WCOOP2011: extasyman rolls over final table in Event #9, Pezzin third ($1,050 NLHE)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgPat Pezzin's day on the felt had an inauspicious start. He entered WCOOP Events 10 and 11, but busted quickly from both. His last bullet in the gun for today was Event #9, where he'd made Day 2 along with 64 others.

"3 hours till restart of event 9..hope i can last a little longer then 5 mins in that! #wcoop" he wrote on Twitter.

In his first WCOOP as a member of Team PokerStars Pro, Pezzin more than proved himself, cashing eight times and finishing seventh in the $10,000 8-Game event. Although he didn't come away with a bracelet tonight, he bested that finish and earned nearly triple the cash as the first $1,050 NLHE event of the 2011 WCOOP ground to a finish more than 30 hours after cards went in the air.

1,237 pros, punters, grinders, and satellite winners bought in, creating a $1,237,000 prize pool that more than doubled the $600k guarantee. 144 places paid with the champion set to earn $216,227.60. Day 1 action kicked off at 5:00 pm EDT on Tuesday and after 25 levels of play, wrapped up around 2:30 am with 65 players remaining. Team Pros Lex Veldhuis (68th), Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (114th), and Team Online's Jorge "twin-caracas" Arias (91st) all cashed but did not survive Day 1. The lone Team Pro to do so was Pezzin, who started Day 2 with a below-average stack of 84,071.

Pezzin doubles, cruises to final

Only fifteen minutes after the tournament restarted, NhPokah called Pezzin's preflop three-bet, then check-raised him all-in on a T♦9♦6♣ flop. Pezzin made the call with pocket kings, which held up against NhPokah's nut flush draw with A♦6♦. The double-up took Pezzin up to 211,000 and buoyed him in his run to the final table. With 12 players remaining, Pezzin took the chip lead.

The final table bubble was burst courtesy of SCOOP and Super Tuesday champ dean23price, who opened for 28,000 with A♥K♥, then called OcKimo's three-bet shove for an additional 333,293. OcKimo's pocket fives went up in smoke when an ace flopped, taking us, at long last, to the final table.

WCOOP-09 FT.jpg

Extasyman held the top spot with 2.24 million when the final table commenced, followed by Pezzin with nearly 1.7 million. 777taxist777 brought up the rear with 323,578, good for 20 big blinds.

Seat 1: G3RALDD (626,138)
Seat 2: Eri264 (522,460)
Seat 3: dadowiec (1,044,240)
Seat 4: extasyman (2,241,845)
Seat 5: Shafeman (718,606)
Seat 6: dean23price (1,323,045)
Seat 7: 777taxist777 (323,578)
Seat 8: Pat Pezzin (1,695,476)
Seat 9: mitdadu (782,112)

Cool it down

The first hand of the final table saw G3RALDD double through dadowiec on a cooler of a hand. The two got their chips in on a K♠K♣J♠ flop, G3RALDD with A♠K♥ for trips and dadowiec with J♦J♣ for jacks full. The turn, however, came the A♣ to make G3RALDD kings full of aces. As the level came to a close, dadowiec open-shoved for his last 302,642 and extasyman called. It was yet another cooler, dadowiec's pocket tens up against pocket jacks. Dodowiec got no help from the board and was the first to depart from the final table, collecting $14,225.50 for his ninth-place finish.

Erika "Eri264" Moutinho eliminated in 8th

Next to depart was Eri264, but not for lack of getting her money in good... at least after the flop. G3RALDD opened for 39,500 and Eri246 decided to get a little crafty, three-betting to 78,500 with K♦4♦. G3RALDD smooth-called with A♦A♣. Eri246, however, hit two pair when the flop came down K♠8♥4♣. G3RALDD led out for 71,500 and Eri246 called. G3RALDD checked the 6♦ on the turn, prompting Eri246 to bet 56,750. G3RALDD shoved for 1.43 million and Eri264 called off her last 242,210. The river, however was the 8♦, pairing the board and giving G3RALDD the better two pair with aces and eights. Eri264 was bounced in eighth place, earning $24,740.00 for her efforts.

So...how do we know Eri246 is a "her"? The magic of social media, my friends. Shortly after her bustout, Eri246 took to her Twitter account to vent.

@emoutinho: "8th in WCOOP 1k sigh..onto the next."

Eri246 is none other than Erika Moutinho, one half of the WSOP love story currently playing out on ESPN's Main Event broadcasts. This summer, Moutinho and her boyfriend David "Doc" Sands both made runs so deep in the Big Dance that they were drawn to the same table on several occasions. Moutinho ultimately finished 29th, one spot ahead of her beloved. The two are now engaged and living in Vancouver-- how's that for a happy ending?

"This final is real"

Seven-handed play dragged on for over an hour and a half. It certainly wasn't for lack of action; there were plenty of all-ins. The short stacks just won them all. 777taxist777 was down to 11 big blinds but won a coinflip vs. extasyman, his pocket tens holding up against A♥Q♠. Mitdadu was down to 21 big blinds and got the rest of his chips in preflop his A♥Q♥ a dog against Pat Pezzin's K♦K♣. The eight-high flop brought him no help, but an ace from space fell on the turn, taking him back up to 800,000. Shafeman got his last 632,000 in the middle with pocket deuces against extasyman's pocket nines, but hit a two-outer and rivered a set.

