WCOOP 2013: Aduobe4 wins Event #5 [6-Max NL Shootout]; Liv Boeree finishes in fifth

Aduobe4 outlasted four short-handed tables en route to a victory in World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Event #5 $320 NL 6-Max Shootout. Along the way, Aduobe4 thwarted Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree's pursuit of a WCOOP title. Boeree advanced to the final table after she won her three previous shootout tables, but her run came to an abrupt end when Aduobe4 picked off Boeree in fifth place. After Boeree's elimination, Aduobe4 had a clear path to victory in the short-handed shootout.

WCOOP Event #5 $320 NL 6-Max Shootout attracted 1,296 runners. The prize pool was $388,800. The top 216 players were paid out, which meant everyone who won their first shootout table guaranteed themselves a min-cash.

The original shootout format can be arduous affair with a full-ring table. Instead of ten-handed tables, WCOOP Event #5 featured a slight twist with a short-handed format and 6-max tables. Thus, the short-handed shootout was birthed. WCOOP Event #5 commenced with 216 tables and six players on each table. The first round played down from 216 to 36 tables. The second round was 36 tables to 6 tables. The third round played from 6 tables to one table. And the fourth and final round was the actual final table.

Many familiar faces took a shot at a WCOOP crown including Team PokerStars Pros ElkY, Liv Boeree, Eugene Katchalov, Max Lykov, Vickey Coren, Lex Veldhuis, Matthias De Meulder, Henrique Pinho, and Humberto Brenes. Team Online Pros trying to grind their way to a WCOOP title included Shaniac, nanonoko, mement_mori, Pessagno, and Grzegorz 'DaWarsaw' Mikielewicz.

The only notable PokerStars Pro who cashed was Liv Boeree (5th) who advanced to the final table.

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5th place for Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree

Round I: 1,296 to 216

The first gunslinger who won their shootout table was cashqueen88, who quickly dispatched five opponents in less than an hour. Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree was one of the last players to finish off their opening table, and she came from behind to do so by knocking out LaurisL91. Matthias 'mattidm' De Meulder got heads-up on his shootout table, but the Team Pro lost to Vampyras84. De Meulder busted in 235th place and just missed the money by 19 spots.

Round II: 216 to 36 players

Aduobe4 was the first player to win their table and advance to the next round of the shootout. Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree went to work right away and in less than an hour (three levels), she got heads-up. However, she wasn't able to put away her opponent Hichcok when her Queens were cracked by Hichcock. Instead of sending Hichcock to the rail, the two were embroiled in a lengthy heads-up battle that lasted almost two hours. Hichcock ran into a cooler when his Q♣Q♦ lost to Liv Boeree's A♠A♣. Liv Boeree's Aces held up and she she sent Hichcock packing in 55th place. Meanwhile, Boeree advanced to the next round of the shootout.

Round III: 36 players to 6

A spot at the final table was a stake for the final 36 players. Simply put... if they survived this round, then they'd advance to the final shootout table. Who would be the lucky six?

Mexico's moyerboide was the first player to advance to the Final Table. moyerboide locked up his table during the fourth level when pocket Aces held up against airforlife20's K♥4♥. Both players bombed it in on a King-high flop and airforlife20 failed to improve.

MakeItReign (Canada) was the second player to advance to the finals. MakeItReign'sK♦Q♦ turned two pair and ran down cashqueen88's A♣Q♠.

Aduobe4 (United Kingdon) took out jackmeplz69 in a hand that the kids today would say was "OMG so sick." Aduobe4's A♠6♦ bested jackmeplz69's Q♠T♠. The board ran out T♥6♣2♥6♥6♠. Although jackmeplz69 took the lead on the flop, Aduobe4 turned trips and rivered quads. A full house was not good enough for jackmeplz69, who busted in 12th place. Aduobe4 won Round 3's shootout table and advanced to the finals.

Mid-way through level 7, three tables were down to two players apiece. Luckbox4Life quickly picked off Eddie_Morra, who was eliminated in 9th place when Luckbox4Life's Q♦Q♥ held up against Eddie_Morra's J♣T♦.

With eight to go... darrenelias whiffed on a flush draw with 9♦5♦ and lost to carlos_084's A♥K♦ and two pair. Canada's darrenelias hit the road in 8th place and carlos_084 won another shootout table and advanced to the finals.

On the last table to be decided... Liv Boeree managed to get heads-up against aftajvila, but she was down 18.5K to 11.5K. Boeree's stack incurred a minor blow and she found herself on the brink of elimination. On a board of J♠7♥4♠, Boeree checked, aftajvila bet 300 or half the pot, Boeree check raised to 950, aftajvila popped it to 1,600, Boeree shoved for 5,582, and aftajvila called with only a flush draw and Q♠7♠. Boeree was ahead with J♦9♥ and a pair of Jacks. The turn was the J♥ and Boeree improved to trips. The river was the 5♣. Boeree faded a flush and she staved off an elimination. After dragging that pot, Boeree was right back where she started when heads-up began two levels earlier.

