WCOOP 2013: David "Gunslinger3" Bach binks Event #21 $320 PLO H/L for his first WCOOP bracelet and takes one step closer to winning the PokerStars Grand Slam

David "Gunsliger3" Bach lives up to his moniker. His victory in WCOOP Event #21 put him one step closer to becoming the first player in the history of PokerStars to win a Grand Slam. A "Stars Slam" is designated to the ultimate champion who clinches a championship in four separate major events including the Sunday Million and all three COOP events (WCOOP, SCOOP, and TCOOP).

Previously, Gunsliger3 had won a pair of SCOOP titles and a Sunday Million. After his victory in WCOOP Event #21, Gunslinger3 only needs to win a TCOOP event to become the first player to win the PokerStars Grand Slam, in addition to becoming the first Triple COOP champion. Gunslinger3 joined Kroko-dill as the only player with three legs of a potential Stars Grand Slam. Kroko-dill also needs a TCOOP championship to fulfill his quest at a Stars Grand Slam.

Gunslinger3 is not just a savvy online grinder, but he's a dangerous mixed-games opponent in the real world as well. David "Gunslinger3" Bach won his first WSOP bracelet in 2009 when he shipped the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship. Although he once won the prestigious Chip Reese trophy, Gunslinger3 unfortunately has been a bridesmaid three times with three runner-up finishes in WSOP bracelet events, including a second place in a Razz event earlier this summer in Las Vegas.

david_ bach_pca_1a.JPG

David "Gunslinger3" Bach getting a massage at the PCA

WCOOP Event #21's final table had a bit of historical significance with the appearance of munchenHB, who won a WCOOP bracelet in 2011 (in a NL event). Alas, munchenHB was the first player to exit the final table and his hopes of winning a second WCOOP title were squashed.

Gunslinger3 began the final table fifth overall in chips, but quickly found himself near the back of the pack. Gunslinger3 dodged more bullets than he could count and staved off several assassination attempts. When it was four-handed, Gunslinger3 made his move and seized the chip lead. Despite trailing when heads-up began, Gunslinger3 only needed two hands to re-gain the lead. The heads-up showdown against Poland's jakubbos lasted only ten hands. When the dust settled, David "Gunslinger3" Bach was the last one standing.

WCOOP Event #21 $320 PLO Hi/Lo attracted 947 runners. The prize pool was $284,100 and the top 126 places paid out with $51,138 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Pros in the hunt for a WCOOP titled included ElkY, Marcel Luske, Victor Ramdin, Martin Hruby, and Eugene Katchalov. Team Online taking a shot at a WCOOP bracelet included talonchick, nkeyno, and mement_mori.

The only notable who cashed in Event #21 was Team Online Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome, who finished in 82nd place. She was one of the short-stacks during the money bubble but managed to hang on and cash. Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome busted in a multi-way pot.

talonchick: K♥Q♥Q♣J♦
6alex9: J♣J♠6♣3♠
maciekzbg: A♣7♦6♠2♣

The board ran out A♠8♠2♥4♣5♠. 6alex9 scooped with an Ace-high flush and a 6-4-3-2-A low. For 82nd place, talonchick took home $625.02.

Danish grinder Halfrek bubbled off the final table in tenth place. He lost in a three-way hand against PAARTYPAN, who dragged the pot with a Queen-high straight.


WCOOP Event #21 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: P-Halt (576,536)
Seat 2: Gunslinger3 (564,568)
Seat 3: raulbcn (367,626)
Seat 4: BAJ1EHOK (471,799)
Seat 5: PAARTYPAN (1,265,299)
Seat 6: EdoTK (635,240)
Seat 7: 6alex9 (237,981)
Seat 8: munchenHB (209,105)
Seat 9: jakubbos (406,846)

The final table commenced during Level 30 with blinds at 10K/20K. PAARTYPAN held the lead with 1.2 million, while munchenHB was the short stack with 209K.

munchenHB eliminated in 9th place

We saw a bust out rather quickly. Short-stacked munchenHB opened to 70,000, jakubbos potted to 240,000, munchenHB made a final stand and called all-in for 42,052.

munchenHB: A♦9♣8♥3♣
jakubbos: A♠J♠J♥4♠

The board ran out A♥8♠3♥T♠J♦. Without a qualifying low, munchenHB flopped two-pair, but jakubbos rivered a set of Jacks to win the pot. Although he came darn close, munchenHB would not win a second WCOOP bracelet. He became the first player to bust at the final table and finished in ninth overall, which paid out $3,409.20.

raulbcn eliminated in 8th place

Shorty raulbcn opened to 207,150 P-Halt bumped it to 357,750, raulbcn called all-in for 31,742.

