WCOOP 2013: veeea dominates final table to win Event #26 ($320 Seven Card Stud)

It was a small but talented field which bought into WCOOP 2013 Event #26. 390 paid the $320 price to play Seven Card Stud with some of the best at the game. They generated a $117,000 prizepool with a nice payday of $22,230 to the winner.

Brazilian Rafael "R_Caiaffa" Caiaffa has been having a good week in many different arenas and came very close to adding a WCOOP final table to start his week. He was among the shorter stacks with just nine players remaining, picked up a needed double, but was sent out on the final table bubble with buried Aces.

The final table still presented a very talented field without Caiaffa in the mix. WithoutNickk began the final table with the second most chips and looking for pick up his second WCOOP title after winning this year's first tournament. SunDancerSVK has four cashes during WCOOP 2013 including now the second final table of the series.

Eric "AceQuad" Brix has a big score over $250,000 to his account after winning the Sunday Million in 2010 and veeea has two (2) Super Tuesday titles plus a bonus FTOPS championship. Joe "floes" Serock was the biggest, most recognizable name at the final table and was looking to add a WCOOP title to his SCOOP victory from 2010 plus a pair of runner-up finishes in WSOP events.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: veeea (279,740 in chips)
Seat 2: SunDancerSVK (201,070 in chips)
Seat 3: WithoutNickk (299,646 in chips)
Seat 4: Tarjei82 (297,388 in chips)
Seat 5: floes (261,835 in chips)
Seat 6: Wing-Tsun (74,180 in chips)
Seat 7: AceQuad (342,295 in chips)
Seat 8: Saage (193,846 in chips)

Wing-Tsun loses early, eliminated in 8th

Wing-Tsun was one of short stacks battling on the final table bubble and put all the chips in the middle once it was formed with the elimination of Caiaffa.

The Austrian had just 74,180 and called with the 5♠ after AceQuad was the bring-in with 3♣, followed by just a call from Saage with 9♣, veeea completed with K♥ to create three-way action to 4th street.

veeea opened showing K♥J♥ which was called by Wing-Tsun with 5♠7♠ and Saage 9♣T♦. Wing-Tsun lead out on 5th after pairing up 5♠7♠7♦ getting a fold from Saage and veeea called with K♥J♥A♣ which locked Wing-Tsun to this hand.

Wing-Tsun bet again on 6th street showing 5♠7♠7♦J♦ and veeea put in one more bet with K♥J♥A♣2♦ which was enough to put Wing-Tsun all-in, there was a call and the hands were tabled.

veeea: shows (K♠)(8♦)K♥J♥A♣2♦2♥
Wing-Tsun: shows (6♠)(8♠)5♠7♠7♦J♦

Wing-Tsun was behind in the hand but statistically more likely to win with outs to the flush, straight, trips, and two pair. Every one of those cards giving Wing-Tsun a 55% chance of doubling all missed on 7th street with the 3♥. veeea caught the 2♥ for Kings Up and Wing-Tsun was knocked out in 8th place for $2,340.

Tarjei82 goes first to last, eliminated in 7th

Tarjei82 was among the chipleaders at the start of the final table but took a big hit shortly after the elimination of Wing-Tsun when SunDancerSVK took a 244,000 pot with buried Kings.

Tarjei82 hung in tough with only a few big bets by doubling a few times and took another shot by completing with T♥ after Saage was the bring-in with 6♣. Serock raised on the next position with 9♥ and Tarjei82 called.

Tarjei82 check/called showing T♥Q♣ after Serock bet his 9♥2♠. Tarjei82 then when the check/raise all-in option after getting T♥Q♣5♦ and Serock bet/called with 9♥2♠6♠.

Tarjei82: (A♠)(9♣)T♥Q♣5♦
floes: (9♦)(K♦)9♥2♠6♠

Serock was ahead with a pair of nines but Tarjei82 had plenty of chances to come back but 4♦2♣ left nothing but Ace-high was second best. Tarjei82 may have been the chipleader at the start of the final table but was run out in 7th place for $2,925.

Saage is wise, eliminated in 6th

As with most limit tournaments, most of the knockout hands are preceded by a bigger hand to drag someone's stack near the felt. Saage was sitting nicely with a big stack but lost near consecutive six-digit pots to be stuck with a stack smaller than the amount to complete.

Serock was the bring-in showing 3♦ and Saage moved all-in for the final 10,584 and was called by veeea behind with 5♠ while Serock let his hand go.
The cards were revealed and Saage was behind a pair fives with over cards.

veeea: (9♠)(5♥)5♠
Saage: (7♦)(9♣)T♥

Neither player improved on the run out as Saage was dealt A♦2♠4♠(K♠) for Ace-high and veeea's pair of fives was good. Saage was unlucky earlier at the final table and was sent to the rail in 6th place for $4,095. Not too bad for someone who claimed to have played very little Seven Card Stud.

