WCOOP 2013: Former Sunday Million winner mypokerf victorious in Event #39 $215 NL [6-Max, 10-minute levels]

The spotlight was not new to mypokerf. In April 2012, mypokerf took down the Sunday Million (for $210K payday). Now, you can add a WCOOP bracelet to mypokerf's impressive resume. After winning both the Sunday Million and a WCOOP event, Russia's mypokerf only needs victories in SCOOP and TCOOP to become the first-ever PokerStars Grand Slam champion.

The architects of WCOOP are always trying to mix things up. Event #39 included an interesting twist to the usual 6-max event. The typical level during WCOOP is 20 minutes, but Event #39 levels were 10 minutes, or a 50% reduction in level time which gave this tournament an accelerated and turbo-charged atmosphere.

Event #39 attracted 2,923 runners who created a prize pool worth $584,600. The top 390 places paid out with $92,075.15 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros taking a shot at a WCOOP bracelet included Chris Moneymaker, ElkY, João 'Jomane' Nunes, George Danzer, Alex Kravchenko, Eugene Katchalov, Max Lykov, Henrique Pinho, Vanessa Rousso, Jonathan Duhamel, Matthias De Muelder, Chris De Muelder, Lex Veldhuis, Marcin Horecki, and Liv Boeree. PokerStars Team Online grinding out this event included nanonoko, nkeyno, shaniac, mement_mori, Jorj95, talonchick, and DaWarsaw.

The only notables who cashed in Event #39 were Team Pro Humberto Brenes (93rd) and Team Online Randy "nanonoko" Lew (302nd). nanonoko ran 5♠5♦ into Yurec1707's Q♠Q♥. The board finished up K♣6♠2♦7♣2♠ and nanonoki busted in 302nd place.

With 100 players remaining, the Godfather of Latin American poker Humberto Brenes found himself as one of the short stacks. The Team Pro from Costa Rica failed to mount a comeback and busted out in 93rd place. When action was folded to Brenes on the button, he shoved for 41,140 and gray31 called from the big blind. Brenes was in deep trouble with 6♣5♣ against gray31's A♣6♦. The board ran out Q♦4♥2♣A♥2♦. Brenes flopped a gutshot, but he never got there. gray31 won the pot with two pair -- Aces and deuces. For 93rd place, Humberto Brenes took home $847.67.

Action went hand-for-hand with seven to go. Short-stacked puan29 took J♥T♥ into battle against maxigamer's A♥5♠. The board ran out Q♥Q♠8♥4♣8♦ and maxigamer won the pot with two pair -- Queens and Eights -- but with an Ace kicker. Argentina's puan29 bubbled off the final table in seventh place. With six remaining, the final table was set.


WCOOP Event #39 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: mypokerf (5,399,076)
Seat 2: KretscheKing (535,495)
Seat 3: Zealot_uK (3,460,662)
Seat 4: diplimatao (852,110)
Seat 5: Le Rififi (759,312)
Seat 6: maxigamer (3,608,345)

The final table commenced during Level 40. Blinds were 30K/60K with a 7.5K ante. Former Sunday Million champion, mypokerf, sat on the big stack with approximately 5.4 million, while KretscheKing clung onto the short stack with 535K.

KretscheKing eliminated in 6th place

The final table was barely settled before someone made an exit. KretscheKing opened to 121,200 and mypokerf called from the big blind. The flop was Q♣6♠6♥. mypokerf bet 100,000, KretscheKing bumped it up to 300,000, and mypokerf called. The turn was the J♦. mypokerf fired out 480,000, KretscheKing called all-in for 219,295. KretscheKing was ahead preflop with A♠A♥, however, mypokerf outflopped him with 6♦5♦ (and trip sixes). The 9♣ fell on the river. KretscheKing's Aces were cracked and he hit the road. Big stack mypokerf won the pot with trip sixes and vacuumed up more chips (surging over 6 million). Germany's KretscheKing became the first player to bust at the final table. For a sixth place finish, KretscheKing took home $10,446.80.

diplimatao eliminated in 5th place

Five-handed did not last very long before diplimatao made a quick departure. diplimatao open-shoved for 387,110, Le Rififi re-shoved for 631,812, and maxigamer called. Three-way with two stacks all-in.

