WCOOP 2013: MauriceSch makes a splash in Event #23, $10,300 High Roller NLHE (8-max, 2x-Chance)

The first of three High Roller events on this year's WCOOP schedule kicked off yesterday. Event #23, a $10,300 8-max NL Hold'em 2x-Chance event, drew exactly the sort of star-studded field we're used to seeing in these tournaments. And why not? With a gradual structure and 30-minute levels, there's lots of value for that $10K buy-in.

Sam "tr1cky7" Trickett busted in 33rd place ($17,135) to end the Day 1 action last night, but Randal "RandALLin" Flowers, Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee, and Griffin "Flush_Entity" Benger survived the first day. None would make it through for a chance to play for the title. They were joined on the rail short of the final table by Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka (26th, $20,115) and Greg "gregy20723" Merson (12th, $59,600).

Peru's caipsa would leave in 9th place ($59,600), leaving these eight players to play out the final table:

Seat 1: uri1012 (517,010 in chips)
Seat 2: Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko (491,377 in chips)
Seat 3: Frenzuh (477,799 in chips)
Seat 4: OLD TIME GIN (863,338 in chips)
Seat 5: M.nosbocaJ (589,571 in chips)
Seat 6: Str8$$$Homey (177,017 in chips)
Seat 7: MauriceSch (831,029 in chips)
Seat 8: lasagnaammm (522,859 in chips)

WCOOP-23 ft.jpg

Blinds and antes were at 3.5K/7K/875 when the final began. OLD TIME GIN came into the day with the chip lead and managed to carry it all the way to the final table. Early on there the past Super Tuesday champion won a 321K-chip pot after getting three streets of value with top pair in a blind-versus-blind hand with Frenzuh, becoming the first player to cross the 1M-chip mark. But the leader dropped down to 821K shortly after the blinds went up to 4K/8K/1K, raising and calling an out-of-position three-bet from Germany's MauriceSch before the flop and then folding to aggression on the 9♠ 4♦ 6♥ flop.

Israel's uri1013, a past SCOOP winner, was the first player to face an all-in moment on Hand #26 after calling a small under-the-gun raise from past SCOOP, WCOOP, and Sunday Million winner Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko and catching a set with 2♥ 2♦ from the big blind on the 2♠ A♦ T♥ flop. lasagnaaammm, sitting in the small blind, had called and flopped top pair/top kicker with A♠ K♦ and check-raised all-in over uri1013's 104K bet on the 7♣ turn. The harmless 8♣ on the river boosted uri1013 to 683K chips total. The Israeli player then climbed over 800K on Hand #34 after flopping a combo straight-and-flush draw and catching one of the 14 outs on the river; the same card made a Broadway straight for Martin "M.nosbocaJ" Jacobson, so uri1013 was able to pick up a slightly bigger pot (272K total) thanks to being raised with all the community cards on the table.

Jacobson got all that back soon enough, though. Seven hands later, with blinds and antes now at 5K/10K/1.25K, he opened in the cutoff for 20K. MauriceSch was in the small blind and three-bet to 49.9K, sending the action back to Jacobson. He dipped into the time bank for a bit before emerging with an all-in bet of 317K, which MauriceSch called with 6♦ 6♥. Jacobson's 7♣ 7♠ was in great shape but immediately fell behind when the 6♣ 5♣ 8♦ flop gave MauriceSch a set. But the 4♠ on the turn gave Jacobson a straight, and the J♠ on the river gave Jacobson the 655K-chip pot.

It took until Hand #57, on the 6K/12K/1.5K level, before the final table saw its first elimination. Martin Jacobson opened the action with a middle-position bet of 27.5K before seeing past SCOOP and WCOOP winner Sam "Str8$$$Homey" Greenwood move all-in for 257K. MauriceSch dipped in the time bank but ultimately folded, sending the action back to Jacobson for a snap-call with A♦ Q♦. That was behind Greenwood's K♠ K♥, but the 9♦ J♦ 4♥ flop gave Jacobson 12 outs twice. The 5♣ turn wasn't any help, but the 5♦ on the river completed the flush and sent Str8$$$Homey to the rail in 8th place ($74,500).

