WCOOP 2012: 7PRS wins a marathon in Event 6 ($215 NL Draw)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgSome final tables are over quickly while others take time. There really is no way to know just how one is going to play out when one starts up so each player just has to dig in and focus on playing as optimal as possible, for however long they are there.

For 7PRS the time that it took to win Event 6 could be kept on the SCOOP watch that he won back in 2010. Overall it took around three hours to get from six to one but I am sure that 7PRS will not be complaining about that time spent with a cashier with $20,000 more than was in there at the start of the day.

Event 6 was the first event to get underway on Day 3 of the 2012 WCOOP, with 540 players putting down $215 for a chance at the $20,520 first place prize money and the coveted WCOOP bracelet.

Players: 540
Guarantee: $50,000
Prize pool: $108,000
Paid players: 72

As play neared the money bubble Team Online member Shane "shaniac" Schleger and Team PokerStars Pro member Marcin "Goral" Horecki were the only two remaining Red Spades in the tournament. Schleger was eliminated in 75th place just three spots out of making the money while Horecki survived with a healthy stack.


As the players worked their way to the final table of six Horecki made his move towards the top. By the time the final six were in their spots he sat in the top three not too far behind the chip leader, cerutti84. Here is a look at how the final table stacked up:

Seat 1: pirata 184 (157,192 in chips)
Seat 2: Goral (562,525 in chips)
Seat 3: cerutti84 (662,414 in chips)
Seat 4: medetai (317,827 in chips)
Seat 5: Xelodai (410,074 in chips)
Seat 6: 7PRS (589,968 in chips)


Finally an elimination:

After one hour of play on the final table the first elimination finally happened. Starting the final table as one of the top three who held a decent lead over the bottom three did not mean that you would make the final three. Horecki found that out the hard way as his chip stack started to slowly disperse to the other five players on the table before he finally butted heads with cerutti84, who called his all-in shove before either player got their re-draw. Horecki drew three and as did cerutti84. It was the set of aces that cerutti84 held to best the pair of tens of Horecki.


Another one exits:

The next elimination only took 30 minuets and this time it was the two short stacks that lined up to battle each other. Xelodai opened from under-the-gun to 28,000, it folded to medetai in the big blind who made it 56,000, Xelodai re-raised to 105,000 and medetai called. Both player took one and medetai opened the betting to 112,000, leaving just under 44,000 behind. Xelodai moved all-in and medetai called showing A♠A♣A♥K♣3♣ for a set of aces but it was Xelodai's full house with T♦T♠T♣5♥5♦ that won the hand to eliminate medetai in fifth place collecting $5,400.


Many more hands before another elimination:

Much like the previous two elimination it took some time before the next player took their exit. With over an hour played between eliminations most of the hands were won without both players hands being revealed and with very little chips moving around. It was pirata 184 who exited after moving all-in from under-the-gun and getting called by chip leader 7PRS. Both players drew three cards with 7PRS finishing the hand with Q♥J♠8♣8♦4♥ for a pair of eights while pirata 184 held 6♥5♦4♦4♣2♣ for a pair of fours and fourth place.


Final three:

It appeared that the next elimination would come quickly as the shortest stack on the table, Xelodai moved all-in and was called by 7PRS. In the end though it was a pair of aces held by Xelodai the bested the pocket sevens held by 7PRS.

Xelodai continued to chip up, mainly at the hands of cerutti84 who managed to get a double up through 7PRS to stay alive after dropping down to just over 5 big blinds. That single double-up was the only one that cerutti84 would get eventually sparring with 7PRS again just a few hands later. 7PRS opened to 300,000, 10-times the big blind and enough to cover the other two players, cerutti84 was the only one to call. While cerutti84 drew two cards 7PRS drew three and the players cards were revealed with cerutti84 holding J♥5♦3♥3♠3♣ for a set of threes. It was the Q♥Q♠Q♦6♦4♣ held by 7PRS that won the hand though sending cerutti84 out in third place collecting $11,070.

The heads-up battle lasted only five hands as 7PRS started the battle with over 2.5-million and Xelodai only had just over 121,000. The final hand saw Xelodai move all-in from the small blind and 7PRS calling. Both players drew three cards and then their hands were revealed. Xelodai held K♥Q♠7♠7♥3♣ for a pair of sevens but that wasn't good enough to beat the two pair held by 7PRS' 5♥5♠4♥4♦2♦. Xelodai collects $15,120 for a second place effort while 7PRS takes home the WCOOP bracelet along with $20,520.


Congrats to 7PRS on your largest cash to date along with winning your first WCOOP bracelet to go along with your SCOOP watch.

WCOOP 2012 Event 6 ($215 NL Draw) Results:

Entrants: 540
Paid Players: 72

1st place: 7PRS (Canada) - $20,520
2nd place: Xelodai (Germany) - $15,120
3rd place: cerutti84 (Russia) - $11,070
4th place: pirata 184 (Brazil) - $7,560
5th place: medetai (Bulgaria) - $5,400
6th place: Goral (Poland) - $3,456

With WCOOP just getting underway so you still have a chance to get in on the action. For information on what tournaments remain head over to the WCOOP home page. Also be sure to tune ni to WCOOP Radio for daily shows which start at 15:00 ET.

Michael Reed is a freelance contributor to for the PS Blog.