WCOOP 2013: C is for Coookay, Event #57 champion ($215 FL Hold'em)

Limit hold'em tournaments aren't just about hitting a rush. They're about hitting that rush at the perfect time. Almost every player at this final table went on a chip-chomping tear at one point. Stevopoulin led things off by scoring the first two knockouts at the final table. Mdif saved himself from the brink multiple times, then ended up flirting with the chip lead. DingDingDing went from the short stack four-handed to heads-up with the chip lead. But it was Canada's CoooKay who hit that rush last, going 10-0 in the final ten hands to earn a WCOOP title.

The first of two limit hold'em events on the WCOOP calendar drew 769 players and beat its $100,000 guarantee by over 50%. 99 players divided up the $153,800.00 prize pool with first place set to earn $28,222.30. Nine members of the Red Spade army joined the field, including Marcel Luske, Richard "Tzen1" Veenman, Lex Veldhuis, Martin Hruby, George Danzer, Randy "nanonoko" Lew, and Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen. Two of them finished in the money, Team Online's Shane "shaniac" Schleger (74th place) and Eugene Katchalov (36th).

Betting limits were up to 12,000/24,000 on the final table bubble. Short stack fahrino opened for a raise, morans350 three-bet from the small blind with A♠K♠ and fahrino capped. They capped it again on the K♣J♣3♣ flop and when the J♥ fell on the turn, fahrino raised all-in, revealing A♣Q♠ for the nut flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. However, morans350's top two pair held, the river falling the 7♠ to eliminate fahrino in tenth place and send us to the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: CoooKay (467,299 in chips)
Seat 2: DingDingDing (217,055 in chips)
Seat 3: ASB95 (463,544 in chips)
Seat 4: danmark2000 (820,643 in chips)
Seat 5: morans350 (447,707 in chips)
Seat 6: tuzanjon10 (512,427 in chips)
Seat 7: Bastenok (182,099 in chips)
Seat 8: mdif (379,477 in chips)
Seat 9: stevopoulin (354,749 in chips)

stevopoulin surges as Bastenok and tuzanjon10 fall

Short stack Bastenok doubled up quickly, climbing to 334,000 in chips only to suffer a serious setback. Bastenok check-raised a Q♦J♦9♠ flop and stevopoulin smooth-called, only to raise the 8♦ turn. Bastenok called, then checked the 3♥ river. Stevopoulin bet, Bastenok raised, stevopoulin three-bet and Bastenok called, only to be shown A♦K♦ for the nut flush. Stevopoulin raked in a 456,000 pot, leaving Bastenok on only 110,000.

A few hands later, CoooKay finished the job. Bastenok committed the last of his chips on a K♣5♥2♥Q♦ board with 9♣9♦, but CoooKay's Q♥T♠ turned a pair of queens , leaving him in dire shape. The river was the 7♣ and Bastenok was out in ninth place, collecting $1,999.40 for his efforts.

Stevopoulin gained even more momentum when he picked up A♠A♦. Tuzanjon10 called him to the river on a J♥T♠2♣8♦T♦ board, falling to only 26,000 in chips when he couldn't beat aces up. Although tuzanjon10 doubled to 53,000 on the next hand, his stack quickly melted. All-in from the small blind vs. three opponents, tuzanjon10 fell to morans350's rivered flush and was eliminated in eighth place ($3,383.60).

CoooKay gobbles up ASB95

With seven remaining and the betting limits up to 25,000/50,000, two players were in immediate danger-- ASB95 (82,500) and mdif (93,500). Mdif got a reprieve by doubling through morans350, his pocket eights holding up against Q♥3♥. Then, on the next deal, ASB95 doubled as well, his Q♦J♥ flopping a jack vs. danmark2000's pocket nines. However, ASB95's gains were quickly lost. Holding K♣Q♥ ASB95 bet the last of his chips on a K♥9♦8♦ flop and CoooKay called with 9♣T♣. ASB95 kept the lead when the 2♦ turned, but disaster struck on the river. The T♦ made CoooKay two pair and ASB95 was out in seventh place ($4,921.60).

mdif triples with AA vs KK

Back down to 131,000 in chips, mdif struck gold and tripled to 406,000 when DingDingDing ran his K♠K♥ into mdif's A♥A♦ in a pot that was capped three ways preflop.

danmark2000 and stevopoulin bust back to back

Meanwhile, danmark2000 fell all the way to 27,000 in chips when he check-called the flop and turn but check-folded the river on a A♦J♥2♦3♠2♣ board vs. morans350. A few hands later, danmark2000 raised all-in pre flop and both morans350 and CoooKay called. The flop fell T♣6♣4♣ and Coookay check-called morans350's bet. However, when the 7♠ turned, CoooKay check-raised morans350 off his hand and revealed 2♣7♣ for a flopped flush. Danmark2000's A♣5♥ had a ray of hope with the nut flush draw, but the 5♠ river dashed it. Danmark2000 had to settle for sixth place and its $6,459.60 reward.

