WCOOP 2013: NikolasDLP proves he's not a man to mess with

Take a look at the photo below. It's not someone that you'd necessarily want to play heads-up. Oreo-cracking Teddy KGB from Rounders looks like a fluffy stuffed toy in comparison. NikolasDLP didn't want us to use his full name and, quite frankly, who are we to argue? You know, aside from respecting privacy and all that, there is the possibility that NikolasDLP could stop the PokerStars Blog servers from working just by growling at them.



Take a look again and see if you think whether this poker philosophy matches the 26-year-old man in the photo.

"To bluff, to bluff again and again, and when the opponent believes that you are totally crazy moron - to win ALL HIS CHIPS."

Story checks out.

NikolasDLP won $62,448 and a WCOOP bracelet in the heads-up event, which you can read about here. The Russian has been a fulltime player since 2009, which is when he packed in his IT job to focus on cash games. He discovered PokerStars a year or so later and ground his way up from the micro stakes to the $400NL games that he normally plays now.

"The WCOOP series is the most popular and prestigious online poker series in the world. I'm very happy that I managed to win a bracelet in one of my favourite disciplines: heads-up." said NikolasDLP.

If you're happy, so are we. No-one wants to see you angry.

Nikolas what?
DLP? What does that stand for? It sounds kind of reminiscent of DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) or maybe some acronym from Poker Tracker that we haven't heard of before; Donk Lead Percentage? Double Limp Punishment?

"I like to watch football, especially Spanish Primera, which is one of the strongest leagues in the world. Some time ago I was supporting Espanyol and their captain was a very interesting and technically gifted player, Ivan De la Penyo. The name Ivan is a typical Russian name and I chose my first nickname as Nikolas De la Penyo. It was a long time ago, I was 14-years-old. Some time after I reduced it to NikolasDLP and it hasn't changed since."

Although he's a regular grinder this win is by far and away his biggest tournament score, trumping the $8,500 he'd previously bagged, but it could get hoovered up sooon enough.

"I need some money to buy furniture to my new flat. I think that's all. Oh, almost forgot, i promised to buy my wife a new fur coat from the winnings," said NikolasDLP.

It's nice to see there's at least one person brave enough to tell him what to do. Mrs NikolasDLP, please put in a good word for us.

"Ι would like to say big thanks to my friend "prz68" for his help with translation of my answers. By the way he had a small profit from this tournament, because he bought a few percent from me. And also send greetings to all my friends, many of which was supporting me during the tournament."

Maybe we had it wrong all along. He's a friendly guy after all.

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