WCOOP 2012: busttard takes turbo-charged win in Event #47 ($265 NLHE Turbo Knockout)

Logo - WCOOP.pngWhat's better than winning a WCOOP gold bracelet? How about winning one in under four and a half hours? Forget grinding deep stack/rebuy/shootout/second chance marathons. Today was a day for the sprinters as the turbo-charged, coin-flipping, run-good action produced a thrilling Event #47 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker.

A field of 3,339 players took part in the $265 Turbo Knockout event to create a prize pool of $834,750 to more than double the advertised guarantee. An allocation of $50 from every buy-in was awarded as a bounty on the head of every player, to be given to whoever was responsible for each elimination from the tournament.

The popular format saw the blinds rise in five-minute intervals, resulting in plenty of early action and plenty of casualties. Among the starters were Team PokerStars Pros Ana Marquez, Eugene Katchalov, Vivian Im, Stavros Kalfas, Martin Hrubý, Shane Schleger, Martin Staszko, Lex Veldhuis, Daniel Negreanu, Mickey Petersen, Matthias de Meulder, Jose Barbero, Arnaud Mattern, Henrique Pinho, Sebastian Ruthenberg, George Lind, Chad Brown, Richard Toth, Christophe de Meulder, Jude Ainsworth, Liv Boeree, Andre Coimbra, Anders Berg, Maxim Lykov, Kristian Martin, Bertrand Grospellier, Pius Heinz, George Danzer, Randy Lew and Marcin Horecki, but sadly they all departed empty-handed.

The top 432 players would reach the money and it took just two hours of play for that to occur with RunThisTable from Canada the unlucky bubble as everyone else had locked up $353.93.

Andre Akkari (230th - $567.63) landed a cash result, as Team PokerStars had a couple of juicy sweats inside the top 100 with Johnny Lodden and 2010 World Champion Jonathan Duhamel making deep runs at the WCOOP title.

Lodden would eventually succumb in 39th place ($1,402.38) when his K♥6♥ ran into an opponent's dominating K♣9♣, while Duhamel fared a little better.


When it folded to Duhamel in the small blind, he moved all in for his last 7.5 big blinds with J♠8♣ and was called by jmcs12 in the big blind with A♦K♣. Duhamel was hoping to connect with his live cards, but it was pretty much over on the flop, before the river sealed the deal on the K♥A♥4♠8♦K♦ board. Duhamel collected $4,173.75 for 12th place.

When 10Shura9 was bundled out in 10th place, our final table line up was set:


Final table line up
Seat 1: hlamberg (2,867,471 in chips)
Seat 2: paulwiter (2,662,576 in chips)
Seat 3: busttard (3,153,103 in chips)
Seat 4: gp18089 (956,605 in chips)
Seat 5: Zimmy86 (838,065 in chips)
Seat 6: jmcs12 (3,797,650 in chips)
Seat 7: birddy420 (985,946 in chips)
Seat 8: Ti0373 (735,220 in chips)
Seat 9: psychodelicx (698,364 in chips)

With the final table blinds kicking off at 40k/80k/10k there were a few short stacks under pressure and we didn't have to wait long for chaos to erupt with two eliminations on the first two hands of play!

Ti0373 moved all in from the button and was brutally unlucky not to find a double up on Hand #1:

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hlamberg called from the big blind but showed up with the worst hand. However the board ran out to give hlamberg a rivered straight and eliminate Ti0373 in 9th place for $5,342.40.

Very next hand and gp18089 moved all in with the short-stacked Zimmy86 calling all in for a little less. Zimmy86 tabled A♥K♥ to be racing with gp18089's J♦J♣ but Zimmy86 couldn't hit the board of 8♦4♦9♣6♥6♦ and was eliminated in 8th place for $8,681.40.

The action didn't stop there, as every hand someone was sticking all of their chips into the middle to try and keep their heads above the rising blinds and antes.

psychodelicx found A♥7♠ from under the gun and decied to move all in, but next to speak was hlamberg who made the call with J♠J♥. The board of Q♦K♦5♦3♦T♠ was no help for psychodelicx who was next to the rail in 7th place for $15,359.40.

The rapid eliminations continued as birddy420 was next to go. birddy420 moved all in with A♥J♣ but bustard found A♠Q♣ which held on the K♠8♦T♠4♦T♦. $22,037.40 was headed to birddy420 for 6th place as suddenly just five players remained.

