WCOOP 2011: Single-digit wait, seven-digit guarantee

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgNine days. Nine days left until the world's biggest online poker tournament series. One simple little digit of wait time before three weeks of fun, 62 events, and $30 million in guaranteed prize money. Now, you have a chance to play one of the tournaments for pennies on the dollar.

This Sunday, PokerStars will host a monster 1,000-seat guarantee to $109 buy-in WCOOP event. You can get in for an $11-buy in, or work your way in even cheaper through one of the feeder satellites. It's the cheapest and easiest way to fight for the WCOOP millions. You can learn more (much more than you'll ever be able to remember, in fact), over on the WCOOP website.


While you're planning your weekend, our man Bob in the Isle of Man WCOOP bunker had cloistered himself in a tent made out of a fire safety blanket. He comes out every 24 hours, shouts a number, throws a piece of paper on the ground, and runs back to cover.

Today's number was "Nine!"

This is what the paper read:

  • The first WCOOP back in 2002 lasted 9 days and consisted of only 9 events.
  • Event 9 was the main event in 2002, won by Swedish player 'MultiMarine'. The buy-in was $1,050 and the first prize was $65,450.
  • Notable 9th place finishers over the years include ElkY, baseball hall-of-famer Orel Hershiser, and former WCOOP Player of the Series winners 'djk123' and 'Andy McLEOD'.
  • Nowadays WCOOP is always held in September, the 9th month of the year. However it started out in July and only moved to September in 2005, where it's been ever since.
  • Germany is the 5th most successful nation in terms of money won in WCOOP events. German players have cashed for a combined sum of just over $9M.
  • Sweden has a small population of only 9M people, and yet they've won more WCOOP bracelets than any nation except the USA.
  • Only 9 players have achieved the feat of winning multiple WCOOP bracelets. Among them are Team PokerStars Pro 'Elky' and Team Online member Anders 'Donald' Berg.
  • Two countries have exactly 9 WCOOP cashes to their credit, they are Bermuda and Liechtenstein.
  • On 9/9/09 Ryan 'g0lfa' D'Angelo won the first of his three WCOOP braclets, the field was 999 players.
  • WCOOP '09 saw the debut of 2-7 No Limit Single Draw, the $320 event was won by 'raydavis77' for $19,912.
  • Event 9 in 2011 is going to be a big one, it's a $1,050 No Limit Hold'em tournament with a guarantee of $600,000.
  • Good luck to all the grinders this weekend. Rack up those WCOOP seats, because this time next week, Bob's numbers are going to be a lot smaller, and we can't guarantee he won't start using profanity that would keep us from publishing these updates.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in WCOOP