WCOOP 2011: PjotrNL Comes Up Big in Event #50 Big Antes

Whenever I think of expressions that start with "big", a couple of popular terms come to mind: Big Foot, Big Bird, big shot, big time, big picture, big show, big sky, big Kahuna, big pimpin', Big Gulp, and the fast food staple, the Big Mac, or as it's called in France -- Le Big Mac.

But now, you can add "big ante" to the list of some of your favorite "big things." Bigger is always better right? That's the philosophy behind the nuance of Big Ante tournaments. Blinds increase at their usual progression, but antes are introduced in the first level and escalate to behemoth increments as the tournament progresses.

The $215 buy-in Big Ante event attracted 2,453 runners. The prize pool for Event #50 was an impressive $490,600. The top 324 places paid out prize money with $78,496 set aside for the eventual winner.

Lots of familiar faces from Team PokerStars Pros participated in Event #50 including Daniel Negreanu, Andre Akkari, ElkY, Humberto Brenes, Liv Boeree, Johnny Lodden, Jonathan Duhamel, Noah Boeken, Vanessa Rousso, Vivian Im, Chad Brown, Gualter Salles, Leo Fernandez, Marcin Horecki, Nacho Barbero, Richard Toth, George Danzer, Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth, Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas, Javier "El_Canonero" Dominquez, Henrique "Henrique.P" Pinho, Georgios "gkap13" Kapalas, Dag Palovic, Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby, Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz, Toni Judet, Bryan Huang, and Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder.

Team PokerStars Online were also well represented in Big Antes with Anders "Donald" Berg, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Shane "shaniac" Schleger, Freddy "sirfreddy83" Torres, Andrew "foucault82" Brokos, Randy "nanonoko" Lew, and Tyler "frosty012" Frost.

Only six affiliated PokerStars Pros advanced to the money -- Daniel Negreanu (23rd), J0hnny_Dr@m@ (59th), mattidm (74th), Bryan Huang (107th), ElkY (127th), and frosty012 (262nd).

Short-stacked Greek Team Pro J0hnny_Dr@m@ busted out in 59th place when his K♣Q♠ failed to "boldly go where no man has gone before" and lost to startrek88's A♠7♦.

Thumbnail image for daniel_negreanu_ept_monte_carlo_1b.JPG

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu

With 44 players remaining, Daniel Negreanu was flipping for his tournament life with pocket eights against Cairns1987's A♥Q♥. Negreanu lost the lead with an Ace on the flop, but he miraculously caught the 8♠ for a set, which netted him a timely double up. Kid Poker typed "sick" into the chat box after he avoided elimination and chipped up to almost 269,000.

Over 11 hours into the tournament, Negreanu eventually met his fate when his A♦J♦ lost to Flush_Entity's Q♣T♣. Flush_Entity flopped a Queen and Negreanu was toast. The always effervescent Kid Poker finished in 23rd place for a $1,569.92 payday.

KJulius10 bubbled off the final table when he got it all-in with A♠J♥ in a multi-way pot against PjotrNL's A♦Q♥ and bananeraise's A♥Q♠. A Queen on the turn sunk KJulius10's hopes of making a WCOOP final table, as he busted out in 10th place.


Event #50 Final Table Players:
Seat 1: scorpchess (492,616)
Seat 2: SarahSugar (1,865,032)
Seat 3: RandomRab (2,588,627)
Seat 4: Csabesz3 (2,033,392)
Seat 5: ricardotaki (995,622)
Seat 6: PjotrNL (1,688,529)
Seat 7: bananeraise (1,222,903)
Seat 8: aaaRtINS (785,513)
Seat 9: theguzzler (592,766)

When the final table commenced, RandomRab held the overall led with almost 2.6 million, meanwhile scorpchess was the short-stack with less than a half a million.

theguzzler eliminated in 9th place

Theguzzler was crippled by scorpchess after losing a flip with K♦J♥ against T♦T♠. Theguzzler busted less than an orbit later when he made an unsuccessful stand with J♠4♠ against aaaRtINS' Q♦9♣. Theguzzler was outgunned and became the first player to exit the final table. For ninth place, theguzzler collected $4,415.40.

aaaRtINS eliminated in 8th place

Germany's aaaRtINS open-shoved for 584,663 short-stack and was all-in against Csabesz3, who called from the big blind with A♣A♥. AaaRtINS's A♠J♣ failed to improve when the board ran out T♣9♠6♠4♣2♥. For an eighth place finish, aaaRtINS collected $7,113.70.

SarahSugar eliminated in 7th place

SarahSugar min-raised to 70,000 and PjotrNL called from the big blind. The flop was A♦9♠6♣. PjotrNL checked, SarahSugar bet 82,600, and PjotrNL called. The turn was the T♦. PjotrNL checked, SarahSugar bet 165,555, PjotrNL check-raised all-in for 1,656,642. SarahSugar was covered and call off her last 599,156. She showed A♠K♠ for top pair, but PjotrNL held T♥9♥ for two pair. The river card did not help SarahSugar and she unceremoniously busted. Sarah Sugar won $12,019.70 for a seventh place finish.

