WCOOP 2013: LukeFromB13 finally breaks through to win first bracelet with a victory in Event #54 $2,100 PLO [6-Max]

Luke "LukeFromB13" Staudenmaier got close once. He almost won a WCOOP event three years ago, but finished just short of the mark in third place. LukeFromB13 was hoping to finally get over the hump and with a major score. Luke has an impressive resume in both live and online play. He has a pair of six-figure live scores and three six-figure MTT cashes online, including a first place victory in the Sunday Warm-up. He also made two final table appearances in previous COOP events, including a third place finish in this same WCOOP event -- $2,100 PLO 6-max -- back in 2010. This time LukeFromB13 got close, so close that came from behind at the final table to get heads-up for the bracelet against Sweden's el_klonkador. When the dust settled, LukeFromB13 shipped Event #54 and emerged as the newest WCOOP champion.

WCOOP Event #54 PLO 6-Max $2,100 attracted 460 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $920,000, or almost double the intended 500K guarantee. The top 60 places paid out with $178,020 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros trying to grind out a WCOOP bracelet in this Event #54 included Johnny Lodden, Daniel Negreanu, Lex Veldhuis, Angel Guillen, Nacho Barbero, Marcel Luske, George Danzer, Theo Jorgensen, and Rino Mathis. Meanwhile, GodlikeRoy was the only member of PokerStars Team Online taking a shot at a potential WCOOP title.

Johnny Lodden busted shortly before the money, but he met his demise in 11th place when he got involved in an unfortunate hand. Lodden bombed it all-in preflop with J♦T♥9♠8♦ against Pylusha's A♥A♣Q♦4♦. The board ran out A♠A♦7♣6♠2♦. Pylusha flopped quads and Lodden was drawing dead. Quad Aces? Brutal.

With 12 remaining on the final two tables, Sweden's el_klonkador sat on the big stack with 850K. With 8 to go, el_klonkador became the first player to pass the 1 million chip mark.

With seven remaining, action went hand-for-hand with and superf1sh and Vichyn88 clung to dear life as the short stacks. Vichyn88 decided to make a final stand. All the money went in on the flop of A♠8♥4♠. Vichyn88 had a flush draw and gutshot with K♠9♥7♠5♣. Ledicus led with top pair holding A♥K♦Q♣Q♥, but caught running hearts -- the 3♥ on the turn and 7♥ on the river -- to win the pot with an Ace-high flush. Sweden's Vichyn88 was flushed out and unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in seventh place. With six to go, the final table was finally set.


Event #54 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: superf1sh (272,032)
Seat 2: el_klonkador (1,155,778)
Seat 3: N@T@L@T (848,147)
Seat 4: kimokh (1,048,689)
Seat 5: LukeFromB13 (358,684)
Seat 6: Ledicus (916,670)

The final table commenced during Level 29 with blinds at 8K/16K. Two players sat on stacks in excess of 1 million: el_klonkador (the chip leader with 1.15 million) and kimokh (in second with a shade under 1.05 million). The short stack was superf1sh with 272K. Also among the short stacks was LukeFromB13 from Canada, who final tabled and took third in this same event in 2010.

Superf1sh eliminated in 6th place

The final table played approximately a full level before someone met their demise. kimokh min-raised to 40,000 superf1sh bumped it up to 130,000, kimokh re-raised to 220,000, and short-stacked superf1sh called all-in for 55,380. kimokh held a slight lead:

superf1sh: Q♣J♥T♠9♥
kimokh: A♠Q♦T♥7♠

The board ran out J♦7♥6♦A♣3♠. superf1sh only improved to a pair of Jacks, while kimokh won the pot with Aces up -- Aces and sevens. For a sixth-place finish, Norway's superf1sh took home $31,280.00.

With five remaining, el_klonkador retained the lead with 1.27 million, but kimokh was right behind with 1.14 million, and Ledicus was lurking with 1 million. The shortest stack was N@T@L@T with 420K, and the Russian was hoping not to become the next player who got smoked.

N@T@L@T eliminated in 5th place

Ledicus min-raised to 50,000, N@T@L@T potted to 187,500, and Ledicus called. The flop was T♣7♥5♦. Ledicus bet 400,000, which put N@T@L@T all-in for 232,115. N@T@L@T was ahead with Aces.

Ledicus: K♥J♣T♦9♦
N@T@L@T: A♣A♥Q♦7♦

The turn was the 7♣ and the river was the T♥. N@T@L@T could only muster up trip sevens, which was not sufficient enough to beat Ledicus, who won the pot after rivering trip tens. For a fifth-place performance, Russia's N@T@L@T earned $48,760.00. That pot put Ledicus into the lead with 1.33 million.


With four remaining, Ledicus was on top with 1.33 million. However, everyone else was very close. LukeFromB13 was the "shorty" with 984K, while kimokh and el_klonkador held 1.13 million apiece. Action was paused for twenty minutes so the final four could discuss a deal. However, kimokh insisted on getting $130,000, or $14,000 more than the ICM numbers.