"This final is real," dean23price remarked in the chat box.

Dean23price quickly saw his words come to life as he got involved in a massive pot with Pat Pezzin, who opened for a min-raise to 50,000 from early position. Dean23price three-bet to 164,000 from the big blind and Pezzin called. Dean23price led for 174,750 on the 8♥2♥2♠ flop and 284,000 when the 6♦ fell on the turn, Pezzin looking him up in both spots. The river was a third deuce, the 2♦, and dean23price changed course, checking over to Pezzin. Pezzin bet 748,522 into the 1.28 million pot, leaving himself less than 600,000 behind. After a long tank, dean23price gave up his hand and Pezzin raked in the chips.

Dean23price ground his stack back up to 1.2 million, but took another major hit when he paid off extasyman's trip jacks. Down to 660,000, dean23price three-bet shoved preflop over extasyman's 70,000 opening raise, only to earn a call. Dean23price's K♣J♣ did not improve against extasyman's A♥Q♣ and he bowed out in seventh place, earning $37,110.

Shafeman storms into the lead, G3RALDD and mitdadu bust

Since catching his river two-outer to stay alive, Shafeman had been cruising along with an average stack. He picked up aces at the perfect time-- just as extasyman decided to go a little nuts with J♥8♦. Extasyman opened for 70,000, Shafeman three-bet to 172,215 and when the action folded back around, extasyman shoved for more than 2.55 million. Shafeman snap-called and faded the 9♥4♣2♦9♣3♣ board to double up to 2.47 million. Minutes later, a preflop raising war broke out, ending with G3RALDD all-in with K♣K♦ against Shafeman's Q♥Q♣. Once again, Shafeman's underpair found some love on the board, a queen hitting the flop to make him a set. G3RALDD couldn't catch up and found himself on the rail in sixth place with $49,480 waiting for him in his PokerStars account. With that KO, Shafeman took the chip lead with 3.52 million.

Sitting second in chips with 2.8 million, Pat Pezzin lost nearly 600,000 by doubling up mitdadu. Pezzin called mitdadu's three-bet shove with A♦K♠, but mitdadu 's Q♦J♣ flopped top pair and turned two pair. Another 700,000 ended up in Shafeman's ever-growing stack when Pezzin folded to Shafeman's flop raise in a three-bet pot. With Pezzin down to 1.25 million, the action folded around to him in the small blind, where he picked up K♠4♠. He set mitdadu all-in, a standard play with king-high in that situation, but mitdadu woke up with pocket jacks and eagerly called off his last 411,923. The jacks held on the T♠5♣3♣ flop, but Pezzin hit the K♥ on the turn to take the lead. The river was the 7♣ and Pezzin raked in the 941,000 pot while mitdadu exited in fifth place, collecting $61,850.

Positively fourth street

With play down to four-handed, could you believe 777taxist777 was still hanging around after making the final table with only 20 big blinds? He scratched and clawed and scored a couple of key double-ups to stay alive, finally shipping his last 216,000 in with Q♠9♣. Extasyman called with a dominating Q♥J♠, the board running out A♦T♥8♦3♠T♣. 777taxist777's run ended in fourth place, his short-stack ninja skills moving him all the way up the ladder to a $87,827 payday.

Pat Pezzin eliminated in 3rd

When play turned three-handed, Shafeman held the lead with 4.45 million, followed by extasyman with 3.1 million and Pezzin with 1.7 million. With the blinds up to 25,000/50,000, Pezzin decided to make a move. Extasyman opened on the button for 100,000, Shafeman folded the small blind and Pezzin looked down at K♠8♠ in the big. He decided to three-bet shove for 1.35 million, but extasyman called with pocket nines. Pezzin did not improve on the Q♠J♦5♣6♣2♦ board and departed in third place to congratulatory wishes from fellow Team Pros Greg DeBora and Shane "shaniac" Schleger. Pezzin banked $117,515 for his efforts.


Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin


Extasyman took a 2 to 1 chip lead into heads-up play:

Seat 4: extasyman (6,357,113)
Seat 5: Shafeman (2,920,387)

After two days of play and a grueling final table, this heads-up match was settled within 15 minutes. After Shafeman doubled through extasyman on a K♥J♣ vs 3♣3♥ coinflip to even the chip counts, it looked like this thing could take all night. Extasyman, however, turned up the heat and quickly ground his stack back up to 6 milllion.

The final hand saw Shafeman commit the last of his chips on a flush draw after extasyman flopped two pair:

Extasyman's two pair held, earning him his first WCOOP title and $216,227.60. Although extasyman has seen big results on PokerStars before (he won the $109 rebuy for over $85,000 back in February and shipped the Sunday Kickoff for $24k on July 17), his victory tonight marks his largest-ever online tournament score. Congratulations are also due to Shafeman, who picked up $157,099.60 for his runner-up finish.

WCOOP Event #9 ($1,050 NLHE) results

1. extasyman (Romania) $216,227.60
2. Shafeman (Costa Rica) $157,099.60
3. Pat Pezzin (Canada) $117,515.00
4. 777taxist777 (Ukraine) $87,827.00
5. mitdadu (Russia) $61,850.00
6. G3RALDD (Netherlands) $49,480.00
7. dean23price (United Kingdom) $37,110.00
8. Eri264 (Canada) $24,740.00
9. dadowiec (Poland) $14,225.50

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