WCOOP 2011: nemisoi negotiates field, nabs Event #57 ($215 NL Omaha H/L)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgIt's a game the popularity of which is growing fast. Not least because, well, it's a fast game. No-limit Omaha Hi/Lo brings out the gamblers, for sure. And throw in 10-minute levels and you're guaranteed to see a lot of all-ins in relatively rapid order.

That said, it can be a nuanced game, too, one that challenges players like no other poker variant. "I have limited experience," tweeted Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu prior to the start of today's $215 buy-in NLO H/L tourney. "But I genuinely believe that no-limit Omaha H/L is the most skillful form of poker I've ever played. Love the game."

There were 951 players total who loved the game enough to join the fray in this one, thus building a nifty prize pool of $190,200, easily crushing the event's $75K guarantee. The top 126 finishers would get paid, with $34,236 due the player able to scoop every last chip.

Unsurprisingly, the pace was blistering, with more than 700 players hitting the rail before the three-hour mark, among them Negreanu who couldn't get momentum going early on, then saw klafti76 take the last of his chips. Joining "KidPoker" on the rail were 20 of his fellow members of Team PokerStars.

At that point just 211 remained, with Giotin, C. Darwin2, Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez, Pokerccini, and brutalizer20 sitting atop the counts.

Among those left were just three reprentatives of Team PokerStars -- Pat Pezzin of Team PokerStars Canada, Nuno Coehlo of Team PokerStars Portugal, and Jorge "twin-caracas" Arias of Team Online -- all of whom were sitting with below-average stacks. Soon Arias would go out in 159th, then Pezzin in 141st, neither still around when the money bubble burst about an hour later.

Not long after that there were just 100 players left, with Gonzalez having moved out in front with more than 213,000. Meanwhile, "SixthSenSe16" was also riding high in the top 10 of Event #55 ($530 no-limit hold'em) with just 40 remaining.

Coehlo hung on for a while with a short stack, but eventually found himself all in versus two opponents, dimaintt and hardcore1976. Both checked down the 6♦9♥2♣9♣9♠ board which didn't help anyone very much as dimaintt turned over A♣K♦J♥T♥ for the winner. Coelho mucked and departed, out in 79th place ($456.48).


Team PokerStars Pro Nuno Coehlo

By the five-hour mark they were already down to just 34 players, with Neptune04 having taken a big lead with 505,021. But Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez was lurking in second with 265,856 -- incredibly, the same position (second) he was in with 28 left over in Event #55! marroca5, Cule100, and KaLiF1204 rounded out the top five.

An hour later they'd made it to the 15-minute break that comes after six hours of play, at which point just 10 players from the 951 who began the tourney still possessed chips. KaLiF1204 had pushed into first as the only player with over a million, sitting at 1,022,908, with nemisoi next (834,467) and gumasta third (549,176).

Meanwhile, Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez was still alive in ninth place (with 229,458). Gonzalez was still thriving over in Event #55, too, where he enjoyed that break with the chip lead with 14 players left.

The blinds were getting big (10,000/20,000), and the all-ins were coming quickly as several of the remaining ten players would find themselves at risk yet surviving over the next few minutes. Finally it was marroca5 going out in 10th (for $1,902), busting with A♥9♦7♥3♣ versus BBOY3110's A♠T♠6♦2♦ when the Q♠J♦K♣3♥T♣ board gave the latter a straight.

The final nine were set.


Seat 1: Neptune04 -- 414,572
Seat 2: titovka24 -- 278,789
Seat 3: karolinaD -- 409,620
Seat 4: nemisoi -- 991,447
Seat 5: KaLiF1204 -- 483,189
Seat 6: BBOY3110 -- 518,693
Seat 7: SixthSenSe19 -- 460,178
Seat 8: gumasta -- 447,176
Seat 9: UlDuffer -- 751,336

It would take about an orbit-and-a-half for the first elimination of the final table to come. With the blinds up to 12,500/25,000 (3,125 ante), it folded to titovka24 in late position who raised to 50,000, and BBOY3110 called from the big blind. The flop came T♥4♣2♠ and BBOY3310 checked. titovka24 shoved all in for 127,539, and BBOY3310 called, turning over K♣5♣4♥3♣ versus titovka24's A♠T♠7♣4♦.

The turn brought the 3♠ and the river the A♥, giving BBOY3310 the wheel for a straight and the nut-low -- better than titovka24's 7-4-3-2-A and two pair -- and thus sending titovka24 out in ninth.

Just two hands later, it was nemisoi opening for 55,250 from middle position, then gumasta reraising all in for 427,176 from the big blind. nemisoi called, showing A♣Q♠Q♣5♠ to gumasta's A♦A♠8♦8♠.

The community cards came 2♣4♣K♥Q♦9♣ -- no low hands, and nemisoi's club flush meant gumasta was gone in eighth.

Shortly after that one UlDuffer open-shoved all in from the button for 1,180,086 and karolinaD called from the big blind with the 79,491 he had left. It was UlDuffer's A♠A♦Q♦5♥ versus karolinaD's A♥9♥6♥6♠. The Q♠8♦3♦T♥2♣ board gave neither a low and made UlDuffer's pair of aces the best high, thereby sending karolinaD off in seventh.

The remaining six played for a while, pushing through the seven-hour break as UlDuffer moved out in front and BBOY3310 slipped to short-stacked status. Finally, with the blinds up to 20,000/40,000, BBOY3310 raised his last 283,519 all in from the button and UlDuffer called from the big blind.