"LOL. Not going to happen," said LukeFromB13.

"You actually think you should get 130?" said Ledicus. "If you're serious, you're just wasting our time."

"All I play is Omaha," boasted kimokh.

"Haha. It's all I play," retorted Ledicus.

"Same here," added el_klonkador.

"No deal. kimokh is delusional. Let's go," Ledicus told Event #54 host Chris Moneymaker.

Negotiations ended without a deal. Play resumed.

DEAL 2.0? YES!

Despite chips flying all over the table and the lead passing hands several times, the final four were back where they started seventy minutes after N@T@L@T's elimination in fifth place. After three levels of play without a bustout, another potential deal was initiated by kimokh, who had originally killed the first round of discussions.

"Okay, I'll take the chip chop now," said kimokh. "You're right, it's gambling now."

Ledicus led with 1.32 million, LukeFromB13 was second with 1.3 million, kimokh was third with 1.04 million, and el_klonkador was last with 972K. Action was halted a second time for another round of tense negotiations that lasted almost 30 minutes.

The hot button issue this time was a problem with the ICM numbers. kimokh wanted $5,000 more, while el_klonkador wanted $3,000 more.

"I'm not giving up anything," said chip leader LukeFromB13.

kimokh counter-offered a request of only $1,000 to el_klonkador, but nothing for himself.

The discussion had passed its 25th minute and a frustrated LukeFromB13 caved in. "OK. I'll give $500, if you do Luke to get it done. Cause this is stupid."

The final four finally agreed on a deal. They had to leave $10,000 on the table to the eventual champion, but the terms of the deal were: Ledicus ($121,159.64), LukeFromB13 ($120,873.56), kimokh ($113,886.23), and el_klonkador ($111,100.57).

With a deal finally in place, play resumed and kimokh was working on his stand-up comedy skills as he typed into the chat, "Anyone? Side bet on who gets the 10K?"

kimokh eliminated in 4th place

Four hands after the deal, kimokh was the next player to exit. Ledicus min-raised to 80,000, kimokh re-raised to 280,000, Ledicus four-bet to 880,000, kimokh five-bet shoved for 1,002,324, and Ledicus called.

Ledicus: A♣A♥8♦5♠
kimokh: K♦K♥6♥3♦ 

The board ran out T♠9♠8♠9♦3♥ and kimokh ran his Kings into Aces. kimokh's two pair -- Kings and Nines -- were no match against Ledicus' superior two pair -- Aces and nines. For a fourth-place performance, Lebanon's kimokh collected $113,886.23.

With three to go, Ledicus improved to 2.7 million, while both Luke and el_klonk slipped to under 1 million.

Ledicus eliminated in 3rd place

LukeFromB13 opened to 180,000, short-stacked Ledicus shoved for 352,138, and LukeFromB13 called.

LukeFromB13: J♥T♣4♠2♣
Ledicus: K♥5♣4♥2♥

The board ran out K♦Q♠7♠J♣J♠. Ledicus made a final stand with two pair -- Kings and Jacks -- but that lost to LukeFromB13, who caught running Jacks to drag the pot with trip Jacks. Ireland's Ledicus busted in third place, which paid out $121,159.64.

HEADS-UP: LukeFromB13 (Canada) vs. el_klonkador (Sweden)
Seat 2: el_klonkador (1,839,992)
Seat 5: LukeFromB13 (2,760,008)

With two remaining, LukeFromB13 led 2.7 million to 1.8 million.

el_klonkador eliminated in 2nd place; LukeFromB13 wins WCOOP Event #54!

Heads-up lasted over thirty minutes. LukeFromB13 pulled away early and passed the 3 million mark, but he could not deliver the knockout blow... until play reached Level 36.

LukeFromB13 kicked off the raising war with a min-raise to 60,000, el_klonkador re-raised to 480,000, LukeFromB13 four-bet to 1,440,000, el_klonkador called all-in for 646,984 more.

LukeFromB13: A♦K♠K♣Q♣
el_klonkador: A♠J♦8♠7♣

The board finished up A♣9♠6♣K♥K♦. LukeFromB13 flopped top pair and a nut-flush draw, but caught running Kings to win the pot with quads. Yes, in an unfortunate hand el_klonkador flopped top pair and an open-ended straight draw, but did not have enough firepower to handle LukeFromB13's quad cowboys.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Sweden's el_klonkador collected $111,100.57.

Congrats to LukeFromB13, who finally won his first WCOOP bracelet and a first-place payday worth $130,873.56.

Check out the final table in the replayer:

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Event #54 $2,100 PLO 6-Max - Final Table Results:

Entrants: 460
Prize Pool: $920,000
Payouts: 60

1. Luke "LukeFromB13" Staudenmaier (Canada) - $130,873.56**
2. el_klonkador (Sweden) - $111,100.57**
3. Ledicus (Ireland) - $121,159.64**
4. kimokh (Lebanon) - $113,886.23**
5. N@T@L@T (Russia) - $48,760
6. superf1sh (Norway) - $31,280

** Denotes a deal among the final four players

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