WCOOP 2012: erras wins Event 35 for Sweden ($320 Triple Draw 2-7)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgWhen the final table got underway the final six were looking up at the reigning champion of this event. By the time it was down to the final two each player was looking for their first WCOOP title. In the end erras from Sweden stood on top collecting just over $22,000 and that coveted WCOOP bracelet.

Event 35 was the only Limit Triple Draw 2-7 event on the schedule, it had a $50,000 guarantee that was easily surpassed when 428 players shelled out $320 to generate a $128,400 prize pool.

With 54 of the original 428 making the money it took just under six hours to get into the money. One of the names that could be found near the top for most of the tournament was Team Online member Shane "shaniac" Schleger, who won this exact event last year. By the time they made it into the money he was sitting in second place, just a few big blinds behind Zbad. Joining Schleger in the money was fellow Team Online members Anders "Donald" Berg and Rohit "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin.


Bhasin was the first of the remaining red spades to get eliminated going out in 39th place collecting $706.20 while the final two survived to the final table but couldn't have been any further apart. Schleger led the way with just over 600,000 while Berg was on life support with the short stack.

Seat 1: F3nix35 (467,525 in chips)
Seat 2: Iteopepe88 (428,426 in chips)
Seat 3: Donald (83,300 in chips)
Seat 4: shaniac (600,943 in chips)
Seat 5: erras (176,466 in chips)
Seat 6: Rabscuttle (383,340 in chips)


It didn't take long for Berg to make an exit as the chips that he started the final table with started to dwindle quickly. Eventually Berg was all-in from the big blind against both F3nix35 and Iteopepe88. Iteopepe88 drew three, Berg drew five, and F3nix35 took two. Iteopepe88 checked and then called F3nix35's 10,000-chip bet. Iteopepe88 took two on the second draw, Berg took three, and F3nix35 took one. Once again Iteopepe88 checked, but this time raised it up when F3nix35 opened, F3nix35 called. Both Iteopepe88 and F3nix35 stood pat while Berg drew one in hopes of staying alive. That hope was not to be as Iteopepe88 showed 9♣8♥5♦3♣2♥ for the nine-eight low to scoop both the main and side pop eliminating Berg in sixth place collecting $4,558.20.

The next two eliminations took a short time to get to and then happened in only a handful of hands. After suffering a beat that saw most of Rabscuttle's stack slide over to Schleger without a showdown Rabscuttle was all-in before the first draw against Shleger and erras. Schleger and erras both drew three while Rabscuttle only took two and then Schleger and erras both checked to get to the second draw. Once again Schleger took three, erras took two, and Rabscuttle took one. This time Schleger bet 24,000 and erras called. All three players drew one card on the final draw. Schleger checked and erras bet 24,000 which moved Schleger out of the way. Rabscuttle showed 8♥6♥6♣5♣3♦ for a pair of sixes while erras held T♥8♦6♠5♥4♦ for the ten-eight low eliminating Rabscuttle in fifth place.

It was Schleger's turn to eliminate a player and this time it was F3nix35 who was in the crosshairs. All of the chips went into the middle before the first draw. On the first draw both players drew two cards and they both took two on the second draw. The third and final draw saw Schleger stand pat while F3nix35 drew two again. F3nix35 showed 8♣7♦6♥4♥2♦ for the eight-seven low but it was the 8♦6♠4♦3♦2♠ eight-six low that Schleger held that won the hand eliminating F3nix35 in fourth place.

Schleger couldn't keep those chips in his stack though as he bricked out in a 196,000-chip pot that saw him not able to draw anything better than a pair of twos while erras was able to get a ten-five low to take the pot. Eventually it was a three-way pot that saw the rest of Schleger's stack go into the middle after the third draw to put his shot at repeating as the champion on the line. Iteopepe88 showed 7♠6♥4♦3♠2♠ to take the almost 500,000-chip pot and eliminate Schleger on the way.

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Only 35,000 separated the final two players with each holding over one-million in chips when heads-up play began. They stayed that way for a while as the blinds were only 14,000/28,000. The two players played a few levels before pausing to take a look at the numbers. Iteopepe88 wanted an even $22,000 which was just under $300 more than a straight chip-chop would net but erras was not having that. The players played a few hands when play resumed before the hourly break came and during that break erras had a change of heart the two agreed to a deal that saw Iteopepe88 get $22,000 and erras $21,683.20 leaving $1,000 and the WCOOP bracelet left to play for.

With the deal struck the final two still had some work left as they were still essentially even in stacks with the blinds small in relation of their one-million plus stacks. Each player managed to build a substantial chip lead that had their opponent looking like they were about to be eliminated but every time they went on a heater to pull back to even.

Eventually though it was erras who took the lead had Itepopepe88 down to only one big blind. After moving all-in and getting called by erras the pair moved on to get through their three draws. On the first draw erras drew two and Itepopepe88 drew four, the second draw saw both players draw one, and the third draw saw erras stand pat while Itepopepe88 took one. Itepopepe88 showed a pair of sevens with 7♣7♦6♠5♣3♠ but it was the 9♠8♣6♦5♦4♦ held by erras that won the hand putting an end to the tournament.

Congrats to erras on winning your first WCOOP bracelet.

WCOOP 2012 Event 35 ($320 Triple Draw 2-7) Results (reflects a deal):

Entrants: 423
Paid Players: 54

1st place: erras (Sweden) - $22,683.20*
2nd place: Itepopepe88 (Hungary) - $22,000.00*
3rd place: shaniac (Mexico) - $14,124.00
4th place: F3nix35 (United Kingdom) - $9,758.40
5th place: Rabscuttle (Thailand) - $7,126.20
6th place: Donald (Norway) - $4,558.20
*indicates a heads-up deal

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