WCOOP 2012: Stunnaf00 stuns the world in Event #11 $215 NL Heads-Up

Heads-up poker is a peculiar beast. You don't want to waste your time with petty things like worrying about the match-up in the next round. Instead, you must focus on the task ahead -- beating the person seated in front of you.

In this instance with four remaining, Stunnaf00 was bogged down in a grueling hour-long match before advancing to the final round. His opponent, Vichyn88, easily won his semi-final round in only 11 hands and was sitting out for almost an hour during a well-needed break. Without any time off in between the semi-finals and finals, a weary Stunnaf00 slugged it out for over an hour before waking up to wired Aces and finishing off Vichyn88 to win WCOOP Event #11.

WCOOP Event #11 $215 NL Heads-Up was a two-day event and attracted 2,159 runners and the prize pool swelled to $431,800 with $73,406 originally set aside for the champion. The top 256 places paid.

The formula for WCOOP Event #11 Heads-Up NL is simple: 5,000-chip starting stacks and levels increasing every 10 minute levels.

Notables who cashed in this Heads-Up fiesta included Team PokerStars Pro Christian "el grillo" DeLeon and PokerStars Team Online Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas. Greece's Kalfas busted late on Day 1 and could only muster up a 81st-place finish.

Only 64 players returned for Day 2 of action. Mexico's Team Pro el grillo was among the first to depart on day two when he was knocked out in 61st place.

THE BEAT: jliberta146 eliminated in 8th place

The Elite Eight was set but it didn't take long before someone busted. On a board of K♠J♠T♦A♦, Stunnaf00 bet 150, jliberta146 raised to 544, Stunnaf00 re-raised all-in for 6,338, and jliberta146 called all-in for 2,904.Although jliberta146 turned a Broadway straight with Q♥5♥, his opponent held almost the same hand. Stunnaf00 also turned a Broadway straight with Q♦5♦, but picked up a diamond flush re-draw. The turn was the K♦. Stunnaf00 improved to a flush and won the hand, while jliberta146 hit the road. Canada's jliberta146 earned $11,874.50 for eighth place.

PUMP IT UP: Snakefoxes eliminated in 7th place

Short-stacked Snakefoxes took A♦K♠ into battle against Moern's T♥9♣, but Snakefoxes's Big Slick failed to improve and lost to Moern's trip tens. Snakefoxes took home $11,874.50 for seventh place.

LITTLE TRIGGERS: FlawlessMind eliminated in 6th place

FlawlessMind and levinhostar bombed it all-in preflop. FlawlessMind trailed with A♥3♥ against levinhostar's A♠7♣. The board ran out J♥9♣6♦Q♦4♠ and levinhostar wont he pot with Ace-high but the seven-kicker playing. FlawlessMind busted out in sixth place and won $11,874.50.

LIP SERVICE: Gry Dilling eliminated in 5th place

All the fireworks occurred on the turn. The board read K♣6♦3♦J♦. Vichyn88 checked, Gry Dilling bet 545, Vichyn88 shoved for 6,356, and Gry Dilling called all-in for 2,059. Both players flopped a King, but Vichyn88 led with A♣K♠ against Gry Dilling's K♥9♠. The river was the Q♥. Vichyn88's Ace-kicker played and secured the pot. Gry Dilling was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $11,874.50.


Only four were left standing. The final four match-ups included: Moern (Norway) vs. Vichyn88 (Sweden) and Stunnaf00 (Canada) vs. levinhostar (Germany). One match would barely last a couple of minutes while the other was a classic display of pugilism, in which both players pummeled one another as the lead changed hands too many times to count.

NIGHT RALLY: Moern eliminated in 4th place

This heads-up battle did not last very long. It took only 11 hands to determine a winner. Vichyn88 opened to 123, Moern bumped it to 350, and Vichyn88 called. The flop was K♣8♦2♦. Moern bets 350 and Vichyn88 called. The turn was the 8♥. Moern fired out 900 and Vichyn88 called. The river was the 4♠. Moern shoved all-in for 2,948 and Vichyn88 called. Moern only held A♣9♣ for a mere pair of eights on the board. However, Vichyn88 won the pot with J♣8♣ and trip eights. Moern collected $23,749 for fourth place. Vichyn88 advanced to the finals.

LIPSTICK VOGUE: levinhostar eliminated in 3rd place

Whereas the other table was over in fewer than a dozen hands, this heads-up battle took over an hour to decide. During Level XI, Stunnaf00 jumped out to a 4-1 advantage and it was only a matter of time before he got the rest of levinhostar's stack. On a flop of A♦7♣2♠, levinhostar checked, Stunnaf00 bet 160, levinhostar check-raised to a heady 420, Stunnaf00 shoved for 7,840, and levinhostar called all-in for 1420. When both players tabled their cards, they both flopped a pair of sevens, however, Stunnaf00 led with K♥7♦ and a better kicker against levinhostar's 8♣7♠. The turn was the J♠ and the river was the 9♥. Stunnaf00 won the pot and advanced to the finals. For third place, Germany's levinhostar took home $23,749.


HEADS-UP: Stunnaf00 (Canada) vs. Vichyn88 (Sweden)

Over $35,000 separated first from second place, and the final two were eager to discuss a deal and chop up the remainder of the prize pool. A settlement was quickly reached. Both players chopped and secured a $53,634 payday with $5,000 set aside for the eventual winner.

On a board of K♦T♥2♣Q♣Q♠, Stunnaf00 won a pot worth almost 3,000 holding J♦9♥ for a King-high straight. It would only take a total of four hands before Stunnaf00 won Vichyn88's entire stack.

LIVING IN PARADISE: Vichyn88 eliminated in 2nd place

During Level VII and blinds at 40/80, Vichyn88 was trailing almost 2-1. Vichyn88 opened up the hand with a raise to 160, Stunnaf00 three-bet to 480, and Vichyn88 called. The flop was Q♠T♥3♦. Stunnaf00 fired out 560, Vichyn88 shoved for 2,725, and Stunnaf00 called. Stunnaf00 tabled A♥A♠ for a pair of Aces, while Vichyn88 showed Q♥J♥ for just top pair. The 2♦ fell on the turn and the river was 3♣. Vichyn88 failed to improve and Stunnaf00's pocket rockets held up to win the hand.

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

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For second place, Vichyn88 locked up $53,634. Congrats to Stunnaf00 for winning WCOOP Event #11 and earning $58,634 for first place.

WCOOP #11 $215 NL Heads-Up - Final 8 Results:
Entrants: 2,159
Prize Pool: $431,800
Places Paid: 256

1. Stunnaf00 (Canada) - $58,634 **
2. Vichyn88 (Sweden) - $53,634 **
3. levinhostar (Germany) - $23,749
4. Moern (Norway) - $23,749
5. Gry Dilling (Denmark) - $11,874.50
6. FlawlessMind (Phillipines) - $11,874.50
7. Snakefoxes (Russia) - $11,874.50
8. jliberta146 (Canada) - $11,874.50

** a deal was struck among the final two players

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance writer from California.

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