WCOOP 2012: Rad win for RenRad 01 in Event 5 ($215+R NLHE Turbo)

Logo - WCOOP.pngRebuy tournaments can involve a range of emotions, as can any final table. This one was no different, as there were comebacks and double-ups that changed the dynamic of the table over and over. RenRad 01 was a strong opponent from the start, though, and despite players like lermonad and arnon shraga taking over the chip lead, RenRad 01 never lost hope and played a solid game. Eventually, that led to the winner's circle and more than $144K. Strong showing, RenRad 01.


Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu got off to a hot start during the first half-hour, but so did others at his table during the wild and woolly rebuy period. "I'm 10/1300 players," he tweeted. "And there are 3 guys at my table who have me covered lol. Reeebuys!!!"

By the first break Skilled G of Argentina had moved into the top spot to lead the 1,316 players who'd survived that first frenzied hour, but there were many more five-minute levels to go.

Such is the nature of a turbo tournament. No matter the stakes or amount invested or title on the line, turbo events are as exciting as they are swift. The emotional roller coaster is much the same for players, though bad beats don't hurt as much when you have the money and time to rebuy. It's fun!

An hour later just 344 players were left, with easee123 leading the way with just under 200,000. And the final registration numbers for the $500K guaranteed tournament were in:

Players: 1,807
Rebuys: 2,834
Add-ons: 1,111
Prize pool: $1,150,400
Paid players: 234

With the rebuy period over, a tone of seriousness came over the virtual tables, as every move could be their last. Move all-in and there's no option to get back in if you lose that flip. So caution took over for wild abandon, and the tournament moved forward.

It didn't take long for the money bubble to burst, and torrreskid was the first to cash, taking home $1,150.40. Of the member of the PokerStars family in the field, Team Pro Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth was the first to leave with cash, $1,322.96 to be exact for 177th place. George Danzer followed before the three-hour mark in 80th place ($2,243.28).

As six tables were reduced to five, and then four, Team PokerStars Online's Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen was still in the mix. That run ended for him in 29th place, though, and he received $3,796.32 for his efforts.

Mickey Petersen.jpg

There were only two tables remaining at the 3.5-hour mark, and action was fast. Xbet_kiddi exited in 12th, and the 11th place elimination of SMKDSALMON51 put hand-for-hand play into motion. It took only a few minutes for Cotchery89 to push all-in with A♠4♠, but wowKKa called from the big blind with A♦7♠. The board came T♥6♦2♠3♦Q♥, and the ace plus seven kicker played for wowKKA. Cotchery89 had to leave in tenth place with $8,973.12.

Arnon shraga and Eifffel hold strong lead

The final table was set in Level 40, with blinds of 60,000/120,000 and a 15,000 ante, and the players' starting stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: RenRad 01 (1,894,332 in chips)
Seat 2: Eifffel (3,792,612 in chips)
Seat 3: arnon shraga (3,961,353 in chips)
Seat 4: Aduobe4 (2,313,630 in chips)
Seat 5: joe soprano (409,074 in chips)
Seat 6: daskalos20 (1,270,252 in chips)
Seat 7: wowKKa (1,784,279 in chips)
Seat 8: el17@bk (1,308,702 in chips)
Seat 9: lermonad (2,743,766 in chips)

WCOOP-12-Event5 FT.JPG

A few hands into the action, el17@bk pushed all-in from the big blind after RenRad 01 made an early position opening raise. RenRad 01 called with A♣Q♦, and el17@bk showed 7♥7♦. The race was on as the board hit RenRad 01 with the very first card, rolling out Q♣4♥4♣J♥6♣. That made the queens and fours the two best pair, and el17@bk was gone in ninth place with $11,504.00.

Three hands later, joe soprano sat with 69,074 chips and they were all-in with his ante. WowKKa raised in the hopes of isolating, which worked, and A♣Q♥ was the hand to beat. Joe soprano had 8♣4♣ - two live cards, as they say - and the flop even brought hope with 4♥6♠5♠. That pair of fours was the best hand until the A♠ came on the turn, giving wowKKa the pair of aces. The K♦ on the river ended it for joe soprano in eighth place, which was worth $20,132.00.

RenRad 01 takes over in top position

Aduobe4 was the next player to move all-in, doing it from the big blind with A♠T♣ for more than 1.6 million chips. Original raiser RenRad 01 called with a dominating A♦Q♥, and the board made it interesting. The 8♦K♥7♥ flop wasn't much to talk about, but the Q♣ on the turn gave RenRad 01 the pair but Aduobe4 the straight draw. The K♠ on the river didn't make that draw, though, and left Aduobe4 out in seventh place with $31,060.80.

