WCOOP 2013: mr.MaxRipper tears through Event #30 ($1,050 NLHE)

Twenty-two hours. Fifty-two levels. It's a good thing this one was a two-day event. We're in the thick of the WCOOP now, the prize pools soaring to even greater heights as the series plays out its back nine. Event #30 was no exception, beating its guarantee by over 60% and drawing a who's who of the top MTT professionals in the game. Although many of those familiar faces advanced to Day 2, this event anointed another first-time bracelet winner as the Ukraine's mr.MaxRipper rode his final table chip lead all the way to the top.

Event #30, a two-day, $1,050 NLHE freezeout, drew 1,644 players and obliterated the $1 million guarantee, the prize pool topping out at $1,644,000. 198 places were paid with first place set to earn $275,370. 17 Red Spades entered, including Vanessa Rousso, Joe Cada, Nacho Barbero, Eugene Katchalov, Liv Boeree, Chris Moneymaker, and Jonathan Duhamel. However, ElkY was the only one to finish in the money, departing in 170th place.

Day 1 concluded after twelve hours of play with 96 players remaining. Fisherman903 topped the chip counts overnight and the top ten included three players that would go on to make the final table:

Fisherman903 313,712
kunkles28 276,948
joaoMathias 257,546
Reraiseallin 257,074
pablo9 x 252,120
bparis 239,600
SPEKTAH 231,405
jipvis 226,843
ShankingYou 226,698
djk123 220,677

Action resumed after a twelve-hour break and it took another seven hours of play to reach the final table. Along the way a number of familiar faces saw their deep runs come to an end including Stevie "stevie444" Chidwick (89th place), Will "molswi47" Molson (83rd), James "Andy McLEOD" Obst (68th), Nick "FU_15" Maimone (57th), Dan "djk123" Kelly (53rd), Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald (45th), Scott "SCTrojans" Freeman (26th), and David "davidv1213" Vamplew (19th).

Fisherman903 was down to less than ten big blinds, but picked up some crucial pots on the final table bubble, including a double-up with 9♦9♠ vs. Anjeyyy's 7♦7♥. Fisherman903 doubled to 1.4 million while Anjeyyy was left with 745,000. A few orbits later, Fisherman903 finished the job when his pocket sixes flopped a set against Anjeyyy's A♦K♠ and ended his run in tenth place.


FInal table chip counts

Seat 1: mr.MaxRipper (2,756,704 in chips)
Seat 2: luckymo32 (1,146,197 in chips)
Seat 3: BOOOMMMM (725,154 in chips)
Seat 4: Fisherman903 (2,299,830 in chips)
Seat 5: bparis (1,474,310 in chips)
Seat 6: dulek_jason (622,888 in chips)
Seat 7: hitthehole (151,023 in chips)
Seat 8: guth888 (2,270,384 in chips)
Seat 9: joaoMathias (883,510 in chips)

hitthehole hits the rail

Less than two weeks removed from his win in the EPT Barcelona Main Event, Tom "hitthehole" Middleton made yet another major final table. He arrived with only a bit more than three big blinds, but doubled to 455,000 on the third hand when his pocket eights held up against mr.MaxRipper's A♠K♥. Middleton, however, ran into a buzz saw two hands later when he open-shoved for 444,000 with K♠J♣ and ran into guth888's A♣A♦. The aces held and hitthehole's run came to an end in ninth place, good for $16,933.20.

BOOOMMMM and bust

On the very next deal, the action folded around to BOOOMMMM on the button. He open-shoved for 624,529 with K♦Q♠ only to have bparis snap-call from the big blind with A♠K♠. The ten-high board did nothing for BOOOMMMM and he exited in eighth place, earning $31,236.00.

joaoMathias jettisoned

With seven remaining, two players were hovering around the 15 big blind mark-- joaoMathias and dulek_jason. JoaoMathias was fortunate enough to pick up A♥A♠ and three-bet shoved for 675,000 behind guth888's UTG open. Guth888 called with A♣Q♠ and joaoMathias doubled to 1.46 million.

However, nearly half those chips moved across the table only minutes later, when dulek_jason open-shoved for 590,000 with A♠K♠ and joaoMathias reshoved from the small blind with A♦T♦. Although the 9♦8♦4♥ flop brough joaoMathias a flush draw, he blanked with the 6♠ turn and the 9♣ river and dulek_jason doubled to 1.26 million.