With six to go, Csabesz3 held the lead with almost 3.5 million. Short-stacked ricardotaki, with a little over 815,000, was the only player with under 1 million.

bananeraise eliminated in 6th place

In the battle of the blinds, action folded to bananeraise in the little blind, who shoved all-in for 655,336. Scorpchess called from the big blind and was ahead with 9♣9♠. Bananeraise trailed with J♦8♦, but caught a glimmer of hope with a flop of 6♥5♦4♣. Alas, his dreams of filling in a gutshot never matriculated and scorpchess' pocket nines held up. Austria's bananeraise hit the rail in sixth place with a $16,925.70 score.

Csabesz3 eliminated in 5th place

Csabesz3 min-raised to 100,000, scorpchess popped him to 300,000, Csabesz3 re-raised all-in for 1,337,792, and scorpchess called. Csabesz3 held T♣T♠ but he was dominated by scorpchess' J♣J♦. The board ran out Q♥9♦6♣J♠9♣ and scorpchess' Jacks held up. Csabesz3, who was representing Hungary at the final table, took home $22,077 for a fifth place finish.

With four players remaining, scorpchess rocketed to second in chips with 3.78 million, barely trailing RandomRab's big stack worth 3.88 million. Meanwhile, ricardotaki sat third overall with almost 2.5 million, and PjotrNL brought up the rear with approximately 2.1 million.

ricardotaki eliminated in 4th place

RandomRab min-raised to 160,000. Short-stacked ricardotaki called all-in for his last 31,705. RandomRab was ahead with T♥6♥ against ricardotaki's T♠4♠. The flop was K♠J♠6♣ and RandomRab improved to a pair of sixes. The turn was the K♦ and the river was the A♥. RandomRab won the pot with two pair and ricardotaki busted out in fourth place, collecting $29,436.

scorpchess eliminated in 3rd place

Russia's scorpchess opened to 180,000. RandomRab folded, PjotrNL raised to 580,000, scorpchess re-raised all-in for 2,194,336, and PjotrNL called. Scorpchess trailed with 9♦9♣ versus PjotrNL's A♠A♥. The Aces held up when the board ran out Q♥T♣2♣J♦7♦. Scorpchess was knocked out in third place with a $41,701 payday.

Heads-up: PjotrNL (Netherlands) vs. RandomRab (United Kingdom)

Heads-Up Chip Counts:
Seat 3: RandomRab (2,343,164)
Seat 6: PjotrNL (9,921,836)

When heads-up play began, PjotrNL held a 4-1 lead over RandomRab. But on the seventh hand of heads-up, RandomRab doubled up with A♥T♦ against PjotrNL's A♣2♣. It only took 16 hands before the lead slipped through the fingers of PjotrNL. RandomRab seized the chip lead when he flopped top-two pair with K♠9♠ against PjotrNL's bottom pair. They got it all-in on the flop and RandomRab's two pair held up. He led 6.4 million to PjotrNL's 5.8 million. At that point, PjotrNL floated the concept of a potential deal, but RandomRab kindly apologized before he rejected it.

In the most decisive pot of the heads-up match (and of the entire tournament), PjotrNL caught a little love from the poker gods. RandomRab min-raised to 200,000, PjotrNL re-raised to 600,000, RandomRab re-raised all-in for 6,352,656, and PjotrNL called all-in for his entire 5,272,344 stack.

RandomRab: 4♥4♠
PjotrNL: K♣T♠

RandomRab was ahead with a pair of fours, but racing to the death with a small pair against PjotrNL's overcards. Alas, the board ran out A♣7♦6♣9♥8♠ and PjotrNL caught a runner-runner straight to win the pot and double up. After that head-on collision, RandomRab was left with approximately 480,000 (compared to PjotrNL's gigantic 11.7 million stack).

Two hands later, RandomRab finally met his fate. On the final hand, RandomRab opened-shoved for 340,312 and PjotrNL called with A♥5♦. RandomRab was way behind with K♥4♦. The board ran out T♠7♣3♠2♦7♦ and PjotrNL won the pot with his Ace-high. RandomRab busted out in second place and won $58,749.35 for his valiant runner-up performance.

Meanwhile, PjotrNL finished in first place and shipped WCOOP Event #50 for a $78,496 score. Congrats!

You can view the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

Event #50 Final Table Results
1st - PjotrNL - $78,496
2nd - RandomRab - $58,749.35
3rd - scorpchess - $41,701
4th - ricardotaki - $29,436
5th - Csabesz3 - $22,077
6th - bananeraise - $16,925.7
7th - SarahSugar - $12,019.70
8th - aaaRtINS - $7,113.70
9th - theguzzler - $4,415.40

The 2011 WCOOP is almost over but don't forget to checkout the remaining schedule of events on the WCOOP homepage. Also, if you're a stat geek or area stickler for numbers-oriented results, then take a gander at the WCOOP stats page.

Pauly McGuire
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