WCOOP 2013: paulwiter beats JC Alvarado heads-up to win Event #19 ($109 NLH)

There is nothing like a major No Limit Hold'em tournament on the weekend to bring out a huge crowd and that's exactly what WCOOP Event #19 provided. For the relatively small buy-in price of $109, the $750,000 guarantee was well passed over when 9,748 paid the price for a chance at the first place prize of $143,397.

The structure gave players enough room to make moves throughout the tournament as the average chip stack was about 50 big blinds at some points of play. Players needed to be solid at the game as well as capable of lasting out a tournament the took 14 hours just to reach the final table.

Among the leaders late in the tournament was 2009 SCOOP Main Event champion JC "PrtyPsux" Alvarado and he stayed that way to enter the final table as one of the top stacks. Russian kolesooo000 was getting blinded down and was the last eliminated on the final table bubble in 10th to put Alvarado in a position to add a WCOOP title to his list of accomplishments.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Snoopaman81 (2,425,564 in chips)
Seat 2: TAquinas (6,108,753 in chips)
Seat 3: judgedredd13 (3,163,710 in chips)
Seat 4: ObdolBasss (4,256,704 in chips)
Seat 5: PrtyPsux (7,265,288 in chips)
Seat 6: Durrden (4,694,325 in chips)
Seat 7: M1ghtyDucks (7,754,432 in chips)
Seat 8: francoianna (7,578,818 in chips)
Seat 9: paulwiter (5,492,406 in chips)

Blind Level: 70k/140k with 17,500 ante

ObdolBasss gets low, eliminated in 9th

As expected with the size of the stacks, it took a good amount of time before the first all-in and call. ObdolBasss lost a big hand with 9♦9♠ francoianna's A♠J♥ to slip beneath 10 big blinds.

Snoopaman81 raised from middle position to 480,000 and ObdolBasss three-bet shoved for 1,208,959 total. The rest of the players moved out of the way and Snoopaman81 called with J♠J♣ and was up against A♠K♣.

ObdolBasss was looking to hit an over card but nothing good hit the 9♠7♣5♥ flop. The turn 3♣ was no help either and the gratuitous J♦ gave Snoopaman81 a set and the knockout. ObdolBasss was the first eliminated at the final table in 9th place for $7,554.

Durrden fights back, eliminated in 8th

After such a long run before the first elimination, it came as a little surprise that there was another on the next hand. There were a series of raises before the big move.

paulwiter opened from under the gun to 354,453 and JC "PrtyPsux" Alvarado called before Durrden moved all-in from the button for 3,486,230. paulwiter called from his early position and Alvarado let his hand go.

Durrden was in big trouble holding K♥Q♣ against the dominant A♣Q♥ but the 6♥5♣4♦ brought no help. The 8♣ turn produced similar results and the Q♠ gave them both top pair but Durrden was outkicked to be sent off in 8th for $10,722.

Snoopaman81 isn't Superman, eliminated in 7th

Snoopaman81 was the shortest stack at the table even with the knockout of ObdolBasss and took a big shot with a small pair for the double up. There was a moment of big hopes but they were crushed in what the kids call a suck-resuck.

paulwiter opened to 421,124 from early position before Snoopaman81 moved all-in for 2,406,171. Alvarado followed with a four-bet shove and paulwiter gave up his hand. Snoopaman81 was at risk with the small pair of 6♦6♠ against the Q♣Q♠ of Alvarado.

The 7♣J♥3♠ was uneventful but Snoopaman81 found the miracle when the 6♥ popped on the turn. The celebration was very short lived, however, and Alvardo returned the favor by pulling the Q♥ on the river. Snoopaman81 was looking at a much needed double up but was instead sent out in 7th place for $19,496.

francoianna not a fan of Broadway, eliminated in 6th

The action continued to stay hot despite the deep stacks and judgedredd13 made an interesting move that turned out to look pretty good while francoianna ended up on the bad side of a good flop.

judgedredd13 open shoved for 4,116,289 after two folds and found a caller in francoianna from the big blind. judgedredd13 was likely happy to see Q♠J♥ was racing against 8♥8♦. francoianna was a near 50/50 post flop but that changed quickly when the flop came out A♥K♥T♠.

Looking for some runner-rnner miracle, francoianna was drawing dead when the 3♣ hit on the turn to be eliminated in a tough hand. The 6th place finish was worth $29,244 added to the bankroll.

judgedredd13 sentenced, eliminated in 5th

judgedredd13 picked up the huge pot by flopping Broadway to eliminated francoianna but didn't hold on to them for very long after getting involved in a big 8-digit pot.

