WCOOP 2012: woodbine ave is the Badugi Master; Third Place for Team Pro Chad Brown

"Redheads are bad luck." My best friend in the world once gave me that bit of advice during the maelstrom of a bad breakup. Too bad he hadn't told that to me a year earlier, but that's an entirely different story and I'm starting to sound like a Nick Hornby novel so I'll stop blathering on now.

Badugi. That's why we're all here, right? Badugi.

Badugi is the redheaded stepchild of poker. Out of all of the various forms of poker, Badugi is just plain weird looking. It's wired differently. It's as though the game came from Mars.

Badugi supposedly has origins in a similar type of card game that was widespread in Korea. But no one knows for sure. Badugi's beginnings are shrouded in mystery but if you believe everything you've read on the internet, then Badugi was developed by the CIA in a secret lab across the hall from the alien holding tanks in Area 51.

Doesn't matter if Badugi is from Mars, a secret government lab, or rooted in an ancient Korean card game because it's here to stay. Badugi has become a fixture on the WCOOP schedule and a welcomed respite from the teeth-grinding tedium of NL and the monstrous swings of PLO.

Event #28 attracted 304 runners. The top 40 places got a cut of the $91,200 prize pool with $17,784 set aside for the champion. Team PokerStars Chad Brown took his shot at glory... but he missed when he finished in third place. It was one heck of a run for Brown while it lasted.

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown - 3rd Place

A slew of Team PokerStars Pros and Team Online came out of the woodwork for this event. There's more fixed-limit Badugi fetishists than you think. Team PokerStars Pros in this event included Daniel Negreanu, Victor Ramdin, Marcin Horecki, Nacho Barbero, Alex Kravchenko, George Danzer, Martin Staszko, and Chad Brown. Team Online pros in this Badugi-ment included Kristian "CharismA3" Martin, Shaniac, Donald, talonchick, and Jorj95.

The Top 40 places paid out, so only a handful of notables cashed in Event #28. Only Team Online Kristian "CharismA3" Martin along with PokerStars Team Pro Chad Brown and Martin Staszko were the other notables who cashed. Stasko snuck into the money when he finished in 28th place just after the bubble burst. Notables grinder who went deep included Shawn "buck21" Buchanan (10th), Jon "PearlJammer" Turner (11th place), Andy McLeod (22nd), and Dan "djk123" Kelly (31st).

CharismA3 was knocked out in 28th place when he got it all-in against imre. CharismA3 failed to improve his hand better than a 3-card hand 7-4-A, which lost to imre's 5-3-2 3-card hand.

With 27 to go, Chad Brown was fourth overall with a shade over 100K. With two tables remaining, Brown sunk to the middle of the pack. When action crawled toward the final table bubble, Chad Brown held almost 200K and was fourth in chips.

With nine remaining and action hand-for-hand, short-stacked Big_Dady_Coo made a valiant stand with a 9-8-7-A Badugi, but mehmet deniz prevailed with 8-4-2-A Badugi. Alas, Big_Dady_Coo unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in ninth place.


WCOOP Event #28 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: mehmet deniz (125,976)
Seat 2: Lumelia (58,052)
Seat 3: QuadVQuadMe (38,382)
Seat 4: Chad Brown (94,862)
Seat 5: woodbine ave (371,135)
Seat 6: Gigaloff (370,149)
Seat 7: NAR74 (28,264)
Seat 8: dynastyzz (433,180)

With the final table of eight set, Australia's dynastyzz held the top spot with 433K. Chad Brown was under 100K and fifth overall.

Battery: QuadVQuadMe eliminated in 8th place

The first elimination at the final table was kicked off by mehmet deniz, who raised to 12,000. QuadVQuadMe three-bet to 18,000, mehmet deniz caped it at 24,000, and QuadVQuadMe called. On the first draw, QuadVQuadMe discarded two and mehmet deniz stood pat. QuadVQuadMe bet, mehmet deniz min-raised to 12,000, and QuadVQuadMe called all-in for 882. On the second draw, QuadVQuadMe discarded one and mehmet deniz stood pat. On the third draw, QuadVQuadMe was still chasing and discarded one, while mehmet deniz stood pat. QuadVQuadMe showed 9♠4♥2♦A♦ for a 3-card 9-4-A. mehmet deniz tabled K♦7♣6♥5♠ and won the pot with a King-high Badugi. New Zealand's QuadVQuadMe busted out in eighth place and earned $2,280.