Down to 571,000 with the blinds up to 25,000/50,000, joaoMathias made a play for the blinds, open-shoving with 9♥T♥ on the button. Luckymo32, however, found A♦5♦ in the big blind and called. An ace hit the flop and joaoMathias was eliminated in seventh place, collecting $47,676.00.

guth888 gutted

Thus far, mr.MaxRipper had maintained a slight chip lead over his opponents, but blew it wide open on this hand. Mr.MaxRipper flopped a set of deuces in a three-bet pot, eliminating guth888 in sixth place:

luckymo32 takes out dulek_jason

Meanwhile, dulek_jason was quickly losing ground, his stack dwindling to 490,000 with the blinds up to 30,000/60,000. Dealt J♠T♥ UTG, dulek_jason open-shoved and luckymo32 called on the button with A♥9♥. Although dulek_jason flopped a gutshot straight draw, luckymo32's ace-high held, the board finishing 8♠7♥4♠Q♦5♦ to send him home in fifth place ($80,556.00).

Bparis eliminated in fourth, Fisherman903 sinks in third

Four-handed play dragged on for more than an hour, luckymo32 grinding his way into the chip lead with 4.6 million to mr.MaxRipper's 3.4 million. Mr.MaxRipper finally broke the stalemate early in the 50,000/100,000 level, when bparis open-shoved for 1.36 million from the small blind and he called with A♣6♣ in the big. Bparis's J♥8♣ did not improve and he departed in fourth place, earning a $111,792.00 payday.

Mr.MaxRipper maintained a narrow chip lead through the end of the level until luckymo32 flopped a set of fives and turned fives full vs. Fisherman903's aces and kings. Luckymo32 raked in a 3.95 million pot and moved up to 6.22 million in chips while mr.MaxRipper fell to 4.17 million.

Not a single pot passed the seven-figure mark before luckymo32 opened for 330,700 with pocket tens and Fisherman903 shoved for 2.1 million with A♠3♣ in the big blind. Luckymo32 called and his pocket pair held up on the Q♣4♣2♣8♦J♠ board, sending Fisherman903 to the rail in third place ($152,070.00)

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: mr.MaxRipper (2,915,941 in chips)
Seat 2: luckymo32 (9,414,059 in chips)

As heads-up play commenced, an onscreen message informed both players that dealing would pause on the next hand to allow for deal discussions. One hand was all mr.MaxRipper needed to erase luckymo32's 3 to 1 chip lead. All the money went in pre flop, mr.MaxRipper's 9♣9♦ flopping nines full of jacks against luckymo32's A♣Q♣.

Suddenly, mr.MaxRipper was in a much stronger negotiating position. Here's a look at the chip counts when the action paused:

luckymo32 6,498,118
mr.MaxRipper 5,831,882

Leaving the required $20,000 in play for the winner, a chip count chop awarded luckymo32 $229,838.37 and mr.MaxRipper $226,921.63. Despite his slight chip disadvantage, mr.MaxRipper tried to snag himself a bigger slice of the pie.

mr.MaxRipper: I agree 235 000 for me and 221 800 to you
luckymo32: lol
luckymo32: play in
mr.MaxRipper: and then play for a first
luckymo32: im insulted man

Mr.MaxRipper next offered an even chop, but luckymo32 wouldn't give up a shred of equity. Ultimately mr.MaxRipper relented and agreed to the chip count chop numbers. With $20k still in play, cards went back in the air.

Mr.MaxRipper quickly went to work and took a 7 to 4 chip lead when he checked back the flop with aces up and luckymo32 paid off his turn and river bets. Luckymo32 slipped even further as the blinds rose to 70,000/140,000, his nines and fives falling to mr.MaxRipper's queens and fives.

Down to 2.2 million, luckymo32 made a stand, limp-shoving on the button with A♠T♥... only mr.MaxRipper was lying in wait with Q♣Q♠ in the big blind. Luckymo32 couldn't find an ace and after more than 22 hours of play, mr.MaxRipper locked up the win.

Congratulations to the Ukraine's mr.MaxRipper, our newest WCOOP champion! He banked $246,921.63 for the win while runner-up luckymo32 earned $229,838.37.

PokerStars 2013 WCOOP Event #30 ($1,050 NLHE) results

Players: 1,644
Prizepool: $1,644,000.00
Places paid: 198

1. mr.MaxRipper (Ukraine) $246,921.63*
2. luckymo32 (Ireland) $229,838.37*
3. Fisherman903 (Netherlands) $152,070.00
4. bparis (Canada) $111,792.00
5. dulek_jason (Poland) $80,556.00
6. guth88 (Germany) $64,116.00
7. joaoMathias (Brazil) $47,676.00
8. BOOOMMMM (Germany) $31,236.00
9. Tom "hitthehole" Middleton (United Kingdom) $16,933.20

*= reflects the result of a heads-up deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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