WCOOP 2011: Tat0chka triumphs in Event #14 ($265 NLHE 6-Max Knockout)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgOnly three shows in, WCOOP Radio has not only proven to be entertaining, but apparently it also guarantees its guests some serious run-good. During today's Engligh-language show, Lex Veldhuis caught lucky to double up in the NL 2-7 event live on the air, shortly after admitting he had virtually no idea how to play the game. Daniel Negreanu scored a key double-up in the NLHE Ante Up event during his call-in on Wednesday. Today, Tatyana "Tat0chka" Ryzhkova was booked to appear on the Russian version of WCOOP Radio, but found herself a little busy winning Event #14, a $265 NLHE 6-max knockout.

WCOOP Radio-- #morerungoodthanTheMicros?

A knockout event is just as it sounds like-- knock out a player and you'll win his or her bounty, in this case $50. Drawing the third-largest field thus far in the 2011 WCOOP, Event #14 boasted 3,568 runners, creating a $713,600 prize pool. 450 players won a share of it with the champion set to take home $110,609.02. Team PokerStars Pro and Team Online made a strong showing with JP Kelly (22nd), Leo Fernandez (23rd), Juan Pastor (96th), George "gkap13" Kapalas (221st), Shane "shaniac" Schleger (311th), Daniel Negreanu (362nd), and Matthias de Muelder (435th) all notching cash finishes.

16 players advanced to Day 2, among them Aaron "aaronbeen" Been, a man who is no stranger to a PokerStars final table. Been was crippled when he lost a coinflip to crispoker10, his pocket threes failing to hold against A♥K♣. Left with less than one-tenth of a big blind, he put those chips in on the next hand with K♥Q♥ and flopped a king, but Hustlaaaaaa's A♥7♣ caught trip sevens on the river to collect his $50 bounty and eliminate Been in 10th place.

Rolex010 appeared to be steaming after being raised out of a few pots and decided to make a stand when his K♠4♣ made top pair on the turn, the board reading Q♥J♠6♦K♦. Crispoker10 checked over to rolex010, who bet 200,000, crispoker10 shoved for 931,637 total and rolex010 decided to call off his last 585,456. Unfortunately for him, crispoker had flopped two pair with Q♠J♦. Rolex010's needed to catch a king, four, or six to improve, but the river blanked out with the 5♠, sending rolex010 to the rail in seventh place on the final table bubble.

WCOOP-14 FT.jpg

Hungarian pro Andras "probirs" Nemeth brought the chip lead into the final table with Russia's Tatyana "Tat0chka" Ryzhkova close behind:

Seat 1: rivichico (2,646,428 in chips)
Seat 2: ghth (3,159,341 in chips)
Seat 3: Tat0chka (3,532,659 in chips)
Seat 4: crispoker10 (2,052,093 in chips)
Seat 5: Hustlaaaaaa (2,706,787 in chips)
Seat 6: probirs (3,742,692 in chips)

Mr. probirs' wild ride

With the average stack at the table topping 70 big blinds, there was plenty of room for deep-stacked post-flop play. Although small-pot poker mostly ruled the day, this aggressive group couldn't help themselves on several occasions, four and five-betting preflop to capture the chips already sitting in the pot. The first to tangle in this fashion were Hustlaaaaaa and probirs, the latter five-bet shoving preflop for more than 5.24 million with A♥Q♠. Hustlaaaaaa looked him up with A♠K♥ and his dominating hand held up on the jack-high board to double his stack to 4.21 million. Probirs, however, quickly reclaimed those chips and then some, doubling twice through Tat0chka-- first with pocket jacks vs. her A♦Q♥ and again minutes later with A♣Q♠ vs. pocket nines.

Those hands took probirs up to more than 6 million in chips, but he was only able to hang on to them for a short time. Down to 1.21 million with 30,000/60,000 blinds, crispoker10 three-bet shoved with A♦J♠ and probirs made the call with K♠Q♥. The board ran out ten-high and crispoker10 quickly found himself back in the game with 2.48 million. Probirs ground back those lost chips in short order, but early in the next level found himself all-in again, this time against Tat0chka, who four-bet shoved for 2.08 million holding A♦Q♥. Probirs called with 8♠8♥, but an ace fell on the flop, saving Tat0chka from elimination.

Luck of the Irish runs out for ghth, probirs goes poof

Instead, ghth was the first to fall from the final table. After calling a pre-flop minraise from Hustlaaaaaa, ghth check-raised all-in on a 7♦5♠4♠ flop holding K♠9♠ for two overs and a flush draw. Hustlaaaaaa, however, practically beat him into the pot with a set of fives. The turn and river brought no help for the Irishman, falling the T♦ and the 3♥ to send him to the rail in sixth place, earning $12,488. Hustlaaaaaa claimed ghth's $50 bounty and moved into the chip lead with 5.65 million.

Two hands later, the action folded to Hustlaaaaaa in the small blind. He opened for 200,000 and probirs reraised to 475,000 from the big. Hustlaaaaaa came back over the top, four-betting to 1,000,000 straight, and probirs responded with a shove for more than 4 million. Hustlaaaaaa snap-called, and probirs' hopes for a WCOOP title dimmed, his A♠K♥ up against pocket aces. The board ran out J♥9♥2♣3♣5♣ and probirs' high-wire act came to an end in fifth place while Hustlaaaaaa took a dominating chip lead with 9.7 million-- more than half the chips in play.

Crispoker10 gets his groove back

Hustlaaaaaa went on to win 16 out of the next 30 hands, and built his stack up to 12 million. Meanwhile, crispoker10 was flirting with the danger zone, down to only 1.24 million with the blinds up to 50,000/100,000. After Hustlaaaaaa opened for a min-raise from UTG, crispoker10 shoved from the big blind holding pocket jacks and Hustlaaaaaa called an additional 1 million with K♣T♥. The jacks held and crispoker10 earned a reprieve, doubling to 2.56 million. A few minutes later, crispoker10 picked up pocket kings and opened for 200,000, only to watch Hustlaaaaaa set him all-in from the small blind. Crispoker10 gleefully called and once again found his pocket pair up against K♦T♦. This time Hustlaaaaaa was in even worse shape, the board running out Q♠2♠4♣4♠A♣ to bring his stack up to 3.86 million. Hustlaaaaaa still held the chip lead, though, with 8.6 million.

Rivichico run down, Hustlaaaaaa hammered

Crispoker10's surge left rivichico as the short stack. Only a few hands after crispoker's second double-up, the action folded to rivichico in the small blind. He open-shoved for 1.54 million holding J♠T♥ but Tat0chka picked up A♥7♠ in the big and made the call.
Neither player improved on the 3♦3♣6♣5♦K♣ board, Tat0chka raking in the pot with ace-high to send rivichico to the rail. He collected $38,177.60 for his finish.

As quickly as Hustlaaaaaa built his chip lead, he lost it all, his entire stack evaporating within two hands. In the first, he called Tat0chka's 5.9 million five-bet shove with A♦Q♥, only to be shown pocket aces. The aces held and Tat0chka raked in 12.4 million of the 17.8 million chips in play. Three hands later, the last of Hustlaaaaaa's chips went in the middle after flopping top pair, but he found himself in kicker trouble against crispoker10:


Tat0chka held a 2.3 to 1 chip lead over crispoker10 as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 3: Tat0chka (12,450,127 in chips)
Seat 4: crispoker10 (5,389,873 in chips)

Tat0chka quickly had crispoker10 on the ropes, building her stack up to 15 million. Crispoker10, however, was able to stay alive by winning a coinflip, his A♥K♣ flopping an ace against Tat0chka's pocket sixes. That hand took him up to 5.95 million and on the next deal he picked up another million in chips. A deal discussion briefly broke out, but the two could not come to terms. Tat0chka wanted a guarantee of a $95,000 payday but crispoker10 would not yield to her request.

Cards went back in the air and only four hands later, all the chips were in the middle. With the blinds up to 80,000/160,000, crispoker10 opened for 320,000 and Tat0chka called. The flop came down J♠9♣8♦ and Tat0chka checked over to crispoker10, who et 412,555. Tat0chka raised to 1,123,550 and crispoker10 smooth-called. The turn came the 6♣ and this time Tat0chka led out for 1,576,550. Crispoker10 shoved for 6.24 million and Tat0chka made the call, turning over 8♣9♥ for two pair. Crispoker10 showed K♥K♣ and needed to hit a jack, a six, or a king to survive. The river, however, was the 7♠ and the WCOOP title belonged to Mother Russia and Tat0chka, who collected $110,609.62 for the win. Congratulations are also due to Portugal's crispoker10, who earned $80,993.60 for his runner-up finish.

WCOOP Event #14 ($265 NLHE 6-max KO) results

1. Tat0chka (Russia) $110,609.02
2. crispoker10 (Portugal) $80,993.60
3. Hustlaaaaaa (Canada) $59,585.60
4. rivichico (Spain) $38,177.60
5. probirs (Hungary) $23,192.00
6. ghth (Ireland) $12,488.00

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Kristin Bihr
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