on the river:

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All the money for the 3.7 million chip pot went in after the 3♣ 9♥ 5♦ flop with dev209 hoping to hit with an open-ended straight draw 2♥ 3♦ K♦ 4♣ and a pair against mnstrkll's top pair and gutshot. 7♥ turn gave mnstrkll the low and a flush draw and the river ace A♣ polished the new acquired bracelet for mnstrkll with a wheel to win the high, low, and $48,978.00 as the Event #51 champion!

If you wish to rehear the snap, crackle, and pop of aces tonight, check out WCOOP TV and WCOOP Radio for all the commentary and great prizes being awarded during the broadcast!

$175,000 guarantee WCOOP 2011 Event #51 Pot Limit Omaha High-low results (09-21-11)
1. mnstrkll (Finland) $48,978.00
2. dev209 (Germany) $35,373.00
3. Burkoló (Hungary) $26,393.70
4. ImaLucSac (Canada) $19,727.25
5. Kanolio (Spain) $13,713.84
6. Cloudag88 (Poland) $10,992.84
7. akkenny (Ireland) $8,271.84
8. nccarvalho11 (Brazil) $5,578.05
9. IRLMedic (Ireland) $3,401.25

David Aydt
@PokerStars in WCOOP