WCOOP 2013: Toby "810ofClubs" Lewis Double COOPs it

I stole the picture below from Toby Lewis' Twitter feed because...

Well, damn it, just look at it. The guy is sitting in the dark, playing at the final table of a 2013 World Championship of Online Poker, and watching NFL football on a second screen. This is a boss play if I've ever seen it.

What makes it better? Lewis (known as 810ofClubs on PokerStars) went on to win the thing and his first WCOOP bracelet.


The only thing missing is a pint

This all happened a relatively short time from the day Lewis railed his buddy Thomas Middleton to victory at EPT Barcelona, a few weeks since he made the final table of a Super Tuesday, and less than two years since he won his first COOP title in the first running of the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker. He now needs only a Spring Championship of Online Poker title to be the first person to win all three COOPs.


Oh, yeah, and he won an EPT title a few years before that...

In short, the dude is a piece of work and he's getting a slow clap of admiration from the offices of the PokerStars Blog today.

Lewis' achievement last night was the sixth new WCOOP title awarded so far this year. Every one else picking up new bracelets did it for the first time. Here's a rundown of the big winners from the first few days of WCOOP.

  • WithoutNickk's wild ride ends in victory in Event #1, WCOOP Kickoff ($109 NLHE)
  • From out of nowhere, Mariusflush wins Event #2 ($215 NLHE 6-Max)
  • murvl works a miracle, wins Event #3 ($215 NLHE, $1.5M guaranteed)
  • Geggo08 dodges trouble to win Event #4 ($320 PLO)
  • Aduobe4 wins Event #5 (6-Max NL Shootout); Liv Boeree finishes in fifth
  • Toby Lewis charges to victory in Event #6 ($215 NLHE Rebuy, Turbo)
  • Ready to get in on the action? You can find a full list of upcoming WCOOP events and satellites on the WCOOP information page.

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