WCOOP 2013: Remrem123 takes center stage to win Event #14 ($530 NLHE 6-Max, Knockout)

Some final tables are dominated by a particular player, while others struggle to find a candidate for the lead role. When it came to Event #14 of WCOOP, however, there were three wannabies, each trying to catch the eye of whomever it was operating the spotlight. But eventually only one could win and move centre stage to take their ovation, in this case Estonian pro Remrem123.

As far as months go, September hasn't been a bad one for Remrem123, who may keep some of this newfound attention for the foreseeable future. He started the month with a second place in the Sunday Million, and now adds first WCOOP title. It almost sounds easy, but today he showed that it's no such thing.

The format was 6-Max, with a knockout element of $101 for each players eliminated. At the final were a cast of online pros looking for a little bling to take into the weekend. Here's how they lined up:

Seat 1. Vampyboy - 735,666
Seat 2. Sumrak -- 3,489,928
Seat 3. LottoMartin -- 1,785,112
Seat 4. Telefonkiosk -- 6,343,282
Seat 5. Remrem123 -- 2,491,824
Seat 6. BarnyStinsen -- 499,188

BarnyStinsen hardly had time to whoop to his success at reaching the final before he was all-in. It would be his only hand at the final table, shoving with ace-six but losing a race against Sumrak's pocket fives. That meant a stack of 4 million to Sumrak, who made it 5 million before the first break.

wcoop 14 pic.jpg
The final table begins with BarnyStinsen all in

Vampyboy was at this point the short stack but managed a double up against Sumrak when he caught an ace on the river. LottoMartin too was at the wrong end of the counts, but his attempts to restore order were this time put down by Sumrak, whose pocket nines got the better of LottoMartin's ace-jack, sending him to the rail in fifth.

Exit left

A hand later Vampyboy joined him, his tens undone by Telefonkiosk's ace-jack, a jack appearing on the flop. Suddenly play was three-handed.

There followed an hour of toing-and-froing as each player insisted on leading from the front.

Telefonkiosk - 7.3 million
Sumrak - 5.8 million
Remrem123 - 2.1 million

As Telefonkiosk and Sumrak tried to rule out Remrem123 from this equation, he struck, surprising everyone to grab the lead.

This hand changed the dynamic of the final. Prior to Remrem123's surge it had been a scrap between Telefonkiosk and Sumrak. Now there was a gooseberry in the mix. Telefonkiosk had an idea.

"Numbers guys?" he said. Remrem123 agreed immediately. But Sumrak remained quiet -- a deliberate ploy or had he simply not noticed? While they waited for his answer Sumrak retook the lead, the Russian quickly re-establishing his dominance.

"I ready to share," he said. Now Remrem123 and Telefonkiosk remained quiet. A deliberate ploy or had they not noticed?

Center stage

It's not unusual, this selective deafness. The hands were coming thick and fast, with each edging back and forth towards the lead. So Telefonkiosk decided not to take any chance and reminded Sumrak how to activate the deal option.

"I click," typed Sumrak. That was good enough for the others.

"Show us the icm deal," said Telefonkiosk, as if proudly walking up to the counter to buy a new pair of shoes.

"Okay, wait please," said host Randy "Nanonoko" Lew, who then presumably disappeared out back to see if they had his size.

Before they knew it they were each walking out with a deal worth between $94-96,000, leaving $15,000, and the bracelet, on the table to play for.

This financial boost freed up Remrem123, who bounded into a sizeable lead shortly after the break.

This put Telefonkiosk on the ropes, the stacks on either side of him gradually moving in to strip him of what he had left. His only option was to push, and he did, turning over ace-three. But Sumrak was waiting with ace-queen and flopped another queen. Telefonkiosk, who finished with the most bounties (14), got his "ggs" in before the last card had arrived. Out in third.

Stars in their eyes

Remrem123 - 9 million
Sumrak - 6.1 million

With the big blind 100,000 both players were deep enough to dig in. But by now Remrem123 had made up his mind that what he really wanted today was a WCOOP win. And so he extended his lead to 5 million, and then even more when his queens made a set on the river. All folds online look the same, but somehow when Sumrak clicked "muck" it appeared he knew the fight was over. Minutes later it was.

The spotlight rests firmly on Remrem123. Congratulations on a well-earned victory.

WCOOP 2013: Event #14, $530 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Knockout)
2,058 entrants
$1039290 total prize pool ($750 Guaranteed)
$831,432 regular prize pool, $207,858 bounty prize pool
264 places paid

1st place. remrem123 (Estonia) $110,572.10 (9 bounties)
2nd place. sumrak (Russia) $96,601.70 (7 bounties)
3rd place. Telefonkiosk (Sweden) $94,221.48 (14 bounties)
4th place. Vampyboy (Germany) $47,807.34 (11 bounties)
5th place. LottoMartin (Norway) $31,178.70 (11 bounties)
6th place. BarnyStinsen (Russia) $17,543.21 (11 bounties)

With events in games from Badugi to Stud and Courchevel to Omaha, there's something to interest just about any poker player in this year's WCOOP. And with 11 events sporting guaranteed prize pools of $1,000,000 or more, there's a lot of money on the line.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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