WCOOP 2013: No hold'em as multi-disciplined players win gold

Do you know who has won the most money in World Championship of Online Poker history?

Do you know who has the most WCOOP bracelets?

Do you know how much money WCOOP has awarded over the past decade?

Well, we have all those answers right here in one handy graphic (you can click on it to make it big).

Make it past that, and you'll see some interesting results from yesterday's WCOOP action.

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Tuesday was a fun day on the WCOOP schedule, because no one won a hold'em bracelet. No, Tuesday was all about the people who can play games you might never have, including no-limit five-card draw and...what? Courchevel?

Want to learn more?

Here are the two big results from last night (click on the headlines to read the full report).

-Rebus1980- survives long battle to win Event #7 ($215 NL 5-Card Draw)

463 entrants
$92,600 prize pool
60 places paid

1. -Rebus1980- (Russia) - $17,918.10
2. Gribnogrib (Russia) - $13,288.10
3. Parasol6Ka (Russia) - $9,954.50
4. UhhMee (Canada) - $6,852.40
5. Iral (Finland)- $4,907.80
6. AsjBaaaf (New Zealand) - $3,148.40

CaptainSmile grinning ear-to-ear with Courchevel victory in Event #8

Entrants: 745
Prize Pool: $149,000
Payouts: 96

1. CaptainSmile (Norway) - $24,333.51**
2. onmybicycle (Netherlands) - $23,718.99**
3. ocwiejka (Poland) - $14,900.00
4. hinuttaja (Finland) - $11,175.00
5. psholka (Russia) - $7,450.00
6. krzysiusts24 (Poland) - $5,215.50
7. MondSpieler (Netherlands) - $3,352.50
8. _Kristibrud_ (Sweden) - $2,235.00
** denotes a two-way deal

WCOOP continues today with a full slate of events. Visit the WCOOP schedule page for more information.

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