WCOOP 2013: mikexace exhausts opponents to win Event #36 ($320 2-7 Triple Draw)

WCOOP 2013 Event #36 was one of those special tournaments which draw a small but talented field. The game was 2-7 Triple Draw and the limit game is tough to master. 386 players paid the price to enter the tournament creating a $115,800 whichd more than double the $50k guarantee.

Only 54 of those players made the money and a few big names rode their short stacks to a min-cash including Bryn Kenney and Mike "SirWatts" Watson. It seemed Team PokerStars George Danzer was destined for a final table appearance but ran into some bad hands to drop down quickly in 13th place. Hand-for-hand play at the final table bubble lasted only 11 hands until Rebuy Roope was all-in with an 8-7 which was no good against jickgh_ty 7-6.

The action is six-handed and the final table had two with past success in large field PokerStars events, both winning their title in draw games as well. zxz_ was already a 2-7 Triple Draw champion during SCOOP 2013 while -Rebus1980- won a WCOOP title just a few weeks ago in Event #7 5-Card Draw. Both players began the final table with very few chips and needed help to win their next title.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: instigator85 (694,838 in chips)
Seat 2: jickgh_ty (516,542 in chips)
Seat 3: -Rebus1980- (92,659 in chips)
Seat 4: mikexace (195,695 in chips)
Seat 5: zxz_ (77,038 in chips)
Seat 6: Unkn0wn123 (353,228 in chips)

Limits: 6,000/12,000

zxz_ pairs up, eliminated in 6th

zxz_ came to the final table needing a lot of help to add a WCOOP title but could get there. Starting with 77k, zxz_ was blinded down to just 25,538 and it didn't take too many bets to get those in.

zxz_ raised under the gun which was called by Unkn0wn123 and mikexace in the big blind. mikexace drew three cards while zxz_ and Unkn0wn123 each drew two before zxz_ bet out again after mikexace checked and Unkn0wn123 raised the action to put zxz_ all-in.

zxz_ drew one card on the second and third draws but was unable to improve with 8♣7♠7♥5♠2♦ for second best. The 87 was drawing live as Unkn0wn124 stood pat with T♥6♠4♦3♠2♣ which was good enough for the win to knock out zxz_ in 6th place for $4,110.

-Rebus1980- runs out of luck, eliminated in 5th

-Rebus1980- has proven skills in draw games and the Russian worked a short stack to stay alive time after time but finally drew a second best hand to come up just short on a second win in the series.

-Rebus1980- was down to just a few big bets and raised under the gun. The bet was called by Unkn0wn123 on the button, jickgh_ty in the big blind, and they each drew two cards before checking around.

jickgh_ty then drew one card before betting out, -Rebus1980- drew two cards then called all-in, Unkn0wn123 called the bet after drawing two as well. jickgh_ty stoop pat on the third draw followed by -Rebus1980- and Unkn0wn123 each drawing one card.

jickgh_ty bet out once more to get a fold from Unkn0wn123 and showed 5♠8♥4♠3♥6♦ which was good enough to beat 8♠7♦T♣6♥2♠. -Rebus1980- did well to come close to a second WCOOP title but ended up in 5th place for $6,426.

Unkn0wn123 no longer unknown, eliminated in 4th

Unkn0wn123 began the final table third in chips but did not have much luck at all during their short stay. A chipstack graph would look like the most intense roller coaster in history with big hands, double-ups, and more of the same until Unkn0wn123 missed on the last one.

Unkn0wn123 was in the big blind for 1/3 of the remaining chips and the rest where in the middle before the first draw after a series of bets with mikexace in the small blind.

It was three cards for Unkn0wn123 on the first draw and then one from there on while mikexace drew one card all three times. Unkn0wn123 had a big draw but was only able to showdown with 4♥2♥6♦7♥7♠ while mikexace hit his draw big 5♦8♠3♣4♠6♣ to take the hand. Unkn0wn123 had an eventful final table but finish in 4th place for $8,800.

instigator85 causes some problems, eliminated in 3rd

Seat 1: instigator85 (558,985 in chips)
Seat 2: jickgh_ty (613,712 in chips)
Seat 4: mikexace (757,303 in chips)

Three-handed play began with similar deep stacks and it took more than 40 hands to play out before the next elimination. instigator85 ran into a series of six-digit pushed the other way until getting short with less than three big bets.

instigator85 raised from the under the gun, jickgh_ty put in a third bet before mikexace capped the betting to make it three-way to the first draw. jickgh_ty drew three cards, mikexace drew two, and the short stack instigator85 pulled just one.

Action checked around until instigator85 bet out and jickgh_ty raised which was enough to put instigator85 all-in. jickgh_ty each drew two cards while instigator85 stoop pat. Another bet/call from jickgh_ty and mikexace before each drew one more card.

jickgh_ty bet after the third draw to get a fold from mikexace and showed 2♦9♠3♦6♣4♥ which was good enough to beat the 4♣9♣6♥5♥T♦ of instigator85. jickgh_ty picked up a nice sized pot while instigator85 was knocked out in 3rd place for $12,738.

mikexace wins long heads-up battle to win WCOOP 2013 Event #36

Seat 2: jickgh_ty (984,697 in chips)
Seat 4: mikexace (945,303 in chips)

Less than 40k separated the final two players and they chopped the final two spots right down the middle and left $1,000 behind to battle over. Both players were leading the final table at some point during play but it was mikexace who would be the last one standing.

Even with just $1,000 remaining, the two players went at it for almost an hour and nearly 170 hands of heads-up play. jickgh_ty was running out of energy and mentioned going to sleep on more than one occasion. At that point he was making a lot of moves and finally was able to hit the bed.

mikexace had jickgh_ty all-in before the first draw when the shortstack drew three cards to one for the chipleader. The both drew one card the rest of the way down until mikexace showed 7♦3♦8♠6♠2♣ to best the T♠5♥8♣9♠7♠. The hand was good enough to give mikexace all the chips and the win in Event #36 for $20,649.

WCOOP 2013 Event #36 ($320 2-7 Triple Draw) Results:
386 entrants
$115,800 prize pool
54 places paid

1. mikexace (Portugal) - $20,649.20*
2. jickgh_ty (Iran) - $19,649.20*
3. instigator85 (Russia) - $12,738.00
4. Unkn0wn123 (Uruguay) - $8,800.80
5. -Rebus1980- (Russia) - $6,426.90
6. zxz_ (Ukraine) - $4,110.90
* - denotes heads-up deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in WCOOP