WCOOP 2012: shakentoucan shakes and bakes in 8-Game Championship

Eight. It's a common number found in nature. An octopus has eight arms. A spider has eight legs. Both are ferocious predators. The octopus ambushes its prey and drags it off into the darkness of the deep sea, while using its numerous tentacles to strangle its prey into submission. If outmatched, an octopus will spray a stream of ink to confuse and blind a potential enemy. A spider is a bit more industrious and engages in the laborious task of setting a trap by spinning a web to catch its prey.

Whether we're talking about nature or the poker table, only the strongest survive. The 8-Game format forces players to have deft skills at all games, which does a better job at testing true poker acumen.

Event #32 $320 8-Game attracted 738 mixed-game specialists, who the prize pool to over $221,400. Only the top 96 places got a cut of the prize money with $39,298.50 set aside for the champion.

In case you just woke up from a coma and you're joining the WCOOP for the first time, let me quickly explain 8-Game -- it's a mixed-game format that features 10-minute levels of alternating games: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, LHE, Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, Limit Razz, Limit Stud, Limit Stud Hi/lo, NL, and PLO. This 8-Game fiesta is essentially H.O.R.S.E. with Triple Draw kicking off the beginning and NL and PLO tacked onto the end (Triple Draw + H.O.R.S.E. + NL + PLO).

Team PokerStars Pros who took a shot in this event included Daniel Negreanu, Chad Brown, Andre Akkari, Marcel Luske, Alex Kravchenko, Ana Marquez, Jude Ainsworth, Matthias de Meulder, Martin Staszko, Henrique Pinho, Marcin Horecki, and everyone's favorite scarf-wearing German Geroge Danzer. Team Online Pros grinding this event included Shaniac, Jorj95, Donald, CharismA3, talonchick, and GodlikeRoy.


PokerStars Team Pro Ana Marquez was among the 8-Game notables

George Danzer got the closest to the money, yet he busted in 118th place while Anders "Donald" Berg also failed to make the money when he fizzled out in 123rd place. When the money bubble final burst, theguzzler was the unlucky participant who whiffed on the money and hit the road in 97th place.

With two tables remaining, JeroenKoster from the Netherlands held the lead with 420K. WCOOP Event #28 champion, woodbine ave, failed to win events in consecutive nights when he bowed out in 12th place.

With eight to go, shakentoucan held the lead with 800K. UhhMee bit the dust in 8th place during a round of Razz. With seven remaining, action was hand-for-hand and Mr_BigQueso jumped into the lead with 820K.

During a round of Stud, shorty JeroenKoster met his fate in a boat-over-boat situation. JeroenKoster's threes full of deuces and 2♦3♦3♥K♠9♠2♥3♣ lost to shakentoucan's sixes full of Kings and 6♦6♠6♣K♥3♠K♣Q♣. JeroenKoster bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


WCOOP Event #32 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: AlexElizarov (111,010)
Seat 2: ely_cash41 (443,314)
Seat 3: DallasCorben (495,010)
Seat 4: motor1963 (521,731)
Seat 5: shakentoucan (1,188,394)
Seat 6: Mr_BigQueso (930,541)

With the final table set, shakentoucan was the big stack and only player with over 1 million in chips. Mr_BigQueso was not far behind with 930K.

BACKWARDS DOWN THE NUMBERLINE: AlexElizarov eliminated in 6th place

On the second hand of the final table, we saw our first elimination during a round of Stud. On third street, shakentoucan with (X-X)7♠ opened to 20,000 and AlexElizarov called with (X-X)J♠. On fourth street, AlexElizarov held (X-X) J♠4♥ and check-called a 20,000 bet from shakentoucan holding (X-X)7♠4♠. On fifth street, with (X-X)7♠4♠K♦ shakentoucan fired out 40,000, AlexElizarov held (X-X)J♠4♥9♣ and moved all-in for 63,010, and shakentoucan called. When the rest of the cards dealt, both players tabled:

AlexElizarov: Q♥T♠J♠4♥9♣A♣J♦
shakentoucan: 9♠Q♠7♠4♠K♦A♠7♣

AlexElizarov could only piece together a pair of Jacks, while shakentoucan won the pot with an Ace-high flush. Russia's AlexElizarov became the first player to get knocked out at the final table. For sixth place, AlexElizarov earned $6,642.

STEALING TIME FROM THE FAULTY PLAN: motor1963 eliminated in 5th place

It didn't take long before we saw another exit. It happened during a round of Stud Hi/Lo... with (X-X)A♣ DallasCorben opened to 20,000 motor1963 held (X-X)2♠ and bumped it up to 40,000, Mr_BigQueso called with (X-X)A♥, and DallasCorben smooth called. On fourth street, DallasCorben held (X-X)A♣8♦ and fired out 20,000, motor1963 called with (X-X)2♠J♣, Mr_BigQueso raised to 40,000 with (X-X)A♥3♦, DallasCorben called, and motor1963 called. On fifth street, with (X-X)A♣8♦8♣, DallasCorben bet 40,000, motor1963 called with (X-X)2♠J♣5♠, and Mr_BigQueso called with (X-X)A♥3♦K♣. On sixth street, DallasCorben bet 40,000 with (X-X)A♣8♦8♣5♥, motor1963 called all-in for 1,462 with (X-X)2♠J♣5♠3♣, and Mr_BigQueso called 40,000 with (X-X)A♥3♦K♣T♣. By seventh street, DallasCorben bet 40,000 and Mr_BigQueso called. Without a qualifying low, DallasCorben won the main pot and the side pot with two pair -- Nines and Eights -- holding 9♥9♦A♣8♦8♣5♥K♦. Both Mr_BigQueso and motor1963 mucked their hands. Germany's motor1963 was knocked out in fifth place, but took home $11,070.