Farewell, Frenzuh

Even though there were a few of decent size, most of the pots after that stayed relatively small not because of a lack of action pre-flop but because of a high number of folds after the flop. On Hand #80 the trend changed with the first pot worth more than 40 big blinds since Sam Greenwood's elimination, a 516K winner for lasagnaaammm against Frenzuh. The next orbit saw lasagnaaammm pick up three more pots (126K, 136K, and 300K) to climb into second place (896K) behind Martin Jacobson's 906K.

The pot Frenzuh lost on Hand #80 dropped the Canadian player to 334K, but unlike lasagnaaammm there would be no rebound. On Hand #103, with blinds and antes up to 7K/14K/1.75K, lasagnaaammm opened for 28K in early position and Frenzuh jammed for 313K on the button with K♥ J♦. Martin Jacobson re-raised from the big blind to isolate with A♣ Q♥ and was heads-up with Frenzuh after lasagnaaammm folded. The 4♣ A♥ 5♥ flop boosted Jacobson's chances further, and the board ran out 8♠ 2♥ to give him the 673K-chip pot. That eliminated Frenzuh in 7th place ($89,400).

No second WCOOP win for Kroko-dill today

The biggest pot of the final table so far came just five hands later:

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That 1.32M-chip pot gave lasagnaaammm the chip lead and dropped OLD TIME GIN into last with just 250K. The former leader stayed quiet for a bit, though, and managed to avoid being the next player eliminated.

Hand #117 saw Andrey Zaichenko open the betting for 32K in the hijack seat, leaving 365K behind. Martin Jacobson made it three bets for 72K on the button, which cleared out the rest of the field and prompted an all-in bet from Zaichenko. Jacobson made the call with A♥ Q♥, which was looking strong against Zaichenko's A♠ T♠, especially after the 6♠ 8♦ 5♦ flop. The J♠ gave Zaichenko a chance to stay alive via a flush draw, but the 5♣ on the river killed it and Jacobson walked with the 830K-chip pot. That ended Zaichenko's quest for a second WCOOP bracelet in 6th place ($119,200).

Down to four

Four hands after Mr. Zaichenko's departure, OLD TIME GIN was on the button with 8♦ 6♦ when the action folded around. The former chip leader jammed for 204K and got a call from MauriceSch in the big blind. The German player held A♦ J♣, which was ahead through the T♥ 5♣ Q♦ flop and had OLD TIME GIN drawing dead once the K♠ hit the turn. The A♣ on the river was a mere formality and OLD TIME GIN left in 5th place ($163,900).

The remaining four players were now stacked like so with the blinds and antes at 8K/16K/2K:

Seat 1: uri1013 (606,726 in chips)
Seat 5: M.nosbocaJ (1,599,747 in chips)
Seat 7: MauriceSch (853,713 in chips)
Seat 8: lasagnaaammm (1,409,814 in chips)

WCOOP-23 ft four-handed.jpg

The dynamic shifted pretty quickly. Hand #124 saw uri1013 limp in from the small blind and call a raise to 40K from Martin Jacobson, taking a flop of 8♦ K♠ 6♥. Uri1013 check-called a 40K bet there, did the same with another 96K on the 2♦ turn, and again check-called for 212K on the 4♥ river. Jacobson turned up K♥ J♦ for top pair, won the 784K-chip pot, and stacked up to 2.07M.

