WCOOP 2013: RommyTheCute hits quick to dominate Event #48 ($215 NLH Turbo Knockout)

The last week of WCOOP 2013 is underway and Monday gave the players a quick tournament with big payouts. Event #48 was a $215 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Knockout tournament where each player had a $41.25 bounty on their head.

Players actually had a chance to profit on the tournament without making the payout portion of the tournament. lizet555 was one of those players and lead the way with 8 bounties for $330 but was eliminated in 562nd, which was 22 spots away from a cash in the tournament.

The tournament drew 4,076 players to create a $659,293 prizepool plus another $168,135 in the bounty pool. The tournament was only running for five hours before the players were hand-for-hand on the final bubble when there was a chance for a double elimination.

galatrixo was in a great spot to create an 8-handed final table when all-in with DreDik and Anywhat with dominating 9♦9♣ when both opponents held A9o. They both survived to make the final table when they spiked the A♠ turn to stay alive. The unlucky galatrixo turned into the final table bubble player on the next hand.

It only took a few more hands before the final table was formed and RommyTheCute had the chiplead followed closely by bootswild. Anywhat was short stacked but looking to add a WCOOP title to his SCOOP title this year in the Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max tournament. Like the rest of the tournament, the final table would be a fast affair by completing in just 24 minutes from start to finish.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: GANDI(FCP) (1,285,816 in chips)
Seat 2: kongolainen (736,132 in chips)
Seat 3: bootswild (5,211,043 in chips)
Seat 4: RommyTheCute (6,988,443 in chips)
Seat 5: Anywhat (1,878,746 in chips)
Seat 6: MaRLaCa_309 (810,716 in chips)
Seat 7: luchitoali (1,437,671 in chips)
Seat 8: Zabaleta1 (947,660 in chips)
Seat 9: DreDik (1,083,773 in chips)

Blind Level: 80k/160k with 20k

kongolainen finds an Ace, eliminated 9th

With so few big blinds on the table, the pace of play was not about to slow down. kongolainen was the shortest stack to make the final table and didn't wait long to get them all in the middle under the gun for 616,132.

Action folded around to luchitoali who isolated with a three-bet shove and they were heads up. kongolainen had to like to see any Ace with A♥4♦ to shove but it didn't last long as luchitoali opened up with A♦A♠.

kongolainen was a long shot to win the hand but picked up a backdoor flush draw on the J♥9♦5♥ flop. The 4♥ turn gave reasonable outs to survive but the K♣ river ended the hand. kongolainen had a chance at the double up but was knocked out first at the final table in 9th for $5,274.

luchitoali gets slick, eliminated in 8th

luchitoali picked up those chips from kongolainen with a big hand and picked up another just a few more hands later. The outcome was different this time around.

It started with an open shove from luchitoali in early position for 2,483,803 with big slick A♣K♣ and didn't find a caller until RommyTheCute in the small blind. They were flipping the virtual coin when luchitoali saw up against J♦J♠.

luchitoali jumped ahead in the hand on the 9♦2♣A♦ flop for the possible double up and the 8♠ did nothing to change it. It's a temporary, cruel game as the J♥ river gave the pot to RommyTheCute and luchitoali was set out in 8th for $8,241.

DreDik hits the flop, eliminated in 7th

DreDik began the final table with less than seven big blinds but survived long enough to climb the payout ladder before taking a shot to get further in the game. GANDI(FCP) raised to 500,000 from under the gun and it was enough to put DreDik all-in with a call. No one else joined in the hand and DreDik was ahead.

DreDik: A♠5♣

DreDik needed to dodge two live cards and still hit a tiny piece on the 6♠5♠2♣ plus a backdoor flush draw. The dealer didn't wait this hand until the river and delivered a Q♥ turn. No miracle on the river and DreDik was done in 7th for $14,834.

MaRLaCa_309 misses the wheel, eliminated in 6th

The final six players managed to go five entire minutes without a knockout until a big hand showed up to give the railbirds some drama. Zabaleta1 and MaRLaCa_309 were separated by just a few thousand chips before they both put them in the middle.

