WCOOP 2013: proctus with quick-fire victory and newest ZOOM champion in Event #18 $320 NL

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th. But with the ZOOM format, players did not have any time to worry about hokey superstitions involving the numerals in today's date. In the fastest WCOOP event this year, proctus survived a deep field in Event #18 $320 NL [ZOOM Turbo] and emerged the newest WCOOP champion.

WCOOP Event #18 $320 NL ZOOM attracted 2,539 runners. The total prize pool was $761,700. The top 324 places paid out with $121,872.77 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros taking a shot at a WCOOP bracelet included... ElkY, Vickey Coren, Vanessa Rousso, Liv Boeree, Martin Hruby, George Danzer, Eugene Katchalov, Mathia de Muelder, Chris de Muelder, Jake Cody, Jonathan Duhamel, Christian "El Grillo" de León, Richard Toth, and Nacho Barbero. Team Online grinding their way to a potential WCOOP title included... mement_mori, nkeyno, Pessagno, nanonoko, and talonchick.

With the ZOOM turbo format, if you blinked then you missed half the field. Late registration for Event #18 was only one hour, and in that period of time, almost 1,500 players were liquidated. Vanished! The entire tournament lasted a little more than four hours and twenty minutes. It took approximately only 100 minutes before the money bubble popped.

Several notables who cashed in this Zoom-ilicious event. Team PokerStars Pros making the money were Vanessa Rousso (127th place), George Danzer (185th place), Martin Hruby (235th place). A trio of Team Online cashed as well: nekyeno (30th place), mement_mori (38th place), and Pessagno (214th place).


30th place for Team Online Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara

George Danzer was seeking the elusive Triple COOP, but the Team Pro from Germany succumbed in 185th place. With 100 players to go, nekeyno and mement_mori were in the middle of the pack. However, the pack caught up and nearly swallowed them. With 40 remaining, both slipped to the back of the pack. Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen busted in 38th place and Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara was knocked out in 30th place.

With 27 players remaining, the ZOOM function subsided during the last three tables of the tournament, which played like a normal turbo MTT. Greece's proctus held the overall lead with 1.5 million, or twice as many chips as second place.

With ten players remaining, the final two tables went hand-for-hand. Greece's koyv4s made a stand with A♣5♦, but lost to BuffaloBear2's T♠9♠ when the board ran out 9♦8♦6♦5♠3♣. koyv4s flopped a straight flush draw, but whiffed. Alas, koyv4s bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


WCOOP Event #18 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: BuffaloBear2 (2,603,419)
Seat 2: mcmasterstar (2,607,509)
Seat 3: dopehead4 (1,119,565)
Seat 4: garompon (439,467)
Seat 5: Crackdel29 (2,045,616)
Seat 6: Elmagico19A1 (1,095,752)
Seat 7: shoozeentol (763,004)
Seat 8: proctus (566,588)
Seat 9: JaniOsmo (1,454,080)

The final table commenced during Level 42 with blinds at 50K/100K and a 12.5K ante. Sitting on top of the big stack was mcmasterstar, who was the chipleader by a slim margin over BuffaloBear2.

shoozeentol eliminated in 9th place

Living up to its ZOOM moniker, someone quickly exited the final table. Short-stacked shoozeentol open-shoved for 988,004, Crackdel29 re-raised all-in for 1,908,116 and everyone else bailed. Crackdel29 led with T♦T♣ versus shoozeentol's 9♦9♠. The board ran out K♣J♣5♦7♣6♦ and Crackdel29's tens held up. China's shoozeentol was knocked out in ninth place, which paid out $6,855.30.

dopehead4 eliminated in 8th place

Crackdel29 open-shoved for 1,812,489, and short-stacked dopehead4 called all-in for 98,131. Crackdel29 was ahead with T♣T♠ against dopehead4's Q♣8♠. The board ran out A♦5♠3♠2♦A♥. Crackdel29 won the pot with Aces and tens. Malta's dopehead4 busted out in eighth place, which paid out $11,044.65.

With seven remaining, mcmasterstar retained the lead with 3.3 million.