Boeree woke up and went on a mini-rush. She won nine hands in the row and surged to a 2-1 chip lead. A couple of hands later, she extended the lead to a 3-1 advantage. With aftajvila was on the ropes, Boeree delivered the knockout blow. Coin flip for aftajvila, who shoved pre-flop with 6♣6♥ against her K♦Q♣. The board ran out A♠Q♦2♠3♣5♦ and Boeree won the pot with a pair of Queens. Russia's aftajvila unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in seventh place. Meanwhile, Boeree won another shootout table and she advanced to the finals.



WCOOP Event #5 - Final Table Players:
Seat 1: Aduobe4 (5000)
Seat 2: moyerboide (5000)
Seat 3: Luckbox4Life (5000)
Seat 4: carlos_084 (5000)
Seat 5: MakeItReign (5000)
Seat 6: Liv Boeree (5000)

WCOOP Event #5 is a shootout format, so everyone began the final table with the same amount of chips. Levels were 20-minutes in length. During the previous rounds, the longest shootout table lasted approximately four hours or 12 levels.

moyerboide eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked moyerboide was the first player to exit the final table, which occurred during the first level. It was heads-up. On the board of A♣J♠5♠7♠, moyerboide bombed it all-in on the turn with K♠J♣ for a pair of Jacks and a flush draw. MakeItReign called and was ahead with A♥3♥ and a pair of Aces. The river was the 5♣ and MakeItReign faded a four-flush. Mexico's moyerboide was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $9,642.24. With five remaining, Aduobe4 held the lead with 10K.

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree eliminated in 5th place

Liv Boeree's magnificent run came to an end when she busted out after her two pair lost to a rivered straight. Her A♥Q♣ was ousted by Aduobe4's K♥J♣. Boeree essentially check-called all the way to the river. She flopped top pair and rivered top two pair, however Aduobe4 flopped an open-ended straight draw and unfortunately rivered a Broadway straight. Aduobe4 dragged the pot and Boeree was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $15,552.00.

You can view Boeree's final hand here:

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With four remaining, Aduobe4 held the chip lead with 16.3K and MakeItReign brought up the rear with 2.3K.

MakeItReign eliminated in 4th place

Action plateaued and the final four played four-handed for a couple of levels before someone busted. MakeItReign min-raised to 240, Aduobe4 three-bet to 600, and MakeItReign called. Heads-up. The flop was J♥9♦3♥. Aduobe4 checked, MakeItReign bet 647, Aduobe4 check-raised to 1,645,  MakeItReign shoved all-in for 3,369, and Aduobe4 called. MakeItReign led with K♦J♠ and a pair of Jacks, while Aduobe4 trailed with K♠Q♦ and an open-ended straight draw. The turn was 5♠ and the river was Q♥. Aduobe4 whiffed on a straight draw, but fortunately backdoored pair of Queens. MakeItReign busted in fourth place and earned $23,328.00.

With three to go, Aduobe4 sat on the lead with 17.1K. Luckbox4Life was second with 7.7K, and carlos_084 was the shorty with 5.1K.

Luckbox4Life eliminated in 3rd place

Luckbox4Life opened with a min-raise to 320 and Aduobe4 called. The flop was Q♠8♠7♦. Aduobe4 checked, Luckbox4Life bet 320, Aduobe4 check-raised to 885, Luckbox4Life moved all-in for 5,482, and Aduobe4 called. Luckbox4Life flopped two pair with 8♦7♥, while Aduobe4 trailed with K♠Q♣ and a pair of Queens. The turn was the 2♠ and Aduobe4 picked up a flush draw. The river was the 4♠ and Aduobe4 rivered a four-flush and won the pot. Luckbox4Life got torpedoed and finished in third place, which paid out $34,992.00.

HEADS-UP: Aduobe4 (U.K.) vs. carlos_084 (Malta)
Seat 1: Aduobe4 (26,532)
Seat 4: carlos_084 (3,468)

With two to go, Aduobe4 held a sizable lead with 88.4% of the chips in play.

carlos_084 eliminated in 2nd place; Aduobe4 binks WCOOP Event #5

Although carlos_084 tried to mount a comeback with a couple of double ups, it was not enough to prevent Aduobe4from winning Event #5. On the final hand... super-shorty carlos_084 shoved all-in for 1,114 and Aduobe4 called. Aduobe4 was behind with J♦8♥ against carlos_084's A♥9♠. The board ran out 8♦6♠4♣2♥5♣. Aduobe4 flopped a pair of eights and that was good enough to win the pot. Alas, carlos_084 failed to improve and busted out in second place. For a runner-up performance, Malta's carlos_084 collected  $46,656.00.

Congrats to Aduobe4 for winning WCOOP Event #5 6-Max Shootout and a first-place prize worth $62,208.36.

You can view the final hand in the replayer...

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2013 WCOOP Event #5 - $320 NL 6-Max Shootout - Final Table Payouts:

Entrants: 1,296
Prize Pool: $388,800
Payouts: 216

1. Aduobe4 (U.K.) - $62,208.36
2. carlos_084 (Malta) - $45,656
3. Luckbox4Life (U.K.) - $34,992
4. MakeItReign (Canada) - $23,328
5. Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree (U.K.) - $15,552
6. moyerboide (Mexico) - $9,642.24

The 2013 WCOOP is underway. Visit the WCOOP homepage for the remaining schedule. Also, check out the leader board and find out who will win Player of the Series.

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