AceQuad sees unfriendly 7th and 6th, eliminated in 5th

Eric "AceQuad" Brix has that big score to his credit but he was not having much success at this final table. Brix joined the final eight players with the chiplead but lost more big pots than he won.

Brix raised it up with the 9♦ before SunDancerSVK limp/raised showing 3♣ and was called only by Brix. The former Sunday Million winner bet out with 9♦K♥ and SunDancerSVK raised with 3♣5♦ then slowed down when Brix put in a third bet.

Brix bet again after pairing his nine with 9♦K♥9♥ and SunDancerSVK raised with 3♣5♦9♥ which put Brix all-in for his final 25,957.

SunDancerSVK: (3♠)(A♠)3♣5♦9♥
AceQuad: (T♥)(J♦)9♦K♥9♠

Brix was ahead with the paired nines but that lead quickly evaporated as SunDancerSVK went running pair cards with 8♠8♦ while Brix bricked with 2♥4♣ to send the former big winner out in 5th place for $5,850.

SunDancerSVK dances out the door, eliminated in 4th

SunDancerSVK moved over 300,000 with the knockout of Brix but those chips were eventually distributed around to the opponents, most chiplead veeea. SunDancerSVK came into the final hand with just 78,227 and most of them were in the middle before 4th street.

veeea was the bring-in with 5♦ and SunDancerSVK completed with Q♣ only to see veeea put in a raise. SunDancerSVK responded with a third bet before veeea capped the betting leaving SunDancerSVK with just 11,027. Those chips went immediately into the pot with Q♣A♠ and veeea called with 5♦J♦ for another showdown.

veeea: (8♦)(9♦)5♦J♦
SunDancerSVK: (Q♥)(6♣)Q♣A♠

veeea was holding four cards to the flush with three to come while SunDancerSVK's hopes were riding on a pair of split Queens. veeea hit the flush with the T♦ on 6th street while SunDancerSVK hit the 6♥ to keep hopes alive for the saving full house.

7th street did nothing the change the hand and veeea added to the chiplead while SunDancerSVK was eliminated in 4th place for

WithoutNickk without chips, eliminated in 3rd

Russian WithoutNickk was sitting as comfortably as one can get at a three-handed Stud table but lost a big 332,000 to pot to chipleader veeea with a straight to find just 67,058 behind.

veeea was the bring-in with 7♦ and WithoutNickk completed with J♦ after Serock folded. veeea raised it up with another bet, WithoutNickk fired out the third bet, and veeea capped the betting with enough to put WithoutNickk all-in.

veeea: (9♣)(Q♠)7♦
WithoutNickk: (T♦)(9♠)J♦

WithoutNickk picked up an open ended straight draw with the Q♦ on 4th while veeea picked up an over card A♠ to take the lead in the hand. The T♣ did not appear to help veeea and WithoutNickk did not improve with the 6♥ on 5th street.

veeea paired tens with the T♥ on 6th while WithoutNickk added flush draw to his outs with the 2♦. veeea had another knockout on the list of accomplishments for the tournament when WithoutNickk could only show a pair of ducks after the 2♥ on 7th.

veeea denies Serock to win WCOOP Event #26

veeea (1,366,189 in chips)
floes (583,811 in chips)

Serock was never able to get the Russian's chip stack under 1,500,000 and was deep in the hole after losing a 288,000 pot in the next to last hand of the tournament. Serock with just 151,000 and big bets of 40,000 and completed with the 5♠ after veeea was the bring-in with 3♣.

veeea check/called with 3♣K♦ after Serock bet showing 5♠9♣. Serock took the lead and bet after pairing 5♠9♣9♠ and veeea responded with a raise 3♣K♦A♠ which Serock called saving 27,811 for 6th street. He moved all-in after getting dealt 5♠9♣9♠4♠ and veeea called for the title with 3♣K♦A♠4♣.

veeea: (K♥)(5♥)3♣K♦A♠4♣
floes: (7♥)(8♥)5♠9♣9♠4♠

Serock was in trouble up against a pair of Kings and a gut-shot straight draw but had outs for the comeback. None of those appeared on 7th street as he pulled the Q♥ while veeea completed a wheel with the 2♠. Serock came up one spot short of adding a WCOOP title to his SCOOP win as veeea picked up the Seven Card Stud top spot for $22,230.

WCOOP 2013 Event #26 ($320 Seven Card Stud)
Entrants: 390
Prize pool: $117,000

1. veeea (Russia) - $22,230
2. Joe "floes" Serock (Mexico) - $16,380
3. WithoutNickk (Russia) - $12,285
4. SunDancerSVK (Slovakia) - $8,775
5. Eric "AceQuad" Brix (Mexico) - $5,850
6. Saage (Finland) - $4,095
7. Tarjei82 (Norway) - $2,925
8. Wing-Tsun (Austria) - $2,340

Al Rash
@PokerStars in WCOOP