WCOOP 2012: Raaadzio91 survives shootout in Event #4 ($320 NLHE 6-Max Shootout)

Logo - WCOOP.pngHaving a one in 1,296 chance of winning a poker tournament sounds pretty daunting. Almost mission impossible in fact. But with a little creative mathematics that same equation can be made to look a lot more attractive. Forget about beating 1,295 opponents - how about you only have to win just four sit and gos in a row? And each of those tables will be six-handed. Now that sounds a little easier, right?

Well, not quite when it's the World Championship of Online Poker.

It was the WCOOP Event #4 $320 No Limit Holdem 6-Max Shootout event and once again the stars were out in force as part of the capacity field. The likes of Team PokerStars Pros Christian León, Daniel Negreanu, Alex Kravchenko, Maxim Lykov, Mickey Petersen, Bertrand Grospellier, Toni Judet, George Danzer, Ana Marquez, Grzegorz Mikielewicz, George Lind, Shane Schleger, Eugene Katchalov and Lex Veldhuis were among the runners but unfortunately they all fell short of the money for winning their first shootout table.

Team PokerStars members Stavros Kalfas (92nd), Martin Staszko (78th), Anders Berg (52nd) and Jude Ainsworth (51st) had a little more luck as they all picked up $637.63 for surviving one table, while Victor Ramdin won the red spade last longer with victory on two tables worth $2,721.60 for 30th place.


Dylan "WhiteRabbito" Honeyman (36th), Sam "SamSquid" Grafton (14th), Matthew "ROOJAR_M" Pilat (11th) and previous WCOOP champion Steve "gboro780" Gross (9th) were also successful in two tables, falling narrowly short of reaching the final table.

Only six players would manage to win three shootout tables in a row and they formed the final table line up as follows:


Seat 1: xSuPrA (5,000 in chips)
Seat 2: Andrzejeczek (5,000 in chips)
Seat 3: C-Mor87 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 4: Raaadzio91 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 5: Spyver (5,000 in chips)
Seat 6: allucan3at (5,000 in chips)

Of course, the shootout format ensured that all players started with the same start bank, and with the blinds starting at 25/50 there was plenty of play ahead of us.

Things started quietly before Raaadzio91 was the first to gain the ascendency with three streets of value holding J♣3♣ on a board of 9♦T♥J♦3♦2♠ in a battle of the blinds against Spyver.

Raaadzio91 extended the advantage further with Q♠Q♣ paid off on the river by xSuPrA on a board of T♦3♠J♣4♥2♠ to see Raaadzio91 with close to a double stack by just the second level of play as C-Mor87 and Spyver were under pressure early.

However first to go from the final table was Canadian xSuPrA. With a 2011 SCOOP title under his belt, xSuPrA got caught up in a preflop raising war and ultimately lost the race:

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xSuPrA's pocket queens couldn't hold as $9,642.24 in prize money was awarded for 6th place.

Raaadzio91 was now way out in front, with four times the next closest in Andrzejeczek, and things stayed that way for some time until Raaadzio91 got caught bluffing with ten-high as C-Mor87 called it down with trip sixes.

The others struggled to get involved, but with the blinds sneaking up to 50/100, allucan3at made a move, shoving 16 big blinds with Q♣6♦ from the small blind. Andrzejeczek made the call in the big blind with A♥7♦ and the ace paired up on the 8♦K♠T♥A♦9♦ board. allucan3at finished in 5th place, taking $15,552 back home to the Netherlands.

Raaadzio91 remained the most aggressive player at the table while Spyver was on the short stack. The previous PokerStars Sunday Million winner decided to try and double up with 2♠2♣ but was called by C-Mor87 with a superior pair of 7♣7♠. There were no ducks on the J♣8♦A♥K♠4♥ board to see Spyver pickup $23,328 for 4th place.

Three-handed play saw Andrzejeczek start to fight back, but a key hand saw Raaadzio91 river two pair with 6♥5♥ to better Andrzejeczek's top pair as the river value bet was picked off.

The chips were passed around the table for several orbits before the short-stacked Andrzejeczek was finally brought undone. With the blinds at 80/160, Raaadzio91 raised from the small blind to 352. Andrzejeczek moved all in for 3,014 and Raaadzio91 made the call with A♦8♦. Andrzejeczek tabled K♠2♠ for live cards but couldn't improve enough on the Q♠2♣A♠A♣3♣ board. Andrzejeczek added $34,992 to the cashier for a great run that ended in 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: C-Mor87 (6,039 in chips)
Seat 4: Raaadzio91 (23,961 in chips)

Raaadzio91 chipped up further with some early aggression and it didn't take long for the end to be reached. Raaadzio91 raised the button to 352 and C-Mor87 called to see a flop of T♥9♠K♣. C-Mor87 checked it over to Raaadzio91 who continuation-bet for 558. C-Mor87 responded with a check-raise all in for 2,667 but Raaadzio91 snap-called with K♠9♣ for top two pair. C-Mor87 showed J♣9♦ leaving just four outs for the double up.

The turn was the 3♥ and river an equally-bricky 2♣ to see Raaadzio91 claim a memorable victory. C-Mor87's runner-up finish was worth $46,656 while Raaadzio91 does it for Poland with the WCOOP title and $62,208.36 in prize money.

WCOOP Event#4 $320 NLHE 6-Max Shootout Results

Number of entrants: 1,296
Places paid: 216

1st Raaadzio91 (Poland) - $62,208.36
2nd C-Mor87 (Canada) - $46,656
3rd Andrzejeczek (Poland) - $34,992
4th Spyver (United Kingdom) - $23,328
5th allucan3at (Netherlands) - $15,552
6th xSuPrA (Canada) - $9,642.24

Of course the PokerStars WCOOP is just kicking off with a total of 65 events running right through until September 24th. For more details head to the WCOOP home page or check out WCOOP radio for daily shows at 15:00 ET.

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