WCOOP 2011: Oikku Says Knock You Out; Wins Event #10 $265 PLO (Knockout)

Knockout tournaments give players extra incentive to take out an opponent. Pot-limit Omaha is brutal enough of a game, but making it a Knockout tournament creates an even riskier and ruthless environment. The assassin element adds more pressure because on any given hand you might be hunted down by multiple opponents -- all seeking out a mere $50 bonus -- while playing four-card Russian Roulette.

The beauty of a Knockout tournament is that if you can bust five adversaries, you will win back your buy-in without even securing a spot in the money. Then again, if you're having one of those rare days when everyone at your table is calling you ominous nicknames of death like The Terminator or The Exterminator or The Executioner, then you'll finally be paid off handsomely for your ability to extinguish your opponents. The more you bust, the more bonus money you collect. It's that simple.

Event #10 $265 PLO Knockout attracted 1271 runners, which created a total prize pool of $524,200 and a bouty pool of $63,550, which would be doled out in $50 increments. The top 162 places paid out with $43,214 set aside for first place.

The field featured many familiar faces from Team PokerStars Pro and Team Online including.... Viktor "Isildur1" Blum, Jose "twin-caracas" Arias, Jonathan Duhamel, George Danzer, Keiran "K_Man2307" Harris, Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra, Richard Toth, Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder, Johnny Lodden, Kristian "CharismA3" Martin, Anders "Donald" Berg, Toni Judet, Dale "Daleroxxu" Philip, and Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby.

Only a pair of PokerStars players cashed -- Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas from Greece and PokerStars Team Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki from Poland.

Goral = 58th place

Marcin Horceki began the day on the overall WCOOP leader board, albeit near the bottom of the rankings, by posting a 22nd and 24th place finish in the opening days of WCOOP. Horecki padded his stats by cashing in 58th place. On Horecki's elimination hand... Scottcr1 opened, Horecki potted to 27,000 committing almost all of his stack, scottcr1 re-raised putting Horecki all-in. Horecki was ahead with Q♦Q♣6♣5♠ against Q♥9♦7♣5♥. However, the board ran out Q♠8♠4♠6♦J♣. Horecki improved to a set of Queens on the flop, but scottcr1 turned a straight, which held up. Horecki was out in 58th place for a $660.92 score, meanwhile scottcr1 collected $50 for busting the PokerStars Team Pro from Poland.

Short-stacked indrek bubbled off final table in 10th place after losing to Iteopepe88's A♦Q♣J♣T♠ and a pair of Aces. With indrek's elimination, the final table of nine was set. Finland's Olkku began the final table with the overall lead and a slimmest of margin over Australia's kysah in second place. Both players held over 1 million in chips.

WCOOP 2011 - Event #10 Final Table

Event #10 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: tram-vai (296,725)
Seat 2: Totti500 (815,228)
Seat 3: mayday80 (393,206)
Seat 4: Iteopepe88 (185,6348)
Seat 5: kysah (1,010,065)
Seat 6: Olkku (1,035,496)
Seat 7: amberland10 (80,124)
Seat 8: vivhost (253,476)
Seat 9: Sutyi71 (614,332)

amberland10 eliminated in 9th place

Short-stacked amberland10 moved all-in in a multi-way pot against Iteopepe88, kysah, and Olkku. All three players checked it down to the river. The board read Q♦6♣6♠3♠8♠. Olkku won the pot with J♠4♠3♥2♥ for a Jack-high flush and also collected a bounty. Amberland10 mucked his hand and began the first player to bust from the final table, collecting $2745.36 for ninth place.

vivhost eliminated in 8th place

Chipleader Olkku opened to 65,000, vivhost shoved all-in for 203,476, everyone else bailed, and Olkku called. Vivhost attempted to double up against the big stack and his future looked promising because he was ahead with A♦A♣Q♥K♥ against Olkku's A♠7♥6♠5♣. Alas, the board ran out T♥8♦4♠2♣5♥ and Olkku rivered an eight-high straight to snap off vivhost's Aces and he collected his second bounty at the final table. The Netherlands' vivhost finished in eighth place and won $4,956.90.

Meanwhile, Olkku improved to over 2.5 million in chips. Kysah slipped to under 1 million and tram-vai trailed everyone with a meager stack worth 184,225.

Sutyi71 eliminated in 7th place

kysah limped for 30,000, Olkku raised to 120,000, Sutyi71 re-raised to 330,000, kysah folded, and Olkku called 210,000. The flop was K♥8♠6♦. Olkku bet 690,000 and Sutyi71 called all-in for 607,942.

Sutyi71: A♣A♥Q♥3♦
Olkku: T♦8♣7♣6♣

Sutyi71 was ahead pre-flop with Aces, but Olkku flopped bottom-two pair and a gutshot. The turn was the 9♠, filling in a straight for Olkku. The J♥ fell on the river and Olkku won the pot. Sutyi71 was knocked out in seventh place, collecting $7,498.90.

