WCOOP 2012: Bracelets and side bets

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgWCOOP is known to be the preeminent online poker series and it's the reason why so many people anxiously wait for it all year and prepare their buy-ins. The fields are always huge and the prize pools regularly blow through the guarantees which are on their own already quite large. Most of the tournaments have reasonably small buy-ins around $200 and pay out huge first prize money. Another great thing about the series is that almost any at least relatively popular poker game will be included in addition to the always popular No Limit Holdem.

Like everyone else, I tried to prepare for the series as best I could. I found a comfortable place to play from, stay physically and mentally healthy, ready to play for long long hours with hopefully good results. To give myself even more incentive, I even made a series of bets vs Elky, who's playing all the tournaments next to me. Most poker players bet money, but since we are friends and don't want to take each others' money, we decided to come up with some more creative ideas that would also benefit us.

Our first and most important bet is for the TLB board. The loser between us will have until PCA at the Bahamas to learn each other's language well enough to give a short interview. If you fail, you will have three months to prepare and run a full marathon.

Our second bet is for most money cashed for during the series. The loser of this bet will have to get from Cannes to San Remo (about 130km away) by bicycle.

Our third and final bet is for total number of cashes, and the loser there will have 12 hours to complete 1,000 pushups. As you can see, while these bets will be quite hard to complete, they do have an overall positive impact. so it will definitely be fun!


Two men, three side bets, lots of action

It's now been five days since the WCOOP started, and September 6th will certainly be very memorable for me. I had two cashes prior to the beginning of the day already and actually cashed in the first two events on that day as well but busted short of the final table.

On the last event, which was Stud H/L, I was doing quite well in the beginning and middle of the event, but once we reached the money I was quite short and thought I would just add another min-cash and move on.

However, things thankfully did not go quite that way. I made quite a comeback, and although in danger of busting on multiple occasions on my way to the final table, I really tried to put all my experience and knowledge about the game to use as best I could and was fortunate enough to capture first place, the title, and the all-important WCOOP gold bracelet which is my second. I am now even more enthusiastic about the many more tournaments coming up and really hope I can win my third bracelet soon!

Eugene Katchalov
@PokerStars in WCOOP