WCOOP 2013: Meet The Talented mr.MaxRipper

In both the written and cinematic versions of The Talented Mr Ripley the key protagonist, Tom Ripley, adopts another identity with which to profit at the expense of others. It's quite a talent, even if it does get mired in tragedy and battery. It's a skill - adopting another identity, not tragedy and battery - that mr.MaxRipper appears to have developed, too. The Ukrainian, who wishes to keep his real-life identity under wraps, won WCOOP-30 for $246,921.63 after a heads-up deal with Tomas "Luckymo32" Geleziunas.


Just a little holiday pic courtesy of mr.MaxRipper

That's quite some talent and certainly doesn't mean that he wasn't happy to talk to us. Far from it, in fact. The fulltime professional player said that there was only one way to sum up how it felt to make the final table and that was through the words of Kanye West, which has to be a PokerStars Blog first.

"It's amazing, I'm the reason,
Everybody fired up this evening.
I'm exhausted, barely breathing,
Holding on to what I believe in."

- Kanye West, "Amazing"

An amazing six figures
Quarter-of-a-million dollars is quite a score and will easily stretch to the motorcycle or trip to Maldives that mr.MaxRipper is considering as a treat to himself. It's taken a while for the turbo and hyper-turbo sit-and-go player to hit a score this large after five years of PokerStars grinding, but it might not be down to the poker alone. mr.MaxRipper attributes much of his success to healthy living and an improved diet, not to mention a healthy appetite for travel as can be seen from the pics sent to us.

"Eating healthy food and (playing) sports are the first things that you need to think about, because without a healthy body you can't live happy life. Cardio training is very important especially for people with a sedentary job," said mr.MaxRipper.

"I eat oatmeal almost every day, also brown and red rice, pasta of firm grades, and potatoes. I like fish, chicken, mushrooms, low-fat cottage cheese. Among vegetables I am eating tomatoes, broccoli and asparagus, salad and spinach, no fried food, all boiled or stewed. Once a week I eat beans and peas. No sugar, cakes or anything sweet, only once a week. Also I eat different nuts every day. Now I am in perfect conditions and feeling very good."


I'll just nip down and grab myself a little fish or two

You can't knock his commitment to the game. It's one thing checking back through your sessions every day, it's quite another to eat pulses and couscous at the expense of a big steak and a sticky bun. But that's the thing with the talented mr.MaxRipper, maybe it's all an illusion. It will probably be fast food and Metallica next week.

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