On the very next deal, stevopoulin moved in for his last 39,600 preflop and three of his four opponents called. CoooKay checked the 9♣6♠6♥ flop and Ding Ding Ding bet 25,000. Both mdif and CoooKay called. The turn brought the 3♦ and CoooKay checked again. DingDingDing fired 50,000, mdif folded and CoooKay called. CoooKay check-called another bet on the 5♠ river, but couldn't beat DingDingDing's K♥K♣. Neither could stevopoulin's Q♥J♣, and he hit the rail in fifth place ($7,997,60).

mdif's rise and fall

Short stacked again with only 206,000, mdif hit a rush that began with a double-up through DingDingDing. CoooKay paid off mdif to the river when he made a king-high flush, then did the same a few hands later when mdiv turned top pair nines and rivered trips. Mdif chipped up to 1.43 million before DingDingDing came a-calling. Mdif's pocket tens led DingDingDing's K♥5♠ on an 8♣4♣2♠ flop, but DingDingDing turned the K♠ to double to 550,000.

Now it was DingDingDing on a roll. DingDingDing's Q♠Q♣ crushed morans350's 2♠2♥ in a 765,000 pot before he picked up pocket kings vs. mdif. DingDingDing three-bet preflop and led out on each street of the T♣8♦6♠4♥8♣ board, mdif calling all the way to the river only to muck.

With mdiv down to 467,000, it was CoooKay's turn to run hot. CoooKay won six hands in a row including this pot, which left mdif on only 147,000 in chips (< 2 big bets):

Moments later, mdif opened for a raise to 80,000 on the button, CoooKay cold-called from the small blind, and DingDingDing three-bet to 120,000 from the big. Mdif called all-in and CoooKay made it three to the Q♠5♠4♣ flop. CoooKay check-called 40,000 on the flop and another 80,000 when the Q♦ turned. Both players checked the J♦ river and CoooKay revealed Q♣3♥ for trip queens. DingDingDing mucked, as did mdif, who ended his run in fourth place ($11,458.10).

DingDingDing eliminates morans350

For the third time (we know of) at the final table, DingDingDing picked up K♦K♥ and three-bet CoooKay's button raise. Morans350 capped it out of the big blind, CoooKay folded, and DingDingDing called. DingDingDing check-raised the T♥6♦4♥ flop, the led out when the 7♦ turned and the 3♠ rivered. Morans350 called him down but couldn't beat the overpair, and he slipped to 300,000. DingDingDing got the last of morans350's chips a few hands later. All-in on a T♠8♣2♣ flop, morans350 had Q♣9♠ for a gutshot straight draw, while DingDingDing's lowly 2♠9♠ flopped bottom pair. Morans350 did not improve and he exited in third place, earning $15,226.20.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: CoooKay (1,793,657 in chips)
Seat 2: DingDingDing (2,051,343 in chips)

DingDingDing whittled CoooKay down to only 654,000 in chips before CoooKay won seven pots in a row to rebound to 1.67 million by the end of the 40,000/80,000 level. Then, with the limits up to 50,000/100,000 CoooKay took the chip lead when his A♣J♦ flopped trip aces and turned aces full of eights. With momentum on his side, CoooKay went on a tear and won ten straight pots including this 1.1 million monster with A♦A♠:

With only 111,000 left, DingDingDing opened for 100,000, CoooKay three-bet, and DingDingDing called off his last 11,000, revealing Q♦9♠ CoooKay showed A♥K♥ and flopped the nut flush draw when it fell 6♥4♥4♣. The 7♥ on the turn filled it and sealed CoooKay's win.

Congratulations to CoooKay, our newly minted WCOOP champion. CoooKay banked $28,222.30 for the win, while runner-up DingDingDing earned $20,147.80.

PokerStars 2013 WCOOP Event #57 ($215 FL Hold'em) results

Players: 769
Prizepool: $153,800.00
Places paid: 99

1. CoooKay (Canada) $28,222.30
2. DingDingDing (Sweden) $20,147.80
3. morans350 (Canada) $15,226.20
4. mdif (Russia) $11,458.10
5. stevopoulin (Belarus) $7,997.60
6. danmark2000 (Denmark) $6,459.60
7. ASB95 (Russia) $4,921.60
8. tuzanjon10 (Argentina) $3,363.60
9. Bastenok (Russia) $1,999.40

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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