WCOOP 2014: Back on the horse for NoraFlum in Event #42 ($320 HORSE)

Back in 2012, Mexico's NoraFlum won a WCOOP title. It was Event #41 of the series and was the $320 HORSE Event.

Fast forward two years.

