WCOOP 2012: A first-time double Team Pro win

My mom visited yesterday. She told me a story of recently cracking a full 18-pack carton of eggs and finding eight of them to have double yolks. She was astounded to the point of suggesting some sort of conspiracy was afoot--genetic modification in the chicken feed or something of the like. Just as I was absorbing all of this, Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer won event #10 of the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker.

Danzer's feat was not a small one, but it was also not a new experience for him. He also won a bracelet in 2009. Yesterday's win made him only the 13th person in WCOOP history to win more than one title. So, it was a big deal.

But, back to those eggs.

Eight double-yolked eggs? It was weighing on me as I sent out word to the masses about Danzer's win. My mom's eggs had to be some sort of really weird anomaly. I found one statistic that said only one in a thousand eggs has a double yolk. You do the math, and you'll find that the math says something really weird about my mom's carton of 18.

And then Eugene Katchalov had to come along and win his second WCOOP bracelet. This was news. Big PokerStars news. We checked our archives, and it appears this is the first time in the 10-year history of the festival that two Team Pros have won a bracelet on the same day (time zones notwithstanding).


It was PokerStars' own little double-yolk moment. And a time for conspiracy!

Two representatives of Team PokerStars Pro winning a title on the same day? It's anomalous! It's statistically impossible! It's rigged!

I took a break from it all for a moment and thought some more about the double-yolked eggs. How could it be that my mom ended up with nearly half her eggs having a rare double yolk?

Well, more research revealed that small farmers are pretty good at being able to to tell you which eggs have double yolks and which don't. First off, the double yolk eggs are necessarily bigger. Second, they can sometimes have a slightly different shape. In some places, you can actually buy entire cartons of double-yolked eggs. See, it's all in the sorting. As egg producers pick through the eggs, they pick out the big ones for some cartons and smaller ones for other cartons. It just stands to reason that if you're picking bigger eggs out from smaller ones, you're eventually going to put a lot of double-yolked eggs into one carton. It's not common, but it's certain to happen eventually under this scenario.

The same could be said of the double Team PokerStars Pro wins yesterday: it's all in the sorting. When you handpick some of the best players in the world and put them under the same flag, you're eventually going to have something like this happen.

Still, it's pretty cool when you think about it. Further, if you think harder about it, you'll find yourself craving an omelet. That's the point you should stop thinking so much, have a bite to eat, and try to win a bracelet for yourself. Who knows? You could end up getting a double-yolk of your own before this is all said and done.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging.

Brad Willis
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