WCOOP 2013: Darren Elias does it again, wins WCOOP number two

Darren "darrenelias" Elias last week won his second WCOOP title and came dangerously close to defending his $10,300 High Roller title the week before. For a player who puts quality ahead of quantity, Elias has enjoyed such phenomenal success that it's little surprise they named him twice.*

*Darren "darrenelias" Elias - get it?


Darren Elias going deep in the PCA 10 Main Event

Elias has clocked up more than $2m in online tournament winnings at PokerStars and more than $1.5m in live tournaments. He came close at this year's PCA where he bust in 13th place for $80,000 after losing a key flip. Last year he won the High Roller event for $574,695 and he almost followed that up this year, but he stumbled in unlucky number 13 again. He got it in with queens to jacks for the chip lead but his 80% shot did not hold. Making back-to-back final tables in one of the toughest annual events would have been a major achievement (not to say that finishing 13th isn't, which he won $44,700 for).

WCOOP number two
The wait for a shot at WCOOP number two didn't take long with Elias wrapping up a 1,536 player event for $76,032.

"I had the chip lead most of the tournament so when Day 1 ended and I was 1/13 I was expecting to make the final three and hopefully win... I don't play a lot of volume online so finishing well in the few events I play every year is paramount" said Elias.

He did, of course, make it to the final three players at which point there were a couple of attempts to look at the numbers, but Elias was never interested in making a deal, a sure sign of confidence which is backed up results and an apparent natural gift for manipulating numbers.

"I've always had an affinity for numbers. When I was younger I was moved all around into different grades to take higher level math courses and even travelled to college classes while I was in high school. When I entered college I had a double major in physics and mathematics. I wanted to focus on astrophysics and one day work for NASA. My success in the poker world sidetracked that goal however."


Judi and Darren Elias

Positive distraction
As 'distractions' go it seems the poker world has been a very postive one for Elias. When we caught up with him last year he was still just engaged and thinking about buying a house with his WCOOP winnings. A year's a long time in the poker world. He's since got married to Judi and bought a house where they live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It's a very convenient location about half-an-hour from Parx Casino in Philadelphia and an hour from the Borgata in Atlantic City, which he frequently visits to play cash games.

It's WCOOP number two for Elias but he's still pulling a blank on SCOOP and TCOOP. Anyone want to offer an over-under on when he'll win one of those?

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