WCOOP: gregor7878 translates a win for Poland


Poker is truly an international game with many languages spoken/understood by its players. That couldn't be more apparent than on the final table of the WCOOP Event #21, a $215 No Limit Hold'em two day event with a $1.25 million dollar guarantee, that had to have a special translator come to the table when the players wanted to discuss a deal. Once the details were finalized the eliminations came quickly. Even though Grostan took home the most money gregor7878 came out victorious taking home $158,627.33 and the honor of being called a WCOOP champion.

The players that returned for day two of the two-day event moved quickly to the final table where BlockWinner, from Russia, emerged as the chip leader.

WCOOP 2011 Event 21 Final 9 table.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: gregor7878 (9,302,684 in chips)
Seat 2: OverTheTop43 (11,553,086 in chips)
Seat 3: BlockWinner (16,514,435 in chips)
Seat 4: Gnostan (10,816,450 in chips)
Seat 5: borvik (4,427,383 in chips)
Seat 6: soydelmillo (12,325,646 in chips)
Seat 7: prot0 (5,655,608 in chips)
Seat 8: robban 28x (8,801,950 in chips)
Seat 9: obamaria (5,442,758 in chips)

Riding the short stack, obamaria was the first player to get all-in on the final table when he made his move with T♥T♣ from middle position only to run into the K♠K♦ held by Gnostan. Unable to catch one of the remaining tens to survive meant that obamaria was eliminated in 9th place for $13,150.20.

A pair of double-ups occurred before the next elimination came. First it was prot0 who cracked the pocket aces of soydelmillo when he caught a queen on the turn to go along with the two he was dealt. Soydelmillo was the giver once again in the next double-up, this time giving to borvik leaving Soydelmillo with 676,590.

Following the hand against bovik, Soydelmillo called off his stack after seeing a raise and re-raise before him from OverTheTop43 and BlockWinner, respectively. The action folded back to OverTheTop43 who folded leaving soydelmillo against BlockeWinner. The players cards were revealed with BlockWinner holding K♦K♥ and soydelmillo holding 8♥8♠. An eight did not come for soydelmillo sending him out in 8th place collecting $20,361.60.

The remaining seven players battled it out with very little action until OverTheTop43 moved all-in from under the gun. His just under 10 big blind shove induced an all-in move from borvik. The rest of the players folded and the two players cards were revealed. OverTheTop43's A♦8♦ was behind borvik's A♥K♠. The 7♣7♦4♣ flop brought no assistance to OverTheTop43 but the A♠ turn did deliver a few more outs towards a possible chop. None of those outs appeared when the 2♣ appeared on the river eliminating OverTheTop43 in 7th place ($36,481.20).

It took ten hands for the next elimination. Even though robban 28x had gotten a double a few hands before he became the 6th place finisher when his all-in shove was called by BlockWinner. Robban 28x had A♣K♣ and was in a classic race against BlockWinner's Q♥Q♦. An ace came on the river to give Robban 28x top pair but it was joined by the Q♠ which gave BlockWinner a set. The turn and river were blanks resulting in robban 28x making his exit winning $52,600.80.

The remaining five players decided to discuss a chop. Once the numbers were crunched and posted all of the players but one typed agree. It took a while before it was determined that a translator was needed to verify that Gnostan, from Russia, understood and agreed to the deal. Once the details were ironed out with a translator all the players agreed and play resumed.

Once play resumed BlockWinner started pushing his stack around, apparently content with the money he was set to receive thanks to the deal. He made a couple all-in moves that went uncalled but when he moved all-in after having his original raise get re-raised he was called by Gnostan. Gnostan was ahead with A♦Q♦ leaving BlockWinner's A♣T♣ looking for some help. The 7♥9♠4♦K♣2♠ board delivered none of BlockWinner's outs sending him out in 5th place and giving Gnostan the chip lead thanks to the biggest pot of the tournament at that time.

BlockWinner elimination.jpg

Four-handed play lasted five hands with gregor7878 eliminating borvik in fourth place when the K♦K♠ of gregor7878 held against borvik's A♥9♥. Borvik collected $116,376.68.

Seventy hands were dealt during three-handed play before Gnostan was eliminated in third place. His bust hand, pocket fours against gregor7878's pocket aces, was just the final blow that send Gnostan to the rail. It was a hand against prot0 in a battle of the blinds that lead to his elimination. After Gnostan min-bet to 1.6 million from the small blind he was raised to 4 million by prot0. Gnostan called and the two saw the A♥K♥8♣ flop. Gnostan checked and then called prot0's 4 million chip bet. Both players checked when the K♣ came on the turn. When the 3♦ came on the river Gnostan moved all-in, he had prot0 covered. Prot0 thought for a few minutes before he eventually called showing Q♣Q♦ which was good to win against the T♣3♠ of Gnostan.

The true fireworks of heads-up play came when gregor7878 and prot0 got into a raise war pre-flop that resulted in gregor7878 getting all-in. Gregor7878 had A♣8♦ while prot0 had K♥K♣. The K♦Q♣J♦ flop delivered a few more outs to gregor7878 along with a set for prot0. The 4♠ turn brought no assistance but the T♣ river was just want gregor7878 needed giving him the 78 million chip pot leaving prot0 just under 7 million.


From there the two played three more hands before prot0 moved all-in with J♠T♥. Gregor7878 called and showed J♥J♣. The Q♥7♠5♦ flop brought no assistance but the K♣ turn give prot0 a few more outs. The 6♣ river delivered no assistance to prot0 but did deliver the win and $158,627.33 to gregor7878.


WCOOP Event #21 ($215 NLHE) results

1: gregor7878 (Poland), $158627.33
2: prot0 (New Zealand), $145615.35
3: Gnostan (Russian Federation), $169324.97
4: borvik (Russian Federation), $116376.68
5: BlockWinner (Russian Federation), $147099.60
6: robban 28x (Finland), $52600.80
7: OverTheTop43 (Germany), $36481.20
8: soydelmillo (Argentina), $20361.60
9: obamaria (Hungary), $13150.20