WCOOP 2012: LuckyGump tears through the final table in Event #45 ($320 PLO 6-Max


While the bets were limited to the size of the pot, LuckyGump's path of destruction knew no bounds.

LuckyGump burst the final table bubble, entered the final table as the chip leader and proceeded to eliminate every player at the final table. The Russian only lost the lead once, but quickly regained it and ended up taking the grand prize of $110,112.00.

The prize was the largest that the $595,200.00 prize pool had to offer. While the prize pool was only distributed to 84 players, it took 671 entries, 815 re-buys and 498 add-ons to create.


There were 11 Team PokerStars players in Event #45 today with Johnny Lodden finishing deeper than any of them. Lodden was one of two Team Pros to cash, the other was Argentina's Jose Ignacio Barbero, who finished in 49th place for $2,083.20. George Danzer was close to joining the duo in the money, but he finished just one spot off the bubble in 86th place.

Lodden though, he'd go deep, almost to the final table. Lodden entered the final two tables a bit short-stacked with just under 550,000. A few eliminations later, Lodden would be chipped down to 330,000 and make his exit in 8th place.

With 15,000/30,000 blinds, Lodden raised to 60,000 from the cutoff and Matt "All_in_at420" Stout re-raised to 180,000 from the button. Action was folded back to Lodden who moved all-in for 328,034.

Lodden turned over A♥Q♥J♠8♦ while Stout showed K♥K♦Q♠3♠. The 9♦J♥2♦ flop gave Lodden a pair of jacks, but he still needed a little more to beat Stout's kings. The turn was a 5♠ and a 2♠ came on the river, leaving Lodden with jacks and eliminating him in 8th place for $12,201.60.


With Lodden gone, play went hand-for-hand and the final table bubble burst at the other table.

LuckyGump raised to 66,000 from the cutoff and AlexKP re-raised to 213,000 from the big blind. LuckyGump 4-bet to 654,000 and AlexKP moved all-in for 473,249. AlexKP showed aces with A♥A♦Q♥9♠ while LuckyGump turned over K♦[10s]6♠6♦.

The flop came 4♠Q♦K♣ and AlexKP appeared to be safe. The turn was a 2♦ and now LuckyGump had a flush draw. The 8♦ fell on the river, giving LuckyGump the pot and the final table chip lead.

AlexKP, on the other hand, was out in 7th and earned $12,201.60 for his finish.


Seat 1: All_in_at420 -- 1,988,908
Seat 2: ferocious666 -- 2,786,294
Seat 3: Tonimonntana -- 1,116,132
Seat 4: joserivas397 -- 1,014,001
Seat 5: jetkiss -- 1,014,580
Seat 6: LuckyGump -- 3,245,085

LuckyGump used his lead to cause some final table damage and knock out our first player. In a battle of the blinds, jetkiss raised to 150,000 from the small blind and LuckyGump called, bringing a Q♣A♥2♣ flop. jetkiss bet the pot and LuckyGump repotted to 600,000. jetkiss only had 84,580 behind and threw it in.

Jetkiss showed A♠J♠6♠5♥ for a pair of aces while LuckyGump turned over [10c]9♣8♥2♥ for deuces and a flush draw. The 9♥ on the turn gave LuckyGump two-pair and the K♠ on the river gave him the elimination.

jetkiss was eliminated in 6th place and earned $17,856.00 for the final table finish.

LuckyGump also brought the tournament down to four players. Right after doubling Tonimonntana up, ferocious666 had his tournament life at risk against LuckyGump. The blinds were 30,000/60,000 and ferocious666 raised to 210,000 from the cutoff. Action was folded to LuckyGump who 3-bet to 660,000 and ferocious666 put the his remaining 220,762 in the pot.

ferocious666 showed A♥Q♥9♥4♣ while LuckyGump had [10s]8♠6♦5♦. ferocious666's lead increased when the 7♠4♦Q♦ flop gave him a pair of queens, but it also gave LuckyGump a straight draw. The 8♥ on the turn gave LuckyGump the straight and the river was a 6♣.

LuckyGump got lucky once more and ferocious666 was eliminated in 5th place, earning $29,760.00. Lucky Gump was now holding 5.7 million chips, more than 50 percent of the chips in play.

But LuckyGump would face an unlucky speed bump and lose the lead to joserivas397:

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But LuckyGump wouldn't stay down for long, his gump was lucky. With 40,000/80,000 blinds, All_in_at420 raised to 160,000 from UTGand Tonimonntana called from the button. LuckyGump called from the big blind and the flop came 9♠Q♥A♦. Tonimonntana led out for 280,000 and LuckyGump raised to 1,360,000. Tonimonntana called, putting himself all-in.

Tonimonntana held Q♠[10s]9♦6♦ while LuckyGump showed Q♣J♠9♣3♣. The turn brought a [10c] and Tonimonntana gained the lead with a bigger two pair. But the K♣ would come on the river and give LuckyGump a lucky straight.

Tonimonntana was out in 4th place and took home $41,664.00 for it. Back in the lead, LuckyGump went on to finish off the rest of the table. All_in_at420 raised to 160,000 from the button and LuckyGump called from the big blind, bringing a 6♣7♠3♠ flop. LuckyGump bet 136,800 and All_in_at420 raised to 770,400.

LuckyGump 3-bet to 1,404,000 and All_in_at420, with a total of 1,389,448, called all-in. All_in_at420 showed A♠6♠9♦4♦ for a pair and a flush draw while LuckyGump turned over 8♠5♠4♥3♣ for another straight.

The turn was a [10c] and the river brought the 7♥. All_in_at420 went straight to the rail, but managed to earn $61,008 in the process.


LuckyGump entered the heads-up match with 6.3 million to joserivas397's 4.7 miliion. While blinds were still at 40,000/80,000, the heads-up match only lasted three hands.

joserivas397 won the first two small pots, but then LuckyGump finished things off:

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WCOOP Event #45: $320+R PLO 6-Max Final Table Results:

Entrants: 671 (815 re-buys, 498 add-ons)
Prize Pool: $595,200.00
Places Paid: 84

1st: LuckyGump (Russia) -- $110,112.00
2nd: joserivas397 (Venezuela) -- $82,137.60
3rd: All_in_at420 (Costa Rica) -- $61,008.00
4th: Tonimonntana (Austria) -- $41,664.00
5th: ferocious666 (Russia) -- $29,760.00
6th: jetkiss (Germany) -- $17,856.00

That's it for Event #45, about 20 more to go. For a full schedule of the remaining WCOOP events -- as well as statistics, a leader board and satellites -- check out the WCOOP homepage. If you still need more WCOOP action, tune in to the WCOOP radio show that plays daily at 15:00 ET.

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