WCOOP drops in five days

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgI like using the word "drop." It sounds very hip, very Hollywood, very much like something that would happen at a release party for the hottest new hip-hop artist.


Cool, no? Well, even if you don't think so, it's important that you know that the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is...er...kicking off in just five days. I know this because it's my job to know it. I also know it because it's sort of hard not to keep tabs on an three-week, $30 million guaranteed series of online poker events that will have the world's poker community fused to their chairs. Finally, I know it because of Bunker Bob.

If you have bee reading here for the past week or so, you know that our man inside WCOOP HQ has cloistered himself away in a bunker. He's ostensibly putting the finishing touches on the world's greatest online poker series. We expect it will be great, but he's gone a bit mad and will only communicate with us via hand-written notes. He's become focused on numerology and the cosmic significance of the number of days remaining until WCOOP begins. Here's his latest dispatch:

WCOOP 5 Days to Go

  • WCOOP '05 consisted of 15 events and generated total prize pools in excess of $12,000,000. The main event that year finished in a three-way deal with each player earning more than $500K.
  • The world's 5th biggest country (by population), Brazil, has cashed over seven hundred times in WCOOP events for almost three million dollars in total prize money.
  • The 5th most successful WCOOP player is 'ka$ino', with cashes totalling more than $1.38 million.
  • 'lennart' from Sweden was the first ever Event 5 winner. It was the one and only time WCOOP has hosted a Fixed Limit Hold'em heads-up tournament.
  • 5 Card Draw was introduced to WCOOP in 2007, so this year it will be celebrating it's 5th year in the schedule.
  • It didn't take long for players with 5s in their name to make an impact on WCOOP. The third ever event winner back in 2002 was '55lucky55'. Other successful players include 'five7diamond', 'fivestars555', 'FiveStarV', 'fivetenatrad' and 'fivewide'.
  • Famous WCOOP 5th placers: Vanessa Rousso in the No Limit High Roller event in 2008 (scooping $100,000), Bill Chen ($28,000 in 2007 in $530 Pot Limit Hold'em) and Chris Moneymaker ($28,000 in the 2008 Pot Limit Omaha event).
  • Last year's Main Event featured players from 5 different countries, USA, Canada, UK, Russia and Denmark.
  • The Netherlands is among the most successful nations in WCOOP events - total prize money has now passed $5M.
  • Tournament maestro Jason Mercier cashed 5 times in last year's WCOOP. That's the same number as Team Online's Randy 'nanonoko' Lew and Sunday Million 5th Anniversary winner 'Bdbeatslayer'.


    Jason Mercier

  • In WCOOP's 5th year former world champion Tom McEvoy cashed 5 times.
  • Historically, WCOOP starting times have not been kind to players from Australia. Nonetheless, they've produced five WCOOP bracelet winners.
  • Bulgaria, Ireland and Argentina all have 5 final tables to their credit. That's the same number as a handful of WCOOP legends 'Lenny', 'MOJOEX1' & 'osten'.
  • Albania, Nicaragua and St Kitts and Nevis have each entered WCOOP events on 5 occasions. They're all still looking for their first cash. Iran on the other hand, already has 5 cashes under its belt.
  • Last year's player of the year race was a fiercely contested affair. Team Online's Anders 'Donald' Berg was the top ranking PokerStars-sponsored player with 255 points - good for 5th place.
  • The WCOOP 2011 Main Event has a $5K buy-in and features a huge $5M guarantee!
  • This year event 5 is the short-handed $320 No Limit Hold'em Shootout event. It takes place on September 5.
  • Fortunately for Bunker Bob and the rest of us, we only have a few more days before the WCOOP drop becomes a reality.

    Five days to go, WCOOP players. Get yourself ready.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in WCOOP