Master of Puppets: NAR74 eliminated in 7th place

Short-stacked NAR74 was the next player to meet their fate. Gigaloff opened with a raise to 12,000 and only NAR74 called. Heads-up. On the first draw, NAR74 discarded one and Gigaloff discarded two. NAR74 fired out 6,000, Gigaloff raised, and NAR74 called. On the second draw, NAR74 discarded one and Gigaloff discarded one as well. NAR74 moved all-in for 10,028 and Gigaloff called. On the third and final draw, NAR74 discarded one and Gigaloff stood pat. At showdown, NAR74 held 4♦3♥2♥2♠ for a 3-card 4-3-2. Gigaloff won the pot with 7♠5♣4♥A♦ for a 7-5-4-A Badugi. Russia's NAR74 was knocked out in seventh place, but took home $2,736.

With six to go, woodbine ave held the lead with 530K. Chad Brown was fifth in chips with 140K.

The Thing That Should Not Be: Lumelia eliminated in 6th place

Action was six-handed for only a few minutes before we saw an elimination and another short-stack bowed out. One of the bigger stacks, dynastyzz, opened to 12,000, Lumelia bumped it up to 18,000, and dynastyzz called. Heads-up. On the first draw, both Lumelia and dynastyzz discarded one card. Lumelia fired out 6,000 and dynastyzz called. On the second draw, both players discarded one each again. Lumelia bet 12,000, dynastyzz raised to 24,000, and Lumelia called all-in for 11,552 more. On the third and final draw, Lumelia discarded one and dynastyzz stood pat. Lumelia tabled T♦7♠4♦2♣ for a 3-card 7-4-2. Meanwhile, dynastyzz won the pot with 8♦5♠4♥A♣ for a 8-5-4-A Badugi. Germany's Lumelia busted out in sixth place and collected $3,648.

With five to go, woodbine ave retained the lead with 600K and Chad Brown chipped up to 222K.

Disposable Heroes: mehmet deniz eliminated in 5th place

It was only a matter of time before shorty mehmet deniz made a final stand. On that hand... mehmet deniz raised to 14,000, Gigaloff called from the small blind, and dynastyzz called from the big blind. Three-handed. On the first draw, Gigaloff discarded two, dynastyzz discarded one, and mehmet deniz drew one. Gigaloff checked, dynastyzz checked, mehmet deniz bet 7,000, Gigaloff check-raised to 14,000, dynastyzz called, and mehmet deniz called all-in for 6,716. On the second draw, Gigaloff discarded one, dynastyzz discarded one, and mehmet deniz discarded one. For the side pot... Gigaloff bet 14,000 and dynastyzz called. On the third and final draw, everyone was still chasing and discarded one. Both Gigaloff and dynastyzz checked it down. Gigaloff showed T♦4♣3♥A♦ for a 3-card 4-3-A which was good enough to win both the main pot and the side pot. Both dynastyzz and mehmet deniz mucked. Turkey's mehmet deniz finished in fifth place and earned $5,016.

With four remaining, woodbine ave held the lead with 600K. Chad Brown lingered around 200K as the short stack.

Leper Messiah: dynastyzz eliminated in 4th place

The blinds finally went up and the biggest stack went to work... woodbine ave opened to 20,000. short-stacked dynastyzz raised to 30,000, and woodbine ave called. Heads-up. On the first draw, dynastyzz discarded one and woodbine ave discarded two. During the betting round, dynastyzz moved all-in for his last 1,732 and woodbine ave called. On the second draw, dynastyzz discarded one and woodbine ave stood pat. On the third draw, dynastyzz continued to discard one and woodbine ave stood pat. At showdown, dynastyzz held K♥9♦3♥2♣ for a 3-card 9-3-2. Meanwhile, woodbine ave won the pot with Q♠T♥4♣A♦ for a Q-10-4-A Badugi. Australia's dynastyzz finished in fourth place, which paid out $7,296.

