WCOOP 2013: From out of nowhere, Mariusflush wins Event #2 ($215 NLHE 6-Max)

It was business as usual in WCOOP as Event #2 came to a conclusion tonight, a textbook display of endurance and competitiveness in a comforting vanilla flavoured $215 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max format. It was Flush098765'S to win, then iñigovasko's, then wvoron81's and then Flush098765's again, before finally, after three hours of final table play, mariusflush took the title, the bracelet and a first prize of $115,347.31.

It was telling of how far down the list of likely winners mariusflush had been, that his share was actually fourth biggest from a four-way-deal. The biggest share went to wvoron81 ($137,276.22) in third, ahead of fourth placed iñigovasko (130047.94). The third biggest amount went to second placed Flush098765 (127,225.29).

WCOOP 2 - pic.jpg
WCOOP 2 final table

That jumble of numbers aside, mariusflush can congratulate himself on a careful performance and a well-earned victory, made even more impressive by that fact that that he was rarely in the limelight.

Here's how they lined up:

Seat 1. Mariusflush (Romania) - 9,967,062
Seat 2. Yryryryr (Portugal) - 3,223,414
Seat 3. Wvoron81 (Russia) - 11,632,650
Seat 4. JuliusMM (Lithuania) - 4,770,628
Seat 5. iñigovasko (United Kingdom) - 17,068,598
Seat 6. Flush098765 (Germany) - 19,197,648

Things started big, the two chip leaders Flush098765 and iñigovasko off the leash immediately in a pot that pushed Flush098765 up to 22 million. Flush098765 then put more stick about, moving up to 25 million as the short stacks did what they could to remain buoyant. yryryryr tried this, and failed, departing in sixth place when his kings were smashed by a regicidal set of eights.

As far as eliminations however, this would be the last for more than 80 minutes. But then the time in between was hardly idle. First there was a three-way all-in.

This brought mariusflush into the fray for the first time, almost level with the leaders briefly until Flush098765 regrouped, restoring his lead after a hand against iñigovasko. Occasionally he would drop the lead for a while, but only to restore it a few hands later.

If at first you don't succeed

Then there was JuliusMM, doing things the hard way at the other end of the chip scale.

JuliusMM's plan was to keep things simple, so simple as to be almost non-existent. He was like a man handcuffed to a chair, watching things play out in front of him as he wrestled back and forth. Every now and then his hands would come loose and he'd immediately move all-in, getting no takers. The handcuffs were then refastened and the process would start again.

This happened a lot.

In the course of yryryryr's departure and his own in fifth place, JuliusMM shoved 12 times, nine of which went without reply. Somehow, though his stack would never budge. He managed an opening raise on one hand, but it was a short lived luxury. Soon enough it was all or nothing again but his eight-seven of spades was no match for iñigovasko's ace-nine of spades. He caught a nine and that was that.

The lead changes again

Wvoron81 meanwhile heaved his stack into the chip lead by virtue of this hand:

When it came time to deal shortly afterward it put him in good stead for the biggest share.

wvoron81 - 22.7 million
iñigovasko - 18.7 million
Flush098765 - 17.4 million
mariusflush - 7.2 million

With numbers agreed play resumed. Looking beaten when measured alongside the others, mariusflush instead doubled up with a pair of eights when they overcame Flush098765's nines on a miracle river, becoming a set.

That excused mariusflush from iñigovasko's fate, a fourth place finish. INIGO was all-in with ace-jack but wvoron81's ace-king paired on the board, catapulting him into the lead with 36 million.

It was now Flush098765 who was scrambling to double up. Three unanswered all-ins helped, but they were insignificant when compared to what was coming next.

Wvoron81 was now beaten. Within minutes he would be out in third place, his set of fives lacking against Flush098765's full house.

Heads up

Flush098765 - 24 million
mariusflush - 39 million

From then on it was a case of keeping score. At times Flush098765 looked capable of recapturing the lead, and did so, only for mariusflush to take it back again. Soon enough the hand came along that would prove decisive.

Those kings would seal it. Flush098765 fired a few shots back, five all-ins which mariusflush dodged like a prize fighter would, letting his opponent wear himself out. Then, finding a pair of kings in the hole, mariusflush struck. Flush098765 turned over queen-ten to no avail. The title, and the bracelet went to mariusflush.

Congratulations to him on a terrific victory. How wonderful that there are 64 more of these events to go.

WCOOP 2013: Event #2, $215 NL Hold'em (6-Max)
6,622 entrants
$1,324,400 prize pool
840 places paid

1st place. mariusflush (Romania) $115,347.31*
2nd place. Flush098765 (Germany) $127,225.29*
3rd place. wvoron81 (Russia) $137,276.22*
4th place. iñigovasko (United Kingdom) $130,047.94*
5th place. JuliusMM (Lithuania) $37,546.74
6th place. yryryryr (Portugal) $19,866.00

* - denotes result of four-way deal

With events everything from Badugi to Stud, even Courchevel to Omaha, there's something for everyone in this year's WCOOP. Not only that but 11 events will feature guaranteed prize pools of $1,000,000 or more. It should prove the best WCOOP yet..

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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