WCOOP 2013: monpie120 obliterates final table and becomes 4-Max champion in Event #25 $215 NL

Four-handed tables are not for passive players. You can try to run, but can't hide. With only three other opponents at the table, you're forced to play significantly more hands than a full ring table. Players could not relax and take a few hands off every now and then. No way. It was high-pressure poker played in the highest gear. These courageous 4-Max players could not pick and choose their battles. Every hand is battle at a 4-Max table and you're forced to fight for your tournament life with medieval hand-for-hand combat tactics in the short-handed trenches.

When the final table for Event #25 NL $215 4-Max was seated, two of the players had won major events on PokerStars -- Germany's busttard won a WCOOP last year and Canada's yadio won a SCOOP earlier this year. However, monpie120 (Netherlands) was not intimidated by past performances and accolades. monpie120 knocked out both players and prevented them from winning an additional COOP event. In fact, monpie120 busted every player at the final table en route to a victory in Event #25 4-Max.

WCOOP Event #25 attracted 2,789 runners. These four-handed specialists created a prize pool worth $557,800. The top 360 places paid out with $81,161.24 set aside to the eventual champion.

Several Team PokerStars Pros took a shot at a 4-Max WCOOP bracelet in Event #25 including Andre Akkari, ElkY, Marcel Luske, George Danzer, Jonathan Duhamel, Vivian Im, Liv Boeree, Johnny Lodden, Eigene Katchalov, Mikhail 'innerspy' Shalamov, Henrique Pinho, Angel Guillen, Matthias 'mattidm' De Meulder, and Christophe 'chrisdm' De Meulder. Team Online grinding their way to a potential WCOOP title included Grzegorz 'DaWarsaw' Mikielewicz, Pessagno, nanonoko, and mement_mori.

DaWarsaw went the deepest and cashed in 23rd place. Other notable PokerStars eam Pros who cashed in Event #25 included Jonathan Duhamel (104th), Vivian Im (116th), Andre Akkari (129th), and George Danzer (194th). Marcel Luske just missed the money when the Flying Dutchman finished in 386th place.

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23rd place for Team Online Grzegorz 'DaWarsaw' Mikielewicz

George Danzer is still seeking a rare Triple COOP, which he can achieve if/when he wins his first-ever WCOOP bracelet. Alas, the German pro cashed but bowed out in 194th place. With 624 to go Andre Akkari held the chipleader, but the Brazilian pro fizzled out in 129th place.

DaWarsaw went the deepest out of his fellow Team Online and Team Pros. At one point late in the tournament, DaWarsaw hovered in the Top 5 in chips with 32 to go. However, that would be the highest he'd get. DaWarsaw's stack quickly came under assault and he tumbled to the back of the pack. DaWarsaw finally met his fate in 23rd place. A raising war broke out preflop when monpie120 min-raised to 20,000, DaWarsaw bumped it up to 45,000, monpie120 four-bet shoved for 718,507, and DaWarsaw called all-in for 248,704. DaWarsaw was racing with A♠Q♦ against monpie120's 5♠5♦. The board ran out K♥T♣3♦4♦6♠. Although DaWarsaw flopped a Broadway gutshot draw, he failed to improve by the river and monpie120 dragged the pot. For 23rd place, DaWarsaw took home $2,565.88.

With 16 players remaining, Canada's yadio Canada was way out in front with 3.3 million, more than twice as much as busttard (Germany), who sat in second place with 1.6 million.

With 10 players to go, yadio was seated at one of the three-handed tables and lost a chunk of his stack and a 1.2 million pot when mr.salgado30 doubled up A♠T♣ versus yadio's 7♠7♣. Although yadio still retained the lead, the pack had caught up. With nine players left in the hunt, yadio chipped up to 5 million after picking off mr.salgado30 in 9th place when Yadio's 8♦8♥ held up against mr.salgado30' A♦9♣.

With five to go, the remaining players consolidated to a final table of five. It was the unofficial 4-Max final table and yadio held the lead with 4.8 million. blaaaaaah666 was the shortest stack with 1.2 million and wouldn't last much longer. Ireland's blaaaaaah666 bubbled off the final table in fifth place. yadio min-raised to 100,000, sillehund raised to 350,000, blaaaaaah666 four-bet shoved all-in for 469,133, and sillehund called. blaaaaaah666 was in trouble with T♥T♠ because sillehund woke up with A♣A♠. The board ran out 9♠9♦4♣3♠8♦. sillehund's Aces held up and blaaaaaah666 was out in fifth. The official final table of four was set.