P-Halt: A♣J♣5♣2♠
raulbcn: A♦Q♣4♥2♦

The board ran out K♣8♥7♣8♠8♣. P-Halt rivered a flush and dragged the entire pot. Without a qualifying low, raulbcn hit the road. For an eighth-place finish, raulbcn collected $5,682.00.

6alex9 eliminated in 7th place

6alex9 open-shoved for 85,756 and Gunslinger3 re-shoved for 134,870 and everyone got out of the way during a battle of two baby stacks. 6alex9 took Aces into battle against the Gunslinger3 in a shootout at high noon. The results were deadly.

6alex9: A♦A♥4♥4♠
Gunslinger3: A♣K♣6♦3♦

The board ran out Q♣6♥5♥9♣6♠. Without a qualifying low, Gunslinger3 won the pot with trip sixes. 6alex9's Aces were cracked and his two pair were no good. For a seventh-place performance, 6alex9 won $8,523.00.

With six remaining, PAARTYPAN held the lead with 1.3 million, while Gunslinger3 was the shortstack with 258K.

EdoTK eliminated in 6th place

EdoTK raised to 120,000 jakubbos bumped it up to 360,000, EdoTK called all-in for 74,453.

EdoTK: A♣4♥4♦2♦
jakubbos: K♠K♥7♥5♠

The board ran out K♦T♠5♥3♥T♦. Without a qualifying low, jakubbos won the pot with a full house. He flopped a set of Kings and rivered a boat. EdoTK was knocked out and finished in sixth place, which paid out $11,364.00.

With five remaining, PAARTYPAN held the lead with 1.34 million, but jakubbo (1.18 million) and BAJ1EHOK (1.17 million) were right behind. P-Halt was the short stack with 451K and Gunslinger3 was near the basement with 581K.


David "Gunslinger3" Bach hung on as one of the short stacks for most of the final table. But the grizzled vet avoided elimination a couple of times and dodged several potential life-ending bullets that could have killed him. He patiently waited for his moment to escape the basement, and finally found a spot in which he went from the outhouse to the penthouse. He won a juicy pot worth 857K by dragging half the pot with an Ace-high flush and quartering the low with 6-4-3-2-A. In the ensuing orbit, gunslinger3 won a couple of small pots and finally pushed over 1 million. At that point, he was second in chips behind jakubbo 's 1.1 million.

The short stack held 790K and approximately 300K separated the best and worst stack. The final five they decided to look at the numbers for a potential chop. Action was paused briefly to discuss a deal. However, jakubbo wanted $35,000 for holding the chip lead and shot down the ICM number ($32,409 for first). When jakubbo asked for 10% more than originally offered, Gunslinger3 declined his counteroffer. Negotiations ended and play resumed without a deal.

BAJ1EHOK eliminated in 5th place

BAJ1EHOK min-raised to 100,000, PAARTYPAN bumped it to 375,000, BAJ1EHOK four-bet shoved for 751,675, and PAARTYPAN called.

BAJ1EHOK: A♦K♠2♦2♠

The board ran out A♣J♣7♦7♥3♣. PAARTYPAN flopped two two pair and scooped the pot with a 7-4-3-2-A low. Russia's BAJ1EHOK mustered up a smaller two pair -- Aces and Sevens -- and busted out in fifth place, which paid out $14,318.64.

With four to go, PAARTYPAN improved to 2.1 million, while the other three were almost even in chips: jakubbos (917K), Gunslinger3 (852K), and P-Halt (840K).


Action was paused again while final four discussed a deal that had to include $4,000 left on the table to the champion. A lengthy debate raged for 20+ minutes and the final four could not agree on anything. Gunslinger3 lobbied heavily for ICM numbers, while PAARTYPAN was in favor of a chip chop. It was a tense stand-off and no one would budge.

"I can't come off ICM on principle," explained Gunslinger3.

Unable to meet on any middle ground, the deal negotiations fizzled out for a second time within an hour. Play resumed without a deal.

PAARTYPAN was the leader with over 2 million, but quickly coughed up the lead. It took an hour, but Gunslinger3 finally seized the top spot after winning a massive pot. Gunslinger chipped up to 1.62 million with an Ace-high flush holding A♥Q♠7♥3♠ against PAARTYPAN's A♠K♣3♦2♠'s when the board ran out K♥J♦2♥Q♥6♦.