With four remaining, ely_cash41 was super short with 171K. The other three held at least 1 million and Mr_BigQueso held a slight lead 1.28M to shakentoucan's 1.22M.

KILL DEVIL FALLS: Mr_BigQueso eliminated in 4th place

During a round of NL, Mr_BigQueso busted in the biggest hand fo the tournament. In all started when shakentoucan opened to 25,000, Mr_BigQueso three-bet to 72,000, shakentoucan four-bet to 158,775, and Mr_BigQueso called. The flop was 7♠4♣3♠ and shakentoucan fired out 139,875. Mr_BigQueso called. The turn was the 9♣. Without hesitation, shakentoucan bet 278,875 and Mr_BigQueso insta-called. The river was the 6♦. shakentoucan shoved for 716,143 and Mr_BigQueso called all-in for his last 468,494. At showdown, shakentoucan tabled 8♦5♦ for a rivered straight. Mr_BigQueso flipped over 7♣7♥. He flopped a set but got run down by shakentoucan's straight. Alas, shakentoucan won the pot worth over 2 million. Mr_BigQueso collected $15,498 for a fourth-place finish.

I'VE BEEN AROUND: ely_cash41 eliminated in 3rd place

During a round of PLO, the short stack busted... shakentoucan opened to 28,775, ely_cash41 re-raised to 88,888, and shakentoucan called. The flop was A♠6♥2♥. Almost instantly, ely_cash41 fired out 99,999 and shakentoucan called. The turn was the 3♣. This time, ely_cash41 checked, shakentoucan bets 167,875, ely_cash41 check-raised all-in for 744,795, and shakentoucan called. The Q♠ spiked on the river. At showdown, ely_cash41 tabled A♣K♦J♥T♥ for only a pair of Aces and shakentoucan won the pot with A♦5♠4♦4♥ and a Six-high straight. Mexico's ely_cash41 busted out in third place, yet collected $22,140.

HEADS-UP: shakentoucan (Canada) vs. DallasCorben (Norway)
Seat 3: DallasCorben (508,121)
Seat 5: shakentoucan (3,181,879)

It was pretty, but DallasCorben trailed by almost 6-1 against big-stacked shakentoucan.

During a round of LHE, DallasCorben won a half mil pot with A♠T♠ and a pair of Aces to double up to 1 million. He chipped up to 1.4 million and all of a sudden he was back in it.


When action reached Level 61, DallasCorben joked that he had to be at work in thirty minutes. After approximately 45 minutes of heads-up play, the two discussed a deal. The came to a quick resolution that guaranteed $34,100.38 to shakentoucan and $31,812.22 for DallasCorben. An additional $2,500 was set aside for the champion. Play resumed.

DallasCorben went on a rush during a round of Stud. He won a 920K pot with a Broadway straight holding 2♦J♣A♦T♥Q♠7♥K♥. He picked up another 820K pot and jumped ahead 2 million to 1.6 million

We waited until the game shifted to NL and things immediately got weird. the two were not shy about building monster pots. For example... shakentoucan min-raised to 60,000, DallasCorben three-bet to 210,000, shakentoucan four-bet to 412,875, DallasCorben five-bet to 615,750, shakentoucan six-bet shoved all-in for 1,524,283, and DallasCorben called all-in for his last 908,533. Race. DallasCorben led with 8♦8♠ against shakentoucan's A♥Q♥. It was shakentoucan's night because he flopped a Queen to take the lead. The board ran out Q♣9♥5♥T♠A♠ and he surged back over 3 million.

But, that lead didn't last very long before DallasCorben got it right back after winning a 2.9 million pot with trip nines holding J♥9♦ against shakentoucan's A♦4♥.

The chips flew back to the other side of the table when shakentoucan bombed it all-in with J♥J♠ against DallasCorben's A♠9♣. The Jacks held up and shakentoucan regained his lead.

TWENTY YEARS LATER: DallasCorben eliminated in 2nd place

After a tumultuous round of NL, the game switched to an even crazier round of PLO. It didn't take too long before both players rumbled to the death.

On the final hand... shakentoucan min-raised 60,000, DallasCorben bumped it up to 180,000, shakentoucan four-bet to 540,000, DallasCorben five-bet shoved for 1,300,352, and shakentoucan called all-in for 760,352. DallasCorben was all-in for his tournament life with J♥T♠8♥6♣, but shakentoucan led with A♥Q♥Q♦7♥. The flop was A♦5♠5♣ and shakentoucan improved to two pair -- Aces and Fives. The turn was the 2♠ and the river was the K♦. When the dust settled, shakentoucan won the pot with two pair. DallasCorben finished up with a paltry pair of fives. As a result, the Norwegian busted out in second place. For an impressive runner-up performance, DallasCorben earned $31,812.22.

Congrats to Canada's shakentoucan for shipping WCOOP Event #32 and winning a sleek winner's bracelet, not mention $36,600.38 in cash.

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

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WCOOP Event #32 $320 8-Game - Final Table Results:
Entrants: 738
Prize Pool: $221,400
Payouts: 96

1. shakentoucan (Canada) - $36,600.38 **
2. DallasCorben (Norway) - $31,812.22 **
3. ely_cash41 (Mexico) - $22,140
4. Mr_BigQueso (Australia)- $15,498
5. motor1963 (Germany) - $11,070
6. AlexElizarov (Russia) - $6,642

** denotes a deal was made between the final two players

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance writer from California.

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