WCOOP Event #25 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 2: monpie120 (3,923,755)
Seat 3: busttard (3,244,917)
Seat 4: yadio (4,497,903)
Seat 5: sillehund (2,278,425)

The final table commenced during level 39. Blinds were 25K/50K with a 6,250 ante. yadio sat on the big stack with approximately 4.5 million and sillehund held onto the short stack with 2.2 million. Exactly 50% of the final tables had at least one COOP title on their resume. Sitting third in chips was Germany's busttard, who was seeking a second WCOOP title after winning a bracelet last year. Meanwhile, Canada's yadio had won a SCOOP title a couple of months ago in May.

busttard eliminated in 4th place

After a lengthy spurt of four-handed action without an elimination, someone finally hit the rail. A raising war erupted when sillehund min-raised to 200,000, busttard shoved all-in for 2,004,427, and sillehund snap-called with A♣A♠. busttard was in dire straights with A♦2♣. The flop was 7♣4♠3♣ and busttard flopped a much-needed Wheel draw. The turn was the 2♠ and the river was the 4♥. sillehund's Aces held up and busttard was unable to hit a straight draw. busttard became the first player to bust at the "official" final table. Fourth place paid out $17,381.04. Germany's busttard binked a WCOOP title last year (almost exactly one year ago today), but was unable to replicate that feat.

With three remaining, big-stacked yadio had over 6 million, while sillehund was second with 4.2 million, and monpie120 hung on as the shorty with 3.6 million.


In one of the largest pots up until that juncture -- approximately 6.5 million -- yadio's set of Kings were brutally cracked by monpie120's K♣J♠ when monpie120 rivered a Broadway straight. yadio went from the big stack to the short stack (2.6 million). It only took an orbit or two before yadio rallied back and pulled almost even with everyone else's stack (ranging from 4.49M to 4.72M). Both sillehund and monpie120 were admittedly tired, so they suggested a money chop. However, yadio scoffed at the notion and suggested they play on without a deal.

yadio eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed was merciless. sillehund seized the lead and surged to over 6.66 million after shipping a pot with a full  boat. Meanwhile, yadio slipped back to the basement and made a final stand as a short stack. monpie120 min-raised to 240,000, yadio shoved over the top all-in for 2,064,123, and monpie120 called. monpie120 led with A♣7♦ against yadio's K♠9♠. The board ran out Q♣3♦2♣7♠3♥ and monpie120 won the pot with two pair -- sevens and treys. Canada's yadio failed in his quest to win a second COOP event. For a third-place finish, yadio took home $28,626.29.

HEADS-UP: monpie120 (Netherlands) vs. sillehund (Denmark)
Seat 2: monpie120 (7,486,448)
Seat 5: sillehund (6,458,552)

With two to go, monpie120 held a chip advantage around 1 million.


When it was three handed, yadio was the one player who refused to discuss a deal. With yadio out of the picture, the final two quickly agreed to chop up the remaining prize money. They had to leave $8,000 on the table to the eventual champion, but monpie120 locked up $62,020.14 and sillehund was guaranteed $60,523.12. Both players agreed and play resumed.

sillehund eliminated in 2nd place; monpie120 ships WCOOP Event #25

sillehund incurred two devastating blows after monpie120 dragged two pots worth around 6 million and jumped to over 12 million in chips, while a crippled sillehund clung to life with a mere 1.8 million. Despite the huge deficit, sillehund refused to give up, but it was a futile effort.

On the final hand... monpie120 insta-shoved all-in for 13,167,895, and sillehund called all-in for his last 577,105. sillehund made a final stand with Q♠4♣ against monpie120's K♥2♥. The board ran out K♣J♠5♠J♣6♥. monpie120 flopped a King and turned two pair. That was good enough to win. Alas, sillehund failed to improve and busted out in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, sillehund collected $60,523.13.

Congrats to monpie120 for winning Event #25 and earning a first-place pay day worth $70.020.14.

WCCOP Event #25 - $215 NL 4-Max - Final Table Results:

Entrants: 2,789
Prize Pool: $557,800
Payouts: 360

1. monpie120 (Netherlands) $70,020.14 **- $81,161.24 **
2. sillehund (Denmark) $60,523.12 **
3. yadio (Canada) - $28,626.29
4. busttard (Germany) - $17,381.04

** denotes a deal between the final two players

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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