P-Halt eliminated in 4th place

It took several levels before another elimination after an exhausting stint of four-handed play. jakubbos opened to 240,000, P-Halt bombed it all-in for 381,238, and jakubbos called.

jakubbos: A♣K♦K♥9♣
P-Halt: A♥5♣3♣3♦

The board ran out 9♦8♠4♦J♠T♣. Without a qualifying low, jakubbos won the pot with a pair of Kings. P-Halt was sent packing in fourth place, but received a hefty payday worth $20,597.25.

With three to go, Gunslinger3 sat atop of the big stack with 2.25 million. In second place was jakubbos with 1.65 million, while PAARTYPAN brought up the rear with almost 826K.

PAARTYPAN eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed did not last long before PAARTYPAN exited. jakubbos min-raised to 160,000, PAARTYPAN potted to 520,000, jakubbos re-raised to 880,000, PAARTYPAN called all-in for 225,903.

jakubbos: A♠J♣6♠2♠

The board finished up T♣5♦3♠4♣7♣. PAARTYPAN flopped a gutshot and top pair, but could only muster up two pair -- tens and sevens -- and a low of 7-5-4-3-A. However, jakubbos scooped with a six-high straight and the Wheel. Latvia's PAARTYPAN earned $27,557.70 for third place.

HEADS-UP: Gunslinger3 (Panama) vs. jakubbos (Poland)
Seat 2: Gunslinger3 (1,934,248 in chips)
Seat 9: jakubbos (2,800,752 in chips)

With two remaining, Gunslinger3 trailed 2.8M to 1.9M. The deficit did not deter him. Gunslinger3 won the first four hands of heads-up and the last three of the tournament. In ten hands it would be all over.

The second hand of heads-up was a decisive hand that thrust Gunslinger3 in position to win it all. Gunslinger avoided an elimination and scooped a pot in excess of 4.1 million. His A♠Q♠8♣8♠ bested jakubbos' 6♦5♣4♥3♣ when the board ran out Q♥6♠3♠8♥5♠. Although jakubbos had two pair and a 8-6-5-4-3 low, it failed to beat Gunslinger3's Ace-high flush and 8-6-5-3-A low. After the soul-crushing blow, jakubbos was left with 585K.

jakubbos eliminated in 2nd place; David "Gunslinger3" Bach wins WCOOP Event #21

It was clear that despite the exhaustion and fatigue, jakubbos was not going to go without a fight. jakubbos doubled up to over 1 million and was seeking another double up, but Gunslunger3 thwarted any attempt at a comeback by delivering a knock-out blow.

On the final hand... jakubbos min-raised to 160,000, Gunslinger3 raised to 480,000, jakubbos four-bet shoved for 1,093,008, and Gunslinger3 called.

Gunslinger3: A♠J♥6♣2♣
jakubbos: A♣K♣8♠3♠

The board ran out J♠9♣7♦8♥J♦. Without a qualifying low, jakubbos could only improve to two pair -- Jacks and eights. However, Gunslinger3 flopped a pair of Jacks and rivered trips. He won the pot and the tournament after sending jakubbos to the virtual rail in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Poland's jakubbos took home $36,933.00.

Congrats to David "Gunslinger3" Bach. Not only did he ship WCOOP Event #21 for $51,138 and a cool champion's bracelet, but he also won a third "Grand Slam" event and his second major COOP event. With a Sunday Million, WCOOP, and SCOOP titles, he's only a TCOOP victory away from winning the "Triple COOP." He's also only one TCOOP victory away from becoming the first player in history to win the prestigious PokerStars Stars Grand Slam.

You can view the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

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2013 WCOOP - Event #21 $320 PLO H/L- Final Table Results:

Entrants: 947
Prize Pool: $284,100
Payouts: 126

1. David "Gunslinger3" Bach (Panama) - $51,138.00
2. jakubbos (Poland) - $56,933.00
3. PAARTYPAN (Latvia) - $27,557.00
4. P-Halt (New Zealand) - $20,597.25
5. BAJ1EHOK (Russia) - $14,318.64
6. EdoTK (Sweden) - $11,364.00
7. 6alex9 (Austria) - $8,523.00
8. raulbcn (United Kingdon - $5,682.00
9. munchenHB (Cyprus) - $3,409.20

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