WCOOP 2012: Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo bedazzles in Razz victory

Razz. It always puts you in a bad mood. Heck, I just watched the final table and didn't even play, and I'm feeling a little surly. That's just one of the many irritable side affects that Razz instills in people. The sadistic nature of Razz even makes the winner will feel a little bit salty, or then again, that's actually the taste of blood in your mouth because surviving a Razz tournament is as much fun as getting your teeth kicked in.

Despite the arduous journey known as Razz, WCOOP Event #49 attracted 387 runners. With a $530 buy-in, all of those frantic Razz-enthusiasts boosted the prize pool to $193,500. A total of $36,785.16 was set aside for the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros taking a shot at a Razz bracelet included Daniel Negreanu, Andre Akkari, Chad Brown, Martin Staszko, Ana Marquez, Eugene Katchalov, Jonathan Duhamel, Live Boeree, Max Lykov, Pius Heinz, ElkY, Nacho Barbero, and George Danzer. A few members of Team Online Pro were in the mix as well including Donald, Jorj95, and mement_mori.

Notables who cashed in Razzament included ZeeJustin, Shawn "buck21" Buchanan (7th), Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari (9th place), Yevgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko 15th place), Jordan "iMsoLucky0" Morgan (18th place), and Team Online Pro mement_mori (36th place).

Unfortunately, mement_mori met his fate when he was drawing to a better low than Visionary129. Alas, he bricked up on the river to finish up with Q-7-5-3-2 against 8-7-6-4-A. Team Online Pro mement_mori was knocked out in 36th place.

ept barcelona_day 3_andre akkari.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari bubbled off the final table

Akkari is one of the most popular card slingers in all of Brazil (and even in remote parts of Uruguay). Whenever Akkari goes deep, he attracts a rabid fan base. Akkari got off to a hot start and for most of the tournament, he hovered in the top 20 in chips. With 30 remaining, Akkari sat 12th overall with 120K, must to the delight of his railbirds dropping the occasional "Vamoooooo!" into the chatbox.

With 25 remaining, Akkari chipped up to 200K and moved into the Top 4. With 15 to go, he chipped up to 300K and still remained in the top 4.

At the final table bubble, action was hand-for-hand. Akkari got crippled in a three-way pot with a short-stacked ZeeJustin all-in. ZeeJustin won the pot with 6-5-4-3-2 and tripled up to almost 210K. Akkari lost the main pot and the side pot... and he was on life support.

Akkari busted out a couple of hands later. His 9-8-7-6-A was no match for to0dey's nuts 5-4-3-2-A. Unfortunately, Akkari bubbled off the final table in ninth place.


WCOOP Event #49 Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: MintTrav (46,800)
Seat 2: sonajero (517,641)
Seat 3: pmahoney22 (613,949)
Seat 4: to0dey (420,651)
Seat 5: buck21 (269,573)
Seat 6: hummylun (190,484)
Seat 7: ZeeJustin (213,088)
Seat 8: YoHHH_ViraL (630,314)

The final table commenced during Level XXVI with betting levels at 16,000/32,000 and a 3,200 ante. With 630K, YoHHH_ViraL held the top slot while MintTrav barely hung on with 46K.

SO FAR AWAY: MintTrav eliminated in 8th place

It didn't take very long before someone busted off the final table. Short-stacked MintTrav got it all-in on third street with (X-X)2♠. ZeeJustin kicked off the raising war with (X-X)5♥ showing. After sonajero had the bring in for 6,000, ZeeJustin raised to 20,000. MintTrav bumped it up to 40,000. ZeeJustin re-raised to 60,000. MintTrave moved all-in for 60,400 and ZeeJustin called. The board ran out...

MintTrav: 4♥A♣2♠Q♥2♣4♠A♦
ZeeJustin: 3♠4♦5♥9♦7♠5♣4♣

MinTrav had the misfortune of having A-A-Q-4-2 as his best low hand. ZeeJustin easily dragged the pot with 9-7-5-4-3. The U.K.'s MintTrav was the first player to bust off the final table. He earned $3,870 for an eighth-place finish.

