Stars and Tiaras: #WCOOPLuckyHairCut winners

Well, that was contentious.

This morning, the PokerStars Blog's Simon Young, Rick Dacey, and I got together to vote on the winners of the #WCOOPLuckyHaircut contest. We are three men who have traveled, eaten, and drank together. Extensively. Today was a whole new experience as we battled over who would win this silly little contest.

Background: Last week we got all excited about Team Pro George Danzer thinking his Mohawk was lucky. We decided to test it out on our readers to see if they could come up with some lucky haircuts. We three were to be the sole arbiters of who won. Little did we know that our collective bonhomie would disintegrate under the pressure.

It took two rounds of voting and a long debate during which we threw lots of words at each other: lunatic, loser, geek, and various expletives that can't be reprinted here. And just when it was about to get out of hand, we came to an agreement (I mean, it's Friday and there is a Friday night to consider).

With that in mind, we are happy to award first place and a $215 WCOOP Main Event satellite ticket to Kid_Poker52 who somehow managed to shave a freaking star into the back of his head.


Coming in runner up for a $109 WCOOP Main Event satellite ticket is EmmaDoll90 who dyed 25% of her blonde hair black, braided it into a headdress, stuck a PokerStars spade in her hair, and fashioned a WCOOP tiara. We don't know how long it took her, but it proved she had a willingness to go a little nuts for a chance to be a WCOOP champion.


We also want to recognize this guy. His picture is beautiful. His haircut is amazing. On any other day, it might have been the winner. Alas, it was an old picture he'd recycled and not one he cut for this contest. We can't give you any tickets, but we bow to your style. Good on ya, buddy.


Now, we wait to see if these haircuts are really lucky. If we see our winners at a WCOOP final table, we'll agree Danzer might be on to something with the Mohawk.

Congratulations to the winners. What's next? Tattoos? Lawn art? Crop circles? First-born-naming?

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

Brad Willis
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