WCOOP 2011: MunchenHB outlast joejoe1337 to win Event #42 title ($1,050 NLHE 2-Day)

Thumbnail image for wcoop2009-thumb.jpgGoing from rags to riches is the dream for most of the poker players in the world. Event #42, a $1,050 No Limit Hold'em event, included a player with such a dream, hoping to turn his PokerStars depositor's freeroll into a decent cash so that he did not have to deposit again for the near-future.

Day 1:

A total of 2,207 players signed up generating a $2,207,000 prize pool with 288 earning $1,765.60 or more. Day one's schedule brought 22 half-hour levels before play was paused with 111 players remaining. Leading the way was po77a who also had maintained the lead since the field got into the money, during level 19.

Making it into the money but not surviving to the end of level 22 were PokerStars Team Online members Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman (122nd), Grayson "spacegravy" Physioc (131st), Tyler "frosty012" Frost (207th), Mathew "chipstar1" Didlick (277th), and Team PokerStars Pros Leo "LeoFernandez" Fernandez (211th) and Maxim Lykov (258th). While those players made their exit Team Pro's Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Andre "aakkari" Akkari survived the day.

Day 2:

The remaining 111 players returned at 2pm EST to continue their quest for a WCOOP bracelet and the $353,120 first place prize. Among those in the field was sporty_2311, who won his way into the tourney via a depositor freeroll qualifier. Starting the day in sixteenth place sporty_2311 navigated his way to the final table where he came in eighth in chips after surviving the hour long final table bubble.

Although they survived Day one all three Team Pro members made their exit before the the final table. Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder was the last one standing making his exit in 12th place collecting $16,552.50. He was preceded by Andre "aakkari" Akkari (90th) and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (94th) who both received $3,531.20.

When the final table began a familiar face was at the top, po77a has held the lead most of the way since the field reached the money.


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: 68ioweyou1 (1,617,024 in chips)
Seat 2: joejoe1337 (5,611,680 in chips)
Seat 3: bajskorven87 (2,717,935 in chips)
Seat 4: Langustee (564,348 in chips)
Seat 5: munchenHB (6,195,054 in chips)
Seat 6: sporty_2311 (1,489,361 in chips)
Seat 7: FlipflopUK (1,105,111 in chips)
Seat 8: po77a (11,858,795 in chips)
Seat 9: davidmoreira (1,945,692 in chips)

Langustee out in 9th:

Langustee started the final table with the shortest stack and finally stuck his stack into the middle from the big blind after a preflop raise and call from po77a and davidmoreira respectively. po77a re-raised the all-in of Langustee and davidmoreira folded. Langustee showed 7♣7♦ while po77a had K♥Q♦. The T♣9♦6♠ flop delivered po77a a few extra outs now needing any king, queen, or jack to eliminate Langustee. When the J♦ appeared on the turn Langustee's hopes of winning vanished and he was eliminated in ninth place for $20,966.50.

bajskorven87 eliminated in 8th:

After raise and the re-raise from po77a and joejoe1337, bajskorven87 moved all-in for 3,278,684 from the small blind. munchenHB then moved all-in from the big blind for 3,665,372, both po77a and joejoe1337 folded and bajskorven87 showed J♣J♠ while munchenHB showed K♦K♥. The A♥8♥7♦2♦4♦ board brought no help to bajskorven87 eliminating him in eighth place for $37,519.

Freeroller sporty_2311 eliminated in 7th:

Blinding down to under eight big blinds, sporty_2311 went all-in under-the-gun with 8♦8♥. 68ioweyou1 called the all-in from the button with A♣T♦ and the players were off to the races. The K♣9♦4♦ flop was relatively safe for sporty_2311 but the A♥ turn and finally T♥ river meant that sporty_2311 was eliminated collecting $55,175. Not bad for getting in on a depositors freeroll, we don't think he will be depositing anytime soon.

68ioweyou1 gets another:

davidmoreira moved all-in from the big blind after 68ioweyou1 min-raised from under-the-gun who called the all-in and showed K♦K♣. davidmoreira's K♥Q♣ was severely outclassed and needing lots of help, which did not come on the 9♦8♣5♦7♥8♠ board.

po77a loses the lead:

Facing a 225,000 button raise from munchenHB, po77a re-raised to 674,232. munchenHB called and the two saw the T♠8♦4♣ flop. po77a lead out to 623,222 and munchenHB called. The 4♦ turn brought another bet from po77a, this time for 1,232,222. munchenHB once again called to see the 2♦ river which brought a 2,122,111 bet from po77a. munchenHB called and showed J♠J♦ which was good to beat po77a's A♥Q♥, collect the 9,414,074 pot, and the chip lead.

68ioweyou1 gets eliminated:

Even though 68ioweyou1 eliminated the last two players five-handed play was not so good for him. He eventually ended up being the short stack on the table and he put all his chip in the middle from under-the-gun with A♣J♦. munchenHB called from the button and showed K♥K♦. The K♠J♣6♦ flop was all that munchenHB needed to send 68ioweyou1 out in fifth place to collect $99,315.

po77a eliminated in 4th:

After holding the chip lead for most of Day 2 and then finally losing it midway through the final table, po77a made his exit in fourth place to FlipflopUK. All the chips went into the middle preflop and their cards were revealed with FlipflopUK holding A♥K♦ against po77a's A♣2♦. After the 9♠8♥4♦ flop and 8♠ turn po77a was looking for any two to win the pot or a nine or four to chop the pot. The J♦ was not one of those cards eliminating him in fourth place for $136,834.

FlipFlopUK eliminated in 3rd:

When you eliminate a player you usually don't think you will be the next one out the door but that is just what happened to FlipFlopUK when he ran his T♣T♠ into the K♥K♠ of joejoe1337. The two got into a raise war preflop that saw FlipflopUK finally call off his 7 million chip stack off. The K♦3♥2♥ flop pretty much sealed the deal, leaving FlipflopUK needing running cards to survive. the 4♥ on the turn ended his hopes and sending him on his way to count the $198,630 he collected for finishing third.


The heads-up battle began with both players holding around 100 big blinds with the blinds at 70,000/140,000 and an ante of 17,500.

Seat 2: joejoe1337 (19,406,340 in chips)
Seat 5: munchenHB (13,698,660 in chips)

After winning an all-in earlier in the heads-up battle when his pocket fours held off the ace-queen of joejoe1337 to draw back to even munchenHB was once again all-in, this time the two were separated by only 459,150. Once again joejoe1337 held ace-queen (A♠Q♣) and munchenHB had a pocket pair, T♠T♣. The J♦5♣4♦K♣2♥ board meant that muchenHB had joejoe1337 on the ropes and just needed to execute the final kill shot.

That kill shot came in two hands, the first hand joejoe1337 doubled up to 918,300. The second hand saw munchenHB move all-in and joejoe1337 call. MunchenHB's Q♣T♠ had joejoe1337's Q♥6♣ dominated. When the board ran out 8♠4♦3♠Q♠9♦ the match was over with joejoe1337 collecting $264,840 while munchenHB gets $353,120 and the WCOOP bracelet. Congrats munchenHB.


Event #42 $1,050 No Limit Hold'em - Final Table Results:

1st: munchenHB - $353,120.00
2nd: joejoe1337 - $264,840.00
3rd: FlipflopUK - $198,630.00
4th: po77a - $136,834.00
5th: 68ioweyou1 - $99,315.00
6th: davidmoreira - $77,245.00
7th: sporty_2311 - $55,175.00
8th: bajskorven87 - $37,519.00
9th: Langustee - $20,966.50

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