WCOOP Challenge Series: DEHELLHOUND burns through Main Event field, wins $516K

The two-day World Championship of Online Poker Challenge Series Main Event (Event #8), a $2,100 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament, played to a conclusion on Monday with the 81 survivors from a starting field of 1,541 returning all with hopes of landing the eye-popping $516,235 first prize. That group would play for a little over six hours before one of them emerged as champion, with DEHELLHOUND of Singapore the one to survive and enjoy a huge payday to finish off 2013 in style.

Click here to read how Day 1 played out with TsubasaOO of Germany ending the day with a leading stack. And read on to find out the story of DEHELLHOUND's triumph.

From 81 to 18

Focus in the early going on Day 2 was on Team Online member Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra who'd found himself sitting just inside the top 10 when the day began.

For Coimbra the WCOOP Challenge Main Event represented more than just a shot at a single big score, but an opportunity to achieve what has been a year-long challenge of his own to spin $100 up to $100,000 over the course of 12 months.

Heading into the event, Coimbra had managed to amass about $61,000, meaning a finish of eighth or higher in this one would carry him over the $100K mark.


Team Online member Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra

The first hour-and-a-half of Day 2 saw the 81 returners play down to 38, with Tudor "a.S.e High" Purice (65th, $6,780.40), Joao "joao bauer" Bauer (54th, $8,013.20), James "croll103" Carroll (51st, $8,013.20), Daniel "w00ki3z." Cates (49th, $8,013.20), and Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko (47th, $8,013.20) among the eliminated.

Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen went out shortly thereafter in 42nd ($8,937.80), his last hand seeing him commit a stack of 13 big blinds with 7♦7♣ versus B4d3m3!st3r's T♦T♣ and fail to improve.


Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen

Meanwhile Carlos "Poeira4" Branco seized the chip lead for a while after knocking out Nur1ck in 62nd ($7,396.80) in a big hand that saw the latter all in with Q♦Q♠ against Poeira4's A♣A♥, flop a queen to take the lead, then watch Branco river a Broadway straight. Then jobetzu pushed up over 1.5 million and into first after using K♦K♣ to beat FaNjkEEE's A♠K♥ and end the latter's run in 40th ($8,937.80).

About a half-hour later less than 30 remained, with Poeira4 again having pushed into first position. That's when a hand arose that saw Coimbra reraise-shove a stack of almost 22 big blinds and the original raiser Yoo4 call.

Coimbra had A♠J♣ but Yoo4 held A♦K♥, and when the board brought no jack to save Coimbra his run ended in 29th for a $10,632.90 cash, leaving him still shy of his $100K goal with a little over a week left in 2013.

Soon 10 more fell, among them Karolis "g.karolis" Grybauskas (26th, $12,328) and Charlie "JIZOINT" Combes (24th, $12,328), and with 18 left UncleAnte9 had moved in front of Poeira4, having built a stack of more than 2.7 million.

From 18 to 9

It took another hour-and-a-half for nine more to be eliminated, with UncleAnte9 taking over the top spot and building a stack of more than 7 million.

xDTzx (18th), Xibummmmm (17th), Gracastle (16th) each earned $14,177.20 for their finishes. superkid-bam (15th), jobetzu (14th), and goleafsgo41 (13th) made $20,033 apiece. And Joao Mathias "joaomathias" Bumgarten (12th), TransSib (11th), and s00tedj0kers (10th) took away $25,888.80 each.

After a little over four hours of play on Day 2, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: UncleAnte9 (Canada) -- 7,309,262
Seat 2: Yoo4 (Russia) -- 1,380,588
Seat 3: babecallme (Finland) -- 1,517,742
Seat 4: Carlos "Poeira4" Branco (Portugal) -- 4,240,796
Seat 5: GM_VALTER (Brazil) -- 985,638
Seat 6: DEHELLHOUND (Singapore) -- 699,951
Seat 7: Face333X (Germany) -- 1,149,814
Seat 8: TsubasaOO (Germany) -- 1,073,442
Seat 9: lasagnaaammm (Malta) -- 4,757,767

GM_VALTER vanquished in ninth

Shortly after the final table began, the blinds were 30,000/60,000 when Carlos "Poeira4" Branco raised to 120,000 from the button, then GM_VALTER reraised all in for 909,388 from the small blind. It folded back to Branco who quickly called, turning over K♣K♥ while GM_VALTER was in dire straits with K♠J♦.

The 8♥T♣J♥ flop did bring GM_VALTER a pair and some hope for survival, but the turn was the T♠ and river the 6♣ and they were down to eight.

babecallme bounced in eighth

Four hands later babecallme min-raised from under the gun to 120,000, then lasagnaaammm reraised to 203,450 from the button. The blinds stepped aside, babecallme pushed all in for 1,134,467 total, and lasagnaaammm called.

It was T♠T♣ for lasagnaaammm and 9♣9♥ for babecallme, and when the flop came a sinister-looking 6♣6♥6♠ both players had made full houses. The T♦ on the turn then improved lasagnaaammm's already best full house to a better one, leaving babecallme needing the case six to tie. The river then brought the 2♣, and babecallme was done in eighth.

Double-KO sees Yoo4 and Face333K fall

Just two hands after that came a double-knockout to reduce the field suddenly to five.

The hand began with Face333X raising 2x to 120,000 from UTG, then Yoo4 reraised all in for 488,137 from the button. DEHELLHOUND reraised all in as well for more than 1.35 million from the big blind, and Face333X called all in with the 1,078,564 behind.

Face333X: shows J♦J♥
Yoo4: Q♠A♥

The board came 9♦2♦Q♣, then 2♥, then K♠, meaning Yoo4 had the lead on the flop but DEHELLHOUND stole it away on the river to knock Yoo4 out in seventh and Face333K out in sixth.