Elmagico19A1 eliminated in 7th place

Crackdel29 opened to 321,600, Elmagico19A1 shoved for 457,317, and Crackdel29 called. Coin flip. Elmagico19A1 trailed with A♣K♠ versus Crackdel29's 6♥6♣. The board ran out 6♦5♠5♦3♣K♣. Crackdel29 flopped a full house and shipped the pot. Elmagico19A1 hit the road in seventh place, which paid out $18,661.65.

With six remaining, BuffaloBear2 snagged the lead with 3.5 million.

JaniOsmo eliminated in 6th place

JaniOsmo open-shoved for 1,023,582 and proctus called. JaniOsmo was in trouble with J♥7♠ against proctus' A♠3♥. The board ran out A♦9♣6♠Q♥A♣ and proctus won the pot with trip Aces. JaniOsmo took home $26,278.65 for a sixth-place finish.

garompon eliminated in 5th place

One of the big stacks mcmasterstar moved all-in for 2,843,391 and garompon called all-in for 723,236. garompon took A♠T♣ into battle against mcmasterstar's K♦8♣, but the board ran out K♣J♦3♣3♦3♠. mcmasterstar won the pot with threes full of Kings. Alas, garomponbusted out in fifth place, which paid out $34,276.50.

Crackdel29 eliminated in 4th place

It did not last four-handed very long. In fact on the very next hand Crackdel29 was the next to bow out. Crackdel29 open-shoved for 2,516,687 and proctus called. Crackdel29 trailed with Q♣T♠ against proctus' 9♣9♥, but at least had two overcards. The board ran out A♦K♦4♣2♠5♠. Crackdel29 flopped a Broadway gut-shot straight draw, but failed to get there on the river. proctus won the pot after fading a plethora of outs. Crackdel29 was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $45,702.00.

The race for the chip lead was close with mcmasterstar sitting on 3.97 millions versus proctus' 3.94 million. BuffaloBear2 was the shorty with 2.2 million.

BuffaloBear2 eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed lasted only three hands. mcmasterstar bumped it up to 750,000 BuffaloBear2 re-raised all-in to 1,977,428, and mcmasterstar called. BuffaloBear2 was ahead with 9♥9♠ against mcmasterstar's A♥4♦. The board ran out A♠A♦7♦T♦2♦ and although mcmasterstar flopped trip Aces, he also rivered a four-flush to secure the pot. That's all she wrote for BuffaloBear2, who took home $64,744.50 for a third-place finish.

HEADS-UP: mcmasterstar (Canada) vs. proctus (Greece)
Seat 2: mcmasterstar (6,137,805)
Seat 8: proctus (6,557,195)

Although proctus held the chip lead, it was relatively close, especially with the turbo format and blinds jumping every five minutes. Although mcmasterstar suggested they pause the action to discuss a money chop, a confident proctus quickly shot down the notion by proclaiming, "i piss on u mate!!!!!"

The heads-up battle lasted a mere twelve hands. Most of the damage was done of the tenth hand of heads-up when proctus won a pot worth 11.8 million with A♦2♦ besting mcmasterstar's Q♥9♣.

mcmasterstar eliminated in 2nd place; proctus binks WCOOP Event #18

On the final hand, proctus led with 10.9 million to 1.7 million. It was time to make a final stand, so mcmasterstar shoved with Q♠6♦ and proctus called with Q♥8♣. The board ran out K♥5♣2♦J♣8♥ and proctus won the pot with a pair of eights.

Canada's mcmasterstar busted out in second place, which paid out $91,213.57.

Congrats to proctus (Greece) for winning Event #18. First place paid out $121,872.77 including a WCOOP champion's bracelet.

Watch the final hand in the replayer:

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WCOOP Event #18 $320 NL [Turbo, Zoom] - Final Table Results:

Entrants: 2,539
Prize Pool: $761,700
Payouts: 324

1. proctus (Greece) - $121,872.77
2. mcmasterstar (Canada) - $91,213.57
3. BuffaloBear2 (Norway) - $64,744.50
4. Crackdel29 (Portugal) - $45,702.00
5. garompon (Argentina) - $34,276.65
6. JaniOsmo (Finland) - $26,278.65
7. Elmagico19A1 (Netherlands) - $18,661.65
8. dopehead4 (Malta) - $11,044.65
9. shoozeentol (China) - $6,855.30

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