Le Rififi: 6♣6♥
maxigamer: A♥8♦
diplimatao: Q♣9♥

Le Rififi was ahead with pocket sixes. The board ran out 6♠5♦3♠4♠T♣. Le Rififi flopped a set of sixes to win the main pot and side pot. Le Rififi doubled through maxigamer's Ace high and avoided an elimination. diplimatao failed to improve and busted with only Queen-high. For a fifth-place finish, diplimatao earned $20,461.00.


With four to go, mypokerf led with 6.2 million. Zealot_uK sat in second with 5 million. Le Rififi held onto third with 1.7 million and maxigamer slipped to the "shorty" with 1.5 million. Action was paused to discuss a deal. Both ICM and chip chop numbers were floated. Big stack mypokerf issued an ultimatum: "Chip chop or continue play, guys." After the short stacks failed to negotiate better terms, they agreed on the original chip chop numbers. They left $6,000 on the table to the eventual champion with the following terms: mypokerf ($85,829.94), Zealot_uK ($64,218.33), maxigamer ($43,337.60), and Le Rififi ($41,762.28). With a deal in place, play resumed.

maxigamer eliminated in 4th place

A quickie bustout after the deal. Shirty maxigamer open-shoved for 1,734,343, and Zealot_uK called from the big blind with A♦J♣. maxigamer was behind with K♦3♥. The board ran out Q♦Q♥5♦4♣A♠. Zealot_uK dragged the pot with two pair -- Aces and Queens -- and chopped up to 5.9 million. Alas, maxigamer failed to improve and headed to the virtual rail in fourth place, which paid out $43,337.60.

Le Rififi eliminated in 3rd place

Le Rififi opened to 542,500, mypokerf flat called, Zealot_uK bombed it all-in for 5,372,326,  Le Rififi called all-in for 3,698,512, and mypokerf called all-in for 4,406,662. Three-way all-in.

mypokerf: Q♥Q♦
Zealot_uK: A♣J♠
Le Rififi: A♥T♦

With two players all-in for their tournament lives... mypokerf lead with pocket Queens. The flop was K♥Q♠3♣. Both Le Rififi and Zealot_uK picked up Broadway straight draws, but mypokerf improved to a set of Queens. The turn was the 4♦ and the river was the 5♠, and mypokerf dodged two huge bullets. A set of Queens held up, and mypokerf won the main pot and side pot. mypokerf avoided elimination and doubled through Zealot_uK. Costa Rica's Le Rififi failed to river a straight and busted out in third place, which paid $41,762.28. Zealot_uK barely survived that hand and was crippled with approximately 420K left.

You can view this three-way all-in via the replayer:

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HEADS-UP: Zealot_uK (United Kingdom) vs. mypokerf (Russia)
Seat 1: mypokerf (14,191,836)
Seat 3: Zealot_uK (423,164)

With two remaining, mypokerf held an overwhelming lead. As expected, heads-up lasted a mere one hand.

Zealot_uK eliminated in 2nd place; mypokerf wins WCOOP Event #39

On the final hand, mypokerf opened to 2,240,000, and Zealot_uK called all-in for 265,664. Zealot_uK was way behind with T♣7♥ against mypokerf's K♦7♣. The board finished up K♠Q♣5♥4♠5♣ and mypokerf won the pot with two pair -- Kings and fives.

Zealot_uK hit the road in second place and earned $64,218.33 for a runner-up performance.

Congrats to mypokerf. First place paid out $91,829.94 plus a WCOOP champion's bracelet. After winning a WCOOP event, mypokerf now has two of four necessary championships that make up a PokerStars Grand Slam. If the Russian needs to bink both a SCOOP and TCOOP to become the first Grand Slam winner.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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WCOOP Event #39 $215 NL [6-Max] - Final Table Results:

Entrants: 2,923
Prize Pool: $584,600
Payouts: 390

1. mypokerf (Russia) - $91,829.94**
2. Zealot_uK (United Kingdom) - $64,218.33**
3. Le Rififi (Costa Rica) - $41,762.2**
4. maxigamer (Russia) - $43,337.60**
5. diplimatao (Russia) - $20,461.00
6. KretscheKing (Germany) - $10,466.80

** Denotes a deal among the final four players

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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