UlDuffer: K♦K♠Q♣8♣
BBOY3110: K♥Q♥T♦4♦

A couple of high hands going at it, and after the board came 7♦5♣5♥A♠8♥ it was UlDuffer's kings and fives that ended up best. BBOY3110 was out in sixth.

The remaining five played a couple of orbits, then came a huge hand between nemisoi and KaLiF1204. nemisoi open-shoved 791,000 from middle position, KaLiF1204 called with the 726,188 he had left from one seat over, and all others folded. nemisoi showed A♠A♥8♥3♦ and KaLiF1204 A♦9♦3♥2♥.

The 2♣5♥Q♣ flop held some promise at least for a low with which KaLiF1204 might survive with some chips. But A♣ turn didn't fulfill that promise. Nor did the K♦ river, and nemisoi's set of aces were best, knocking KaLiF1204 out in fifth.

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With four left, SixthSenSe19 had become the short stack, and soon he was pushing his last 397,053 in from the small blind and getting a call from UlDuffer from the BB. Gonzalez had 8♦4♦3♣2♦ and UlDuffer A♣J♣7♦6♦. The board came Q♥4♥7♠3♦Q♣, giving both players two pair plus low hands. But UlDuffer's 7-6-4-3-A low and queens and sevens beat Gonzalez both ways.

SixthSense19 was out in fourth, but his night would continue as at the time he was leading over in Event #55 with nine players remaining. (Gonzalez would eventually finish fifth in Event #55, which you can read all about here.)

The remaining three decided to talk about a possible deal, and the tourney was soon paused in order to do so. At the time UlDuffer led with 2,173,274, nemisoi was next with 1,637,188, and Neptune04 third with 944,538.

With the aid of Team Online member Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome, "Chip chop" numbers (leaving $1,500 on the table) were proposed, and the discussion commenced.

UlDuffer: what ye think?
nemisoi: i'm ok
UlDuffer: yea plo8 is flipping anyway
talonchick (TeamOnline): (nlo8)
UlDuffer: lol

After a bit more talk, Neptune04 said he'd "rather gamble" than lock up the somewhat-better-than-third-place money he was being offered. "alrighty! play on!" said talonchick, and the others wished each other luck as cards were once again dealt.

A little later the trio had pulled close to even with one another, at which point UlDuffer propsed "3 way even chop?" nemisoi said it was okay, and after Neptune04 said "thinking" UlDuffer said "flipping coins here for 10k imo." Neptune04 thought a little longer, then typed "quite enjoying playing," and so they continued.

Soon after Neptune04 probably wasn't enjoying things quite as well after losing nearly all of his chips to nemisoi -- a more than 2.6 million-chip pot -- when nemisoi's A♦K♥5♣3♥ outdrew Neptune04's A♣K♠7♣2♦.

Neptune would triple up once, but would soon be bounced in third place after going all in with A♦J♣9♠4♣, getting called by nemisoi's T♥5♠3♣2♣, then watching the board come J♠3♠6♠6♦4♠ to give nemisoi a six-high straight and a six-low. Just two remained.

Heads-up play began with nemisoi out in front with 2,768,076 to UlDuffer's 1,986,924. The two immediately asked the tourney to be paused again in order to talk about a deal. While the numbers were being calculated, they chatted a bit about the situation.

UlDuffer: gl man
nemisoi: u 2
nemisoi: i want it bad rly
nemisoi: the bracelet
UlDuffer: me2 bra me2

Finally the numbers were proposed -- $29,502.65 for nemisoi, $27,959.35 for UlDuffer, and $1,500 and the bracelet left to play for -- and the pair bartered a bit further but ultimately accepted those figures.

nemisoi and UlDuffer battled for what would eventually total 21 hands, during which period nemisoi increased his lead, pushing close to 3.3 million while UlDuffer slipped to 1.45 million. Finally the last hand arrived.

Blinds were up to 30,000/60,000, and nemisoi opened with a minimum-raise to 120,000 which UlDuffer called. The flop came monotone -- 7♥K♥8♥ -- and both players checked. The turn was another heart, the A♥. UlDuffer bet 102,000, nemisoi made it 300,000 even, UlDuffer pushed all in for 1,328,174 total, and nemisoi called.

UlDuffer: K♣6♣3♦4♠
nemisoi: A♦3♥2♣2♠

No flushes, and nemisoi had the lead both ways with a pair of aces and a just-barely-better low of 8-7-3-2-A. The T♣ on the river didn't change the situation, and nemisoi had won.

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Congratulations to nemisoi for outlasting 950 others to claim the bracelet in Event #57 in less than eight hours! And that's yet another bracelet for Russia, who appears to be making a push to win most overall by any country at this year's WCOOP.

WCOOP Event #57 ($215 NL Omaha H/L) Results (*reflects two-way deal):
1st place: nemisoi ($31,002.65)*
2nd: UlDuffer ($27,959.35)*
3rd: Neptune04 ($18,449.40)
4th: SixthSenSe19 ($13,789.50)
5th: KaLiF1204 ($9,586.08)
6th: BBOY3110 ($7,608)
7th: karolinaD ($5,706)
8th: gumasta ($3,804)
9th: titovka24 ($2,282.40)

Still a few events left on the WCOOP schedule. Check it out over at the WCOOP site, where you can also look up results from the last three weeks' worth of action. And don't forget about Radio WCOOP, broadcasting daily in four languages!

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP