WCOOP 2011: Team Pro Noah Boeken scores Exclusive win in Event 26 ($320 Mixed HE 6-Max)

Logo - WCOOP.pngFor players seeking hold'em action in WCOOP today, they had only one choice, and that was Event 26. And it was an equal mix of limit and no-limit hold'em, alternating with 10-minute levels. If that wasn't enough, the tournament was set up as the ever-popular six-max format. Not a bad option for a Tuesday, right?

The details were simple. It was the $300 + $20 buy-in Mixed Hold'em event with a $225,000 guarantee. Early registrants were hoping for an overlay, mentioning that possibility on social networking sites like Twitter, but the lengthy registration period allowed plenty of players to register, with the prize pool eclipsing the guarantee without a problem.

The final numbers were:

Players: 841
Prize pool: $252,300
Paid players: 108

Instead of listing the vast number of PokerStars players in the field, let's get right to the in-the-money finishers. The money bubble burst courtesy of Black88, the bubble player, and fever4ever was the first to cash in the tournament for $529.83.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki was the first team member to cash, finishing 67th for $681.21. Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas was next in 62nd place for $706.44, and still going strong into the tenth hour of play was Noah "Exclusive" Boeken. With three tables left, he was in first place on the leaderboard, and he stayed there as the field was reduced to two tables.

Noah Boeken.jpg

Exclusive lost a little ground when shaundeeb and Goldenboys edged in front, but he stayed in the top half of the field and climbed back into first, becoming the first player with over 1 million chips.

The elimination of jdtjpoker in eighth place led to hand-for-hand play, and almost immediately, fx100 was all-in with J♠T♣ against the K♠2♥ of gboro780 preflop. The board came 5♠A♦6♥3♠4♣, giving gboro780 the straight and eliminating fx100 in seventh place with $4,818.93.

Team Pro Noah Boeken leads final table

The final table was under way in the 11th hour, and Level 56 provided 4,000/8,000 blinds and a 1,000 ante in the NLHE round. The players' initial stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: gboro780 (872,014 in chips)
Seat 2: Exclusive (1,216,941 in chips)
Seat 3: shaundeeb (488,022 in chips)
Seat 4: gangst3rn1 (582,397 in chips)
Seat 5: Goldenboys (384,128 in chips)
Seat 6: Fulham8 (661,498 in chips)


Shaundeeb lost chips in several big pots during the first few rounds of final table action. With a stack of less than 30K, he did double up through Exclusive to stay alive, and he then tripled through Exclusive and gboro780.

Exclusive was jetting out to a significant lead and staying aggressive. So when he raised, Goldenboys took an opportunity to reraise. Exclusive responded by moving his stack all-in, and Goldenboys called all-in with A♥J♥. Exclusive had the goods and showed K♠K♥, which held up to the 7♥6♠8♦Q♣9♠ board. Goldenboys, winner of a 2011 SCOOP tournament, was the first to exit the table, taking $7,569.00 for sixth place.

By the 11-hour break, Exclusive was holding steady just under the 2 million mark, and gangst3rn1 was nearly 1 million.

Deeb done

Shaundeeb was low on chips again and decided to push preflop, but Fulham8 and Exclusive were both in the hand as well. When the flop came A♣J♣T♥, Exclusive checked but folded when Fulham8 bet 25,000. Fulham8 then showed A♦J♠ for two pair, and shaundeeb was at risk with K♦6♣ and his straight draw. The turn was the 4♥ and the river the A♥, giving Fulham8 the full house. Shaundeeb, who took his second career WCOOP title last year, was eliminated in fifth place with $12,615.00.

Gboro780 86'd

A big pot then developed between Exclusive and gboro780. The latter raised preflop and Exclusive called to see a 6♥2♣A♦ flop. Gboro780 bet again, and Exclusive check-raised. Gboro780 called, and the turn brought the 4♣. A simple bet and call led them to the 7♦ on the river, and Exclusive moved all-in. Gboro780 called all-in for 561,712 chips with A♣6♦ and the flopped two pair, but Exclusive showed 2♠2♥ for the flopped set. Gboro780 was out in fourth place with $17,661.00.

Fulham8 forced out

Fulham8 was the shortest of the final three but doubled up in a 500K pot through gangstr3rn1 to stay in contention.

Soon, however, Fulham8 had been chipped down to less than 100K and moved all-in preflop with 9♥8♣. Exclusive called with A♦6♣, and that hand held up to the T♣J♠J♥5♦4♠. Fulham8 was eliminated in third place with $25,230.00.

An Exclusive fight to the finish

The last two players began their battle as follows:

Seat 2: Exclusive (3,456,653 in chips)
Seat 4: gangst3rn1 (748,347 in chips)

Chips were exchanged on a pretty cautious basis for awhile, but soon the pots increased. But gangst3rn1 couldn't seem to find the right spot to take the lead.

Finally, the two got involved in what was to be the final hand. Exclusive started with a raise and ganst3rn1 called. The flop came J♦5♠8♦, and a bet from Exclusive brought a check-call from gangst3rn1. The 8♠ on the turn prompted another bet from Exclusive, and gangst3rn1 check-raised all-in for 149,999 chips. Exclusive called with K♦5♦ and the two pair, while gangst3rn1 showed K♣T♥. The Q♠ on the river ended the match, and gangst3rn1 took second place and the $32,799.00 that went with it.

Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken won the WCOOP bracelet and $44,480.49. Congratulations!

WCOOP Event 26 ($320 Mixed HE 6-Max) Results:

1st place: Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken ($44,480.49)
2nd place: gangst3rn1 ($32,799.00)
3rd place: Fulham8 ($25,230.00)
4th place: gboro780 ($17,661.00)
5th place: shaundeeb ($12,615.00)
6th place: Goldenboys ($7,569.00)

There are many more WCOOP events on the schedule, and satellites are running around the clock. All of the pertinent information can be found on the main WCOOP page, along with the special stats page. And check out the WCOOP Radio shows for daily prizes, special guests, and WCOOP commentary.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in WCOOP