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TsubasaOO taken down in fifth

The blinds were still 30,000/60,000 when start-of-day-2 leader TsubasaOO open-pushed for 660,942 from the cutoff. UncleAnte9 called the raise from the small blind, but when Carlos "Poeira4" Branco reraised to nearly 1.5 million from the big blind, UncleAnte9 stepped aside.

TsubasaOO had 8♦7♦ and needed to improve versus Branco's K♠K♦. The 5♣3♦2♣ flop and 6♥ turn gave TsubasaOO an open-ended straight draw, but the 8♠ fell on the river and TsubasaOO was out in fifth.

lasagnaaammm cooked in fourth

Play continued with DEHELLHOUND, UncleAnte9, and Poeira4 all hovering just above or below the 7 million-chip mark while lasagnaaammm sat with just over 2 million.

The blinds moved to 40,000/80,000. Carlos "Poeira4" Branco raised to 160,000 from under the gun and both blinds called, lasagnaaammm (small) and UncleAnte9 (big).

The flop came T♦A♥5♣ and it checked to Poeira4 who bet 205,000. lasagnaaammm called, then UncleAnte9 raised to 720,000. Poeira4 folded, lasagnaaammm reraised all in for 1,853,017 total, and UncleAnte9 called.

lasagnaaammm: Q♣Q♦
UncleAnte9: A♦9♥

lasagnaaammm was behind with the queens, and after the J♦ turn and A♠ river just three remained.

Talking deal, then balking

The final three played on for a few more minutes then paused the tournament to discuss a possible deal with UncleAnte9 leading with about 9.12 million, DEHELLHOUND next with just over 7.28 million, and Carlos "Poeira4" Branco third with about 6.71 million.

There was still nearly $1.18 million left to be divided among the final three players. Both "ICM" and "chip chop" figures were produced, leaving $60,000 to play for in both cases. Also still up for grabs for the eventual winner was a $5,200 seat to the 2014 WCOOP Main Event and a customized commemorative money clip.

UncleAnte9 looked at what was being offered for the leading stack (about $384K for ICM or $389K for chip chop), then said "i want 400k." The other two weren't amenable to the idea of giving up anything, though, and soon cards were back in the air.

Poeira4 punched out in third

During the next stretch UncleAnte9 opened a wider lead against the other two, moving up over 11.3 million by the time the day's five-and-a-half-hour break arrived while DEHELLHOUND had about 6.73 million and Poeira4 just over 5.07 million.

A big hand would develop, however, that saw DEHELLHOUND making an all-in push for about 3.8 million on a river with the board showing 2♦5♥4♦3♥Q♦ and a little less than that already in the middle. After some time in the tank UncleAnte9 called with K♣6♥ for a straight, but DEHELLHOUND had K♦8♦ for a flush and had claimed the lead.

Not long after that hand, UncleAnte9 wiped out most of Carlos "Poeira4" Branco's stack in a preflop all-in confrontation in which UncleAnte9 had A♠K♣, Branco had 8♣8♠, and a king came among the community cards.

The next hand after that saw Poeira4 push all in for 296,764 over an UncleAnte9 button open and have both opponents call and check down to the river as the board came 3♦3♥9♥7♠K♣.

UncleAnte9 would bet the river to force DEHELLHOUND out, then showed K♠7♦ for kings and sevens. Poeira4 showed T♥T♣ to reveal he'd been rivered, and just two were left.

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DEHELLHOUND upends UncleAnte9, wins half a milly!

UncleAnte9 began heads-up play with the lead again with 12,362,704 versus DEHELLHOUND's 10,752,296. The blinds were but 50,000/100,000, meaning both players' stacks were deep. And with no deal-making talk between the pair, that meant the winner would be banking that full $516,235 first prize sitting up top.

They remained close to even for the next 20 minutes, then DEHELLHOUND pushed up to a big advantage after rivering a backdoor flush and getting UncleAnte9 to call a fifth-street raise. Just like that DEHELLHOUND was up over 20 million while UncleAnte9 had slipped to less than 3 million.

They pushed a while longer with UncleAnte9 falling further to about 2.33 million before the final hand took place.

The blinds were 60,000/120,000. DEHELLHOUND opened for 240,000 from the button, UncleAnte9 reraised all in for a little less than 10 times that amount, and DEHELLHOUND called.

DEHELLHOUND had K♣9♥ and was behind UncleAnte9's A♣9♣. But the flop came 7♦K♠T♥ to pair DEHELLHOUND's king, and UncleAnte9 was suddenly way behind.

The turn was the 3♦ and the river the 8♣, and it was all over. DEHELLHOUND had won the WCOOP Challenge Main Event and more than half a million dollars!

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Congratulations to Singapore's DEHELLHOUND for topping a tough field of more than 1,500 to win the World Championship of Online Poker Challenge Main Event and a huge $516,235.00 first prize, plus the $5,200 entry into the 2014 WCOOP Main Event next fall and a cool money clip as well!

WCOOP Challenge 8: $2,100 NLHE Main Event results

Players: 1,541
Prize pool: $3,082,000.00
Places paid: 198

1. DEHELLHOUND (Singapore) -- $516,235.00
2. UncleAnte9 (Canada) -- $377,545.00
3. Carlos "Poeira4" Branco (Portugal) -- $285,085.00
4. lasagnaaammm (Malta) -- $209,576.00
5. TsubasaOO (Germany) -- $151,018.00
6. Face333X (Germany) -- $120,198.00
7. Yoo4 (Russia) -- $89,378.00
8. babecallme (Finland) -- $58,558.00
9. GM_VALTER (Brazil) -- $31,744.60

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