WALK OF LIFE: buck21 eliminated in 7th place

YoHHH_ViraL opened with a raise to 20,000 holding (X-X)8♣ and buck21 called with (X-X)8♦. On fourth street, YoHHH_ViraL held (X-X)8♣4♠ and opened to 20,000. Holding (X-X)8♦6♠, buck21 raised to 40,000, YoHHH_ViraL re-raised to 60,000, buck21 shoved for his last 75,146 and YoHHH_ViraL called. When all the cards were finished being dealt...

buck21: 7♥3♥8♦6♠8♥2♦6♣
YoHHH_ViraL: 2♥7♦8♣4♠3♠J♠7♣

YoHHH_ViraL won the pot with 8-7-4-3-2 and edged out buck21's 8-7-6-3-2. Shawn "buck21" Buchanan finished in 7th place and won $4,837.50.

With six to go, to0dey held the lead with 736K.

YOUR LATEST TRICK: hummylun eliminated in 6th place

It didn't last six-handed too long before another player hit the road. Hummylun opened to 25,000 with (X-X)6♥, sonajero raised to 50,000 with (X-X)3♣, and hummylun called. On fourth street fireworks occurred when hummylun opened to 25,000 with (X-X)6♥2♥. Sonajero bumped it up to 50,000 with (X-X)3♣J♠. There was only one move for hummylun so he moved all-in for his last 18,684. The board ran out...

sonajero: 7♥A♦3♣J♠6♣2♠8♥
hummylun: 5♣8♦6♥2♥5♠8♠7♠

Sonajero won the pot with 7-6-3-2-A, while hummylun's 8-7-6-5-2 was not good enough to win. Canada's hummylun finished in sixth place, but collected $6,772.50.

WHY WORRY: pmahoney22 eliminated in 5th place

Another short-stack bailed. On third street holding (X-X)T♥, pmahoney22 raised to 25,000, to0dey called with (X-X)T♦, ZeeJustin raised to 50,000 with (X-X)8♦, pmahoney22 raised to 75,000, to0dey called, and so did ZeeJustin. Three-way pot. On fourth street, pmahoney22 was dealt (X-X)T♥9♥, to0dey was dealt (X-X)T♦2♦, and ZeeJustin paired up with (X-X)8♦8♥. to0dey fired out 25,000, ZeeJustin called, pmahoney22 called all-in for 14,776. On fifth street, both ZeeJustin and to0dey checked with pairs: to0dey (X-X)T♦2♦2♠ and (X-X)8♦8♥9♣ against pmahoney22's (X-X)T♥9♥5♣. On sixth street, to0dey got dealt (X-X)T♦2♦2♠5♦ and ZeeJustin got (X-X)8♦8♥9♣A♠ against pmahoney22's (X-X)T♥9♥5♣6♠. to0dey bet 50,000 and ZeeJustin folded, so to0dey won the side pot. Heads-up. Both players finished up with...

to0dey: A♦3♠T♦2♦2♠5♦9♦
pmahoney22: 6♥A♥T♥9♥5♣6♠4♦

to0dey won the hand with 9-5-3-2-A, beating out pmahoney22's 9-6-5-4-A. For a fifth-place exit, pmahoney22 earned $9.675.

RIDE ACROSS THE RIVER: sonajero eliminated in 4th place

With four to go, sonajero was the next victim. Sonajero had the bring in for 9,000 with (X-X)7♠. ZeeJustin raised to 30,000 with (X-X)6♥, and sonajero called.

On fourth street...

sonajero: (X-X)7♠K♥
ZeeJustin: (X-X)6♥T♦

ZeeJustin bet 30,000 and sonajero called.

On fifth street...

sonajero: (X-X)7♠K♥2♦
ZeeJustin: (X-X)6♥T♦7♥

ZeeJustin bet 60,000 and sonajero called.

On sixth street...

sonajero: (X-X)7♠K♥2♦J♦
ZeeJustin: (X-X)6♥T♦7♥5♦

ZeeJustin bet 60,000 and sonajero called.