The short stacks were having a rough time of it, and it wasn't until gp18089 found K♥K♠ that we saw our first double up on this final table. The chips were in preflop in a massive pot against hlamberg's Q♥A♦ but the board of T♠4♠5♠9♥3♠ delivered a flush for gp18089 to see the chip stacks pretty even around the table.

However perhaps hlamberg was still thinking about the previous hand when, just moments later, hlamberg decided to three-bet jam the old 7♣9♣. gp18089 made a quick call with J♠J♥ and the pair held through the Q♦8♥4♦A♣2♥ board. hlamberg may be a little disappointed with 5th place, but $28,715.40 in prize money should help smooth things over.

While busttard was happy to initiate the possibility of some deal discussions, the carnage continued with paulwiter the next to go.

paulwiter three-bet jammed K♥Q♥ but jmcs12 made the call with A♦T♥. paulwiter would need some help but it failed to arrive on the board of 8♠5♠9♦T♠7♣. paulwiter collected a very nice $38,398.50 for 4th place.

With three players left, busttard finally convinced the other two to take a look at the numbers, which considering the super-charged pace of the final table, probably wasn't a bad idea!

Chip chop and ICM numbers were pretty similar, and with the chip stacks pretty close, busttard tried to unsuccessfully squeeze out a little extra before ICM numbers were agreed to, with the players to play it out for the WCOOP bracelet and an extra $8,000 for the winner.

After the deal, gp18089 picked up a nice pot with bets on the turn and river with K♠9♠ on a board of J♥9♦8♠2♠3♥ in a rare post-flop hand. However that would be as far as gp18089 would go after shoving A♥J♠ and losing the race against jmcs12's 8♦8♣. The board fell 9♠8♥7♠2♠6♦ to give jmcs12 a set to award gp18089 a post-deal sum of $78,153.49 for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: busttard (7,175,904 in chips)
Seat 6: jmcs12 (9,519,096 in chips)

While the entire final table was at break-neck speeds, the heads-up battle settled into a more controlled battle, as the players finally had deep-enough stacks that would allow a little post-flop poker.

jmcs12 held the lead and was able to extend that in the early stages by winning more than his fair share of pots, but busttard struck back with a big double up holding the lucky ducks. busttard three-bet shoved the 2♥2♣ as jmcs12 took a shot at the tile by calling with Q♦K♥. The board bricked out T♣6♣A♠3♣8♠ to see the pair hold as the chip lead, and the momentum, shifted across the table to busttard.

However jmcs12 chipped away once again, as the small ball approach was worked well enough to nudge back in front before another massive preflop clash unfolded:

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Again jmcs12 had a chance to win it all but again busttard was able to survive, making a straight on the turn to take a stranglehold on the contest.

jmcs12 found one double up with ace-five holding against king-three, but couldn't make it two. With the blinds starting to get heavy, busttard shoved with A♥7♠ as jmcs12 called for around eight big blinds with 2♦2♠.

The flop was a safe 3♠6♣5♠ but busttard picked up plenty of outs when the 3♣ paired the board. Following a pause for effect, the A♠ landed from the sky to see busttard pair his ace to grab the win!

A great tournament ended in 2nd place as jmcs12 couldn't find the luck when needed heads-up. jmcs12 takes home $75,604.14 as busttard picks up $84,661.01, the WCOOP gold bracelet and the title of WCOOP Event #47 champion.

WCOOP Event#47 $265 NLHE Turbo Knockout Final Table Results
Number of entrants: 3,339
Prize pool: $667,800
Bounty pool: $166,950
Places paid: 432

1st busttard (Germany) - $84,661.01*
2nd jmcs12 (Hungary) - $75,604.14*
3rd gp18089 (Greece) - $78,153.49*
4th paulwiter (Uruguay) - $38,398.50
5th hlamberg (Latvia) - $28,715.40
6th birddy420 (Canada) - $22,037.40
7th psychodelicx (Latvia) - $15,359.40
8th Zimmy86 (Russia) - $8,681.40
9th Ti0373 (Russia) - $5,342.40

* denotes three-handed ICM deal

With a total of 65 events on the PokerStars WCOOP schedule, there are more opportunities to get among the action with events running right through until September 24th. For more details head to the WCOOP home page or check out WCOOP radio for daily shows at 15:00 ET.

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