Left with just 196K, uri1013 was now on a mission to double up. Three hands later the Israeli was in the big blind and called a Martin Jacobson raise to 32K, along with lasagnaaammm in the small blind, to take a 9♦ Q♥ 6♥ flop. All three players checked on the turn card was the 7♥. This time lasagnaaammm led out for 38.3K and uri1013 raised to 112K, calling off the last 78K after lasagnaaammm re-raised. lasagnaaammm held K♠ Q♦ for top pair but was drawing dead against uri1013's flsuh with J♥ 2♥. The T♦ on the river gave uri1013 the 485K-chip pot and a new lifeline with 30 big blinds.

After dropping about half those chips over the next 50 hands, uri1013 doubled up again to 452K with A♠ 7♣ against lasagnaaammm's K♥ Q♥ - but with blinds and antes now at 10K/20K/2.5K, they were now worth just 22 big blinds. Just two hands later the Israeli player would chip up at lasgnaaammm's expense once again, calling all-in with T♦ T♣ after opening under the gun and being raised from the big blind. lasagnaaammm's caught top pair and a straight draw on the K♦ T♠ A♠ flop, but uri1013's set of tens was ahead and stayed there after the turn and river came 7♦ 3♦.

That pot gave uri1013 915K and dropped lasagnaaammm to a perilously low 111K. The player from Malta, who won the WCOOP 2nd Chance 06 tourney exactly one week ago and a $109 re-buy tournament just two days ago, doubled up to 313K on Hand #183 with A♣ Q♣ against MauriceSch's A♦ 5♥ to stay in the hunt. Not many opportunities for big pots came around for lasagnaaammm after that, but the rest of the table stayed aggressive and began to play more pots worth 20 big blinds or more.

Hand #218 saw Martin Jacobson lose a quarter of his stack after min-raising to 50K and having uri1013 move all-in for 540K. Jacobson called and turned up A♦ T♠; it was already behind uri1013's 2♣ 2♦ before the 8♦ 3♠ 9♣ flop, but the 2♥ on the turn sealed up the 1.1M-chip pot and the 7♦ officially gave it to the Israeli player.

lasagnaaammm was now the only player with less than a million chips, sitting at 455K, and on Hand #230 the rest of them went in the middle as an all-in three-bet from the small blind after Martin Jacobson raised to 50K under the gun. uri1013 called from the big blind, setting up a heads-up showdown between A♠ 9♥ and lasagnaaammm 's A♦ 4♠. The 6♦ 3♦ K♠ flop was harmless but the 5♣ on the turn gave uri1013 a sweat; the K♦ on the river was good for the 973K chips in the pot and to send lasagnaaammm out of the tournament in 4th place ($238,400).

uri1013 gets it in good

Talk of a potential deal quickly popped up at this point, as all three players were within five big blinds of each other - MauriceSch at 1.4M, uri1013 at 1.52M, and Martin Jacobson at 1.53M. Jacobson wanted $25K more than the ICM split, but the other two players weren't willing to give up more than about another $6K between them so the tournament continued.

The first big pot went down on Hand #248 between uri1013 and MauriceSch, who called from the big blind after the former raised to 50K on the button. Both players checked the 4♣ 6♣ 7♦ flop, and MauriceSch checked again on the Q♣ turn. uri1013 ventured a 50K bet this time, only to be check-raised to 152K; uri1013 made the call and the river came the K♦. This time uri1013 check-called a 279K bet but chose to muck after MauriceSch turned up 9♣ 7♣ for a flush to win the 987K-chip pot.

As it turned out, uri1013 would only win one more pot, an insigificant 161K on Hand #256. Just two hands later, the Israeli player picked up J♣ J♦ and jammed for 596K after Martin Jacobson opened for 60K and MauriceSch three-bet to 159K. Jacobson folded but MauriceSch made the call with K♦ T♦ before promptly catching top pair on the 4♥ K♥ 6♦ flop. Down to just two outs, uri1013 couldn't catch a break on the 5♥ turn and 7♦ river, leaving the tournament in 3rd place ($327,800).