On the river... ZeeJustin bet 60,000 and sonajero called all-in for 34,650. At showdown, ZeeJustin had 7-6-5-3-2 and 3♥2♣6♥T♦7♥5♦2♥ which beat out sonajero's 9-7-3-2-A and 3♣9♥7♠K♥2♦J♦A♠. For a fourth-place performance, Uruguay's sonajero won $14,512.50.

With three to go, to0dey held the lead with 1.5 million. ZeeJustin had a smidge about 1 million, while YoHHH_ViraL had the short-stack with 326K.

THE MAN'S TOO STRONG: YoHHH_ViraL eliminated in 3rd place

The action continued to progress at a rapid pace with another elimination. ZeeJustin had the bring in for 9,000 with (X-X)7♥, YoHHH_ViraL raised to 30,000 with (X-X)2♦, and ZeeJustin called.

On fourth street...

ZeeJustin (X-X)7♥7♣
YoHHH_ViraL (X-X)2♦J♥

YoHHH_ViraL bets 30,000 and ZeeJustin called.

On fifth street...

ZeeJustin (X-X)7♥7♣2♥
YoHHH_ViraL (X-X)2♦J♥3♠

YoHHH_ViraL bet 60,000 and ZeeJustin called.

On sixth street, YoHHH_ViraL got the rest of his chips in...

ZeeJustin (X-X)7♥7♣2♥A♣
YoHHH_ViraL (X-X)2♦J♥3♠A♠

YoHHH_ViraL moved all-in for 38,660 and ZeeJustin called. On seventh street, the players revealed their hands...

ZeeJustin: 6♣9♠7♥7♣2♥A♣5♣
YoHHH_ViraL: 4♦Q♣2♦J♥3♠A♠Q♠

YoHHH_ViraL could only muster up J-4-3-2-A against ZeeJustin's 7-6-5-2-A. ZeeJustin won the pot.For a third-palce finish, Malta's YoHHH_ViraL earned $20,317.50.

HEADS-UP: to0dey (Russia) vs. ZeeJustin (Canada)

Seat 4: to0dey (1,926,702)
Seat 7: ZeeJustin (811,138)

The final two squared off with to0dey holding better than a 2-1 chip advantage. Ten minutes into their sparring match, ZeeJustin pulled even. Twenty minutes in, ZeeJustin passed the 2 million mark and almost held a 4-1 lead. The biggest hand during that stretch pitted ZeeJustin winning with J-10-9-7-4 against to0dey's 5-5-10-7-A.

MONEY FOR NOTHING: to0dey eliminated in 2nd place; ZeeJustin Wins Event #49

After thirty minutes, ZeeJustin decided it was time to stop dancing around and he delivered a knockout blow. Betting got capped on third street at 16,000. ZeeJustin's (X-X)4♦ was ahead of to0dey's (X-X)5♣. On fourth street, to0dey was dealt (X-X)5♣4♠ and opened to 40,000. ZeeJustin held (X-X)4♦7♥ and raised to 80,000, and to0dey called all-in for 29,702. By seventh street, both players revealed...

to0dey: 3♦6♠5♣4♠3♥8♣9♣
ZeeJustin: 2♦6♣4♦7♥6♥T♠A♦

Although to0dey: put up a good fight with 8-6-5-4-3, it was ZeeJustin who dragged the pot with 76-4-2-A. For a second-place performance, to0dey earned $27,090.

Congrats to ZeeJustin for shipping Event #49. He won a WCOOP bracelet and collected $36,765.16 in cash.

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer...

WCOOP Event #49 $530 Razz - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 387
Prize Pool: $193,500
Payouts: 56

1. Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo (Canada) - $36,785.16
2. to0dey (Russia) - $27,090
3. YoHHH_ViraL (Malta) - $20,317.50
4. sonajero (Uruguay) - $14,512.50
5. pmahoney22 (Mexico) - $9,675
6. hummylun (Canada) - $6,772.50
7. Shawn "buck21" Buchanan - $4,837.50
8. MintTrav (United Kingdom)- $3,870

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance writer from California.

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