Then lermonad doubled through arnon shraga in a key move to put lermonad into second place on the leaderboard:

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A time for prayer

A five-minute break was a time to stretch the legs and get some refreshments, as suggested by tournament host Anders "Donald" Berg. Short-stacked daskalos20 added, "And pray Donald. With 3bbs." And in good spirits, he added a smiley emoticon.

And it worked! Daskalos20 doubled through arnon shraga when they returned from the break. And when wowKKa decided to move all-in, it was daskalos20 ready to challenge with 7♥7♣, which was the obvious favorite against the 5♠5♦ of wowKKa. The board of 3♦T♣8♠T♦2♦ did nothing to change that, and wowKKa finished in sixth place with $42,564.80.

Arnon shraga doubled through RenRad 01 to stay in action.

Daskalos20 made another move. The hand started with an UTG raise from lermonad, and daskalos20 reraised all-in from the big blind for just under 2 million chips. Lermonad called and showed K♠K♥, and daskalos20 had some work to do with A♣T♥. The flop of 8♠5♥6♣ didn't help, and the K♦ on the turn only gave lermonad the set of kings. The J♥ on the river made it official that daskalos20 was to take fifth place and $54,644.00 in cash.

Deal done and dusted

The four remaining players chose to pause the tournament to discuss a deal, and they asked for ICM and chip-chop numbers. This rarely bodes well for finding common ground, but this case was different. They all agreed to the ICM figures, and it was done! Happiness abounded.

Seat 1: RenRad 01 (6,520,329 in chips) = $134,086.07
Seat 2: Eifffel (3,030,112 in chips) = $110,294.90
Seat 3: arnon shraga (3,186,170 in chips) = $111,774.87
Seat 9: lermonad (6,741,389 in chips) = $135,130.96

In short order, the short-stacked Eifffel moved all-in with Q♥6♥, and arnon shraga called with A♣3♣. The board produced 9♠A♠5♣2♦Q♦ with too little, too late for Eifffel (2011 SCOOP champion), who departed in fourth place with that $110,294.90 from the deal.

Arnon shraga takes lead back in dramatic fashion

With a slight lead over lermonad, arnon shraga was ready to risk it. The hand started with a raise from RenRad 01. Arnon shraga then reraised all-in, and lermonad called all-in. RenRad 01 got out of the way, lermonad showed 6♦6♥ for all the chips, and arnon shraga turned over A♦Q♣. The flop changed the course of the race when it came 4♠A♥2♥, and the 9♠ on the turn changed nothing. Arnon shraga then caught the Q♠ on the river to grab two pair, just for kicks. Lermonad then left with $135,130.96 for the third place finish.

Heads-up roller coaster

Action started with these chip counts:

Seat 1: RenRad 01 (7,457,829 in chips)
Seat 3: arnon shraga (12,020,171 in chips)

RenRad 01 was strong and aggressive, taking down pot after pot to swing into the lead. But arnon shraga was not giving up so easily. This move was a much-needed double-up to nearly even the stacks:

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In response, though, RedRad 01 did this:

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Arnon shraga doubled back once when T-6 cracked pocket fives, but it just wasn't enough. So, arnon shraga moved all-in again, this time with A♠2♦. RenRad01 just happened to have A♣T♦, and the board of Q♥2♣T♠Q♦K♥ ended the tournament with arnon shraga having to accept second place and $111,774.87.

RenRad 01 of Mexico (no stranger to big PokerStars wins) became one of this series' first WCOOP champions with $144,086.07 to show for it. Congrats!

WCOOP 2012 Event 5 ($215+R NLHE Turbo) Results (reflects four-way deal):

1st place: RenRad 01 (Mexico) - $144,086.07*
2nd place: arnon shraga (Israel) - $111,774.87*
3rd place: lermonad (Russia) - $135,130.96*
4th place: Eifffel (Sweden) - $110,294.90*
5th place: daskalos20 (Cyprus) - $54,644.00
6th place: wowKKa (Germany) - $42,564.80
7th place: Aduobe4 (Germany) - $31,060.80
8th place: joe soprano (South Africa) - $20,132.00
9th place: el17@bk (Russia) - $11,504.00

*Top four players agreed to ICM chop with $10,000 added to winner's payout.

Entrants: 1,807
Paid players: 234

We've only just begun! WCOOP runs through September 24 with a total of 65 tournaments. For all sorts of information, check out the WCOOP home page. And don't forget to tune in to WCOOP Radio for daily shows at 15:00 ET.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in WCOOP