Heads-up for the title

That pot gave MauriceSch a healthy lead of more than 30 big blinds going into the heads-up portion of the tournament:

Seat 5: Martin "M.nosbocaJ" Jacobson (1,765,033 in chips)
Seat 7: MauriceSch (2,704,967 in chips)

WCOOP-23 ft hu.jpg

The two agreed to talk deal once again, and this time they came to an agreement: MauriceSch would receive $493K, Jacobson $480K, and the remaining $40K was left on the table for the winner. With that out of the way they got back to work and on the next hand MauriceSch extended that lead. After three-betting to 159K following a Jacobson button raise to 60K and getting a call, the German player led out for 134K into the 327K-chip pot on the 9♣ 6♣ 2♣ flop. Jacobson called and then both players checked the T♦ on the turn. MauriceSch checked again on the 2♦ river and Jacobson, after dipping into the time bank for a bit, placed a bet of 432K. MauriceSch showed J♦ J♣, which was good against Jacobson's pair of tens with A♦ T♣ and gave the German a 3.46-to-1 lead.

Jacobson found himself all-in four hands later. After raising to 60K on the button with A♣ A♠, he called a MauriceSch three-bet to 159K and took a flop of T♠ 5♣ Q♣. MauriceSch led out for 118K, Jacobson min-raised to 237K before calling the German's all-in move with T♣ 2♣. Those 13 outs twice never came in on the 9♦ turn or K♠ river and Jacobson cut the deficit to just over 720K. Then on Hand #274, Jacobson narrowed the gap further with a 657K win via a pre-flop four-bet and an uncalled 199K bet on a 2♣ 3♠ 3♣ flop. Suddenly only 10 big blinds separated the two players.

Hand #279 was the beginning of the end, though. After raising to 75K on the button with A♥ A♠, MauriceSch bet 68K on the 2♠ K♥ 8♠ flop and Jacobson check-called. Jacobson led out for 195K on the T♠ turn and MauriceSch called, bringing the 8♥ on the river. Jacobson checked again, MauriceSch went into the time bank and eventually emerged with a 369K-chip bet, and Jacobson called only to muck when shown the aces.

Now at 1.32M chips, Jacobson would actually win 11 of the next 19 pots, but they were smaller on average than the ones won by his opponent. Hand #298 turned out to be the only one that really mattered, though. Jacobson opened for 70K on the button with T♣ 8♣ and then called when MauriceSch made it 179K to go, bringing a flop of 2♣ 3♠ 6♣. MauriceSch led out for 139K into the 368K-chip pot, and Jacobson made the call after dipping into the time bank for a few moments. Once again MauriceSch led for 199K on the A♥ turn, and this time Jacobson jammed for 878K. MauriceSch called pretty quickly with A♦ Q♣ and just needed to dodge a club on the river. Once the 4♦ arrived, the tournament was officially over.

Martin "M.nosbocaJ" Jacobson earned a $480K from the heads-up deal for finishing in second place. As for MauriceSch, the extra $40,000 on the table for the winner brought the German player's total prize after the deal up to $533,200 - a very nice prize for defeating one of what's likely to be one of the toughest fields in this year's series. Congratulations to MauriceSch for the win and a tournament well-played.

WCOOP 2013: Event #23, $10,300 High Roller NLHE (8-max, 2x-Chance)
276 entrants, 22 re-buys
$2,980,000 prize pool
40 places paid

1st place: MauriceSch (Germany) $533,200*
2nd place: Martin "M.nosbocaJ" Jacobson (United Kingdom) $480,000*
3rd place: uri1013 (Israel) $327,800
4th place: lasagnaaammm (Malta) $238,400
5th place: OLD TIME GIN (Canada) $163,900
6th place: Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko (Russia) $119,200
7th place: Frenzuh (Canada) $89,400
8th place: Sam "Str8$$$Homey" Greenwood (Canada) $74,500
* - denotes result of heads-up deal

Jason Kirk is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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