With three to go, woodbine ave led with 740K. Gigaloff was second with 450K and Chad Brown trailed with 328K.

Orion: Chad Brown eliminated in 3rd place

Chad Brown was quickly hunted down by the big stacks. On his last hand... Chad Brown opened to 20,000 and Gigaloff called. On the first draw, both Gigaloff and Brown discarded two. Gigaloff fired out 10,000 and Brown insta-called. On the second draw, Gigaloff discarded one and Brown continued with two. Gigaloff bet 20,000, Brown raised to 40,000, Gigaloff re-raised to 60,000 and Brown called. On the third draw, Gigaloff stood pat and Brown discarded one. Gigaloff bet 20,000 and Brown called call-in for his last 3,504. Gigaloff tabled 9♥6♣3♦A♠ for a 9-6-3-A Badugi. That was good enough to win the pot because Chad Brown whiffed on a big draw and finished with 5♣4♣2♠A♥ for a 3-card 4-2-A. Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown earned $10,032.00 for an impressive third-place performance.

HEADS-UP: Gigaloff (Russia) vs. woodbine ave (Canada)

Seat 5: woodbine ave (815,367)
Seat 6: Gigaloff (704,633)

Canada's woodbine ave held a slight lead over Gigaloff with blinds relatively low compared to their stack sizes.

The first pots of significance were dragged by woodbine ave, who pushed out to 1 million in chips. he took a 2-1 advantage of Gigaloff.

After a stalemate for a couple of levels, Gigaloff won a couple of small pots and gained some momentum before he dragged decisive pot worth 252K. Gigaloff won with a 9-7-6-2 Badugi, which propelled into the lead 776K to 743K.

When the heads-up battle reached 90 minutes, Gigaloff mounted an offensive and finally passed the 1 million mark. Over the next hour, the lead was passed back and forth, but neither player was able to deliver a knock-out blow.

Then woodbine ave got hot and won nine out of ten pots to push back over the 1 million mark. He slowly chipped away at Gigaloff's remaining stack. Just when woodbine ave appeared to be running away with the match, Gigaloff won a 817K pot with a 5-4-3-A Badugi, which beat woodbine ave's 7-3-2-A Badugi. Gigaloff was back in the lead by over 100K.

A determined woodbine ave went back to work and won consecutive pots totaling 1 million. The first one was won with a 9-8-2-A Badugi. The second pot was won with a 3-card 4-3-A. At that point, woodbine ave build up a 5-1 advantage.

The most crushing blow of the match occurred after two and a half hours of play when woodbine ave took down a 630K pot with a K-6-5-2 Badugi.

Damage, Inc.: Gigaloff eliminated in 2nd place

And then it happened... after 2 hours and 40 minutes of slugging it out... woodbine ave finally knocked out Gigaloff. On the final hand... woodbine ave raised to 70,000, Gigaloff shoved for 83,256, and woodbine ave called. On the first draw Gigaloff discarded two and woodbine ave discarded one. On the second draw, both players discarded one. On the third draw, Gigaloff discarded one and woodbine ave stood pat. At showdown, woodbine ave tabled 9♥8♦6♠2♣ for a 9-8-6-2 Badugi. Unfortunately Gigaloff held only T♠6♣3♥A♠ for a 6-3-A 3-card. Alas, woodbine ave won the pot and the tournament, while Gigaloff was sent to the rail in second place.

For a runner-up performance, Gigaloff collected $13,224. For shipping the WCOOP Event #28, woodbine ave earned $17,784.

Check out the final hand using the replayer:

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WCOOP Event #28 $320 Badugi - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 304
Prize Pool: $91,200
Places Paid: 40

1. woodbine ave (Canada) - $17,784
2. Gigaloff (Russia) - $13,224
3. Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown (Canada) - $10,032
4. dynastyzz (Australia) - $7,296
5. mehmet deniz (Turkey) - $5,016
6. Lumelia (Germany) - $3,648
7. NAR74 (Russia) - $2,736
8. QuadVQuadMe (New Zealand) - $2,280

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance writer from California.

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