With six players remaining, Olkku picked up a third bounty at the final table and improved his lead to over 3.5 million, with tram-vai the short stack barely holding on with 94,225.

tram-vai eliminated in 6th place

Tram-vai open-shoved for his last 79,225 and Iteopepe88 called from the big blind. Tram-vai was ahead with A♣A♠Q♥9♠ against Iteopepe88's J♠3♠3♣2♠, but the board ran out 8♥5♥3♥J♥2♥. Tram-vai's Aces failed to improve and he was doomed. Iteopepe88 won the pot with a set of treys and collected a $50 bounty. Tram-vai bounced out in sixth place and won $10,040.90.

mayday80 eliminated in 5th place

Monster stack Olkku min-raised to 80,000. Totti500 and mayday80 both called from the blinds. The flop was 8♠7♠6♣. Totti500 checked, mayday80 bet 240,000, Olkku folded, Totti500 min-check-raised to 480,000, and mayday80 called all-in for his last 71,412.

mayday80: J♦8♥7♣5♣
Totti500: A♣T♥5♥4♣

Mayday80 flopped two pair but trailed Totti500's eight-high straight. The turn was the A♠ and the river was the 2♣. The board failed to pair and Totti500's straight held up. He won the pot and collected a $50 bounty. Meanwhile, mayday80 was knocked out in fifth place, collecting $12,582.90. Totti500 jumped to second in chips with almost 1.3 million, yet still trailed Olkku's 3.75 million stack.

Iteopepe88 eliminated in 4th place

On the next hand, fireworks happened once again causing a back-to-back elimination. This time, Hungary's Iteopepe88 met his fate. Olkku opened to 100,000, Iteopepe88 re-raised to 340,000, and Olkku called. The flop was A♠6♠5♥. Iteopepe88 shoved for his last 117,579 and Olkku called. Olkku called with an open-ended straight draw and T♣8♦7♦6♣. Iteopepe88 was ahead with K♥K♣J♦8♣ and a pair of Kings. The turn was the Q♣ and the river was the 9♣. Olkku spiked a straight on the river to win the pot and collect yet another bounty at the final table. Iteopepe88 hit the rail in fourth place and won $17,285.60.

With three players to go, Olkku held over 4.20 million for the big stack, while Totti500 remained in second with almost 1.3 million, and kysah brought up the rear with approximately 825,000.

Totti500 eliminated in 3rd place

In one of the largest pots of the tournament, Totti500 busted out in third place. The Swede opened to 120,000 and Olkku called from the big blind. The flop was K♠7♠6♦. Olkku checked, Totti500 bet 160,000, Olkku check-raised to 740,000, Totti500 re-raised all-in for 1,101,640, and Olkku had him covered and called.

Totti500: J♦8♠7♣7♦
Olkku: Q♠4♣3♠2♣

Totti500 flopped a set of sevens, but Olkku flopped a monster re-draw with a flush draw and a gutshot. The T♠ spiked on the turn improving Olkku's hand to a flush. The river was the 8♥ and Olkku's flush held up to win the pot. He collected another bounty. Totti500 finished in third place and won $24,123.58.

Down to two: Olkku (Russia) vs. kysah (Australia)

When heads-up play began, Olkku held almost a 6-1 advantage.

Heads-Up Chip Counts:
Seat 5: kysah (824,008)
Seat 6: Olkku (5,530,992)

It didn't take long before kysah was all-in for his tournament life with K♥Q♥Q♣4♣. He made a higher straight against Olkku's T♣8♦6♥7♠ when the board ran out J♣T♠7♦A♣9♠. Kysah avoided the elimination and doubled up to almost 1.7 million. He still had a lot of work ahead of him with Olkku out in front with 4.6 million.

Kysah gained momentum and went on a rush, winning 10 out of 11 pots. He erased the deficit and seized the lead -- 3.7 million to 2.6 million. The two traded the lead back and forth several times, before Olkku snagged it back and surged to a 2-1 lead.

On the final hand, both players checked pre-flop. The flop was A♦8♣4♦. Olkku checked, kysah bet 120,000, Olkku check-raised to 420,000, kysah re-raised to 1,380,000, Olkku shoved all-in for for 4,046,984, and kysah called all-in for his last 808,016.

Olkku: A♥5♣4♥4♠
kysah: A♣Q♥J♥8♦

Olkku flopped a set of fours, while kysah flopped two pair. The turn was the Q♠, slightly improving kysah's two pair, but he still trailed. The river was the T♥. Olkku's set held up and he collected another final table bounty. Australia's kysah busted out in second place and won $31,775 for his runner-up performance. Finland's Olkku shipped the tournament, snagged a WCOOP title, and won $43,214.

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

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Event #10 - PLO Knockout - Final Table Results:
1st - Olkku - $43,214
2nd - kysah - $31,775
3rd - Totti500 - $24,123.58
4th - Iteopepe88 - $17,285.60
5th - mayday80 - $12,582.90
6th - tram-vai - $10040.90
7th - Sutyi71 - $7,498.90
8th - vivhost - $4,956.90
9th - amberland10 - $2,745.36

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Pauly McGuire
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