TAquinas opened to 500,000 from the small blind and judgedredd13 three-bet up to 1,078,555 from the big blind. TAquinas called the bet and they saw the T♥8♦4♣ flop. This caused TAquinas to check first and then raise all-in for 5,043,367 after judgedredd13 bet 1,000,000.

The bet was quickly called and judgedredd13 saw the big pair K♣K♦ was outflopped by the small blind special T♠8♠. judgedredd13 was drawing very thin and it only became worse on the T♣ turn and was eliminated in 5th after the blank 7♦ river. judgedredd13 picked up $38,992 for the long run.

M1ghtyDucks iced, eliminated in 4th

M1ghtyDucks wasn't in the danger zone but took a stand as the shortest stack at the four-handed table with a min-raise from the button. Chipleader paulwiter raised to 1,355,5000 from the small blind which prompted M1ghtyDucks to move all-in for 4,464,439.

paulwiter quickly called with A♦K♥ and was ahead of M1ghtyDucks with A♣6♣. Both players hit top pair on the A♥9♣5♣ but M1ghtyDucks also picked up a flush draw to go along with the under card. The 3♠ offered no help and the 7♠ ended the double up opportunity and M1ghtyDucks' tournament was over in 4th place for $48,740.

TAquinas gets unlucky, eliminated in 3rd

It only took three more hands before the final table played another big hand, this time waiting until the flop before all the chips went in the middle. TAquinas was mostly quiet over the last few eliminations but made a big shove at the wrong time.

paulwiter opened to 655,000 from the button before TAquinas three-bet 1,500,000 from the small blind and only paulwiter stayed around to see the J♥9♥6♥. TAquinas was first to act and moved all-in for 6,598,770 and paulwiter called holding top pair K♥J♠.

TAquinas was unlucky to be outflopped with A♥Q♠ but still had a chance with two over cards and the nut flush draw. Nothing changed on the 8♠ turn and the dream ended for TAquinas in 3rd place courtesy of the 3♣ blank river.

paulwiter denies Alvarado his first WCOOP title to win Event #19

PrtyPsux (10,929,156 in chips)
paulwiter (37,810,844 in chips)

JC "PrtyPsux" Alvarado began heads-up play at a significant chip deficit but quickly doubled up with A♦8♦ for paulwiter's J♦J♥ to get back into the game and the they began negotiations to chop up the top spots. Alvarado was behind 2-to-1 but still asked for a deal which gave him more money with $15k behind to battle over.

After paulwiter quickly turned down that offer, Alvarado made one last effort and also let his opponent know what he was up against.

PrtyPsux: 115 is the lowest I'll go. I'm one of the best all time.

Bravado aside, paulwiter once again turned down the deal and the two were back playing. Alvarado was losing most of the heads-up hands but suddenly found a huge double when his flopped trip fives were best against paulwiter's top pair.

That hand two in a virtual dead heat (24,246,624 versus 24,493,376) but Alvarado would not win another hand in the tournament. Just four hands after the tying up the match, Alvarado opened to 700,000 and paulwiter called to the 7♥5♠4♣ flop.

paulwiter led out for 810,000 and Alvarado raised to 2,200,000 which in turn was three-bet up to 4,665,000. Alvarado moved all-in for his final 22,096,624 which paulwiter quickly called after flopping two pair 7♦4♠.

Alvarado was dealt a monster pre-flop but was in trouble with Q♦Q♠ and looking for help. The 6♥ turn provided the former SCOOP winner with some chop outs but the dream of adding a WCOOP title ended with the 2♣ river.

paulwiter may lack the experience of Alvarado but is now a WCOOP champion after taking down Event #19 for $143,397.

WCOOP 2013 Event #19 ($109 No Limit Hold'em) Results:
9,748 entrants
$974,800 prize pool
1,260 places paid

1. paulwiter (Uruguay) - $143,397.49
2. JC "PrtyPsux" Alvarado (Mexico) - $104,791.00
3. TAquinas (Sweden) - $73,110.00
4. M1ghtyDucks (Croatia) - $48,740.00
5. Daniel "judgedredd13" Charlton (United Kingdom) - $38,992.00
6. francoianna (Argentina) - $29,244.00
7. Snoopaman81 (Germany) - $19,496.00
8. Durrden (Germany) - $10,722.80
9. ObdolBasss (Russia) - $7,554.70

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