MaRLaCa_309 opened all-in for 1,752,682 with A♠5♥ before Zabaleta1 three-bet shoved for just 2,958 more with A♥J♠ and they were heads up. MaRLaCa_309 picked up a tiny wheel draw on the 8♥3♥2♥ flop but the 4♥ would do no good.

The 9♣ didn't change anything and Zabaleta1 hit the bonus J♣ to pick up the pot, knockout bounty, and a near double up. MaRLaCa_309 was quiet most of the final table, what short amount of time it was, but was knocked out in 6th place for $21,427.

Zabaleta1 doubles up then eliminated in 5th

Zabaleta1 did well to hit the double up but didn't stick around much longer when two premium hands were dealt. Chipleader RommyTheCute opened to 800,000 from the under the gun and Zabaleta1 shoved for 4,858,322. It was an easy shove and call from both players with Zabaleta1 holding J♦J♠ and RommyTheCute with A♣Q♥.

RommyTheCute took the lead on the Q♠T♠8♥ flop while also giving Zabaleta1 a gut-shot. The 2♦ turn was no help to either player and the 6♥ finished it up. RommyTheCute grabbed another bounty and Zabaleta1 was eliminated in 5th place for $28,019.

GANDI(FCP) gets flushed, eliminated in 4th

GANDI(FCP) was short to start the final table but picked up a few big pots along the way to stay alive and pick up spots. It took a runner-runner to end the tournament run but earned the extra payouts.

GANDI(FCP) shoved under the gun for 1,655,644 and bootswild reshoved on the button for 2,758,570 to get heads up. GANDI(FCP) needed to hit the board with A♥K♦ up against 5♥5♣ and found just that on the A♣8♣6♠ flop.

bootswild had a long shot for the knockout but the comeback started with the 2♣ turn. The runner-runner knockout was complete when the cruel Q♣ completed the flush for bootswild. GANDI(FCP) was unlucky but had to settle for 4th place and $37,909.

Anywhat gets turned over, eliminated in 3rd

RommyTheCute (14,224,146 in chips)
bootswild (4,047,574 in chips)
Anywhat (2,108,280 in chips)

Russian RommyTheCute was holding a massive chiplead and was using it very aggressively when open shoves until a caller was found. The penultimate hand of the tournament had another shove from the small blind and Anywhat found a big hand to call.

RommyTheCute: K♣9♠
Anywhat: A♦Q♥

Anywhat was live for the double up with the small stack but would still be far behind. The T♦8♣2♣ flop had Anywhat still ahead with Ace-high but the K♠ was a tough card. 2♥ on the river was not good enough for Anywhat and was knocked out in 3rd place for $54,391.

RommyTheCute dominates final table to win Event #48

RommyTheCute (16,957,426 in chips)
bootswild (3,422,574 in chips)

With the big difference in chip stacks and quick levels, it was no surprise bootswild was all-in on the very first hand of heads-up play to get back into contention.

It was an open shove for bootswild with 4♠4♦ and was racing for the double up against K♣J♣. The pocket Fours were very temporarily ahead when RommyTheCute added a flush draw on the 7♣6♦5♣ flop and got there on the 2♣ to leave bootswild drawing dead.

It was a classic 30-minute Turbo tournament with a six-digit payout to the winner. RommyTheCute dominated the final table the entire way to win Event #48 for $103,511.

WCOOP 2013 Event #48 ($215 NLH Turbo Knockout) Results:
4,076 entrants
$827,293 prize pool
$168,135 bounty prize pool
540 places paid

1. RommyTheCute (Russia) - $103,511.87 ($701.25 in bounties)
2. bootswild (Canada) - $77,137.28 ($660 in bounties)
3. Anywhat (Austia) - $54,391.67 ($206.50 in bounties)
4. GANDI(FCP) (Portugal) - $37,909.34 ($247.50 in bounties)
5. Zabaleta1 (Czech Republic) - $28,019.95 ($618.75 in bounties)
6. MaRLaCa (Andorra) - $21,427.02 ($288.75 in bounties)
7. DreDik (Belarus) - $14,834.09 ($247.50 in bounties)
8. luchitoali (Argentina) - $8,241.16 ($495 in bounties)
9. kongolainen (Finland) - $5,274.34 ($206.25 in bounties)

Al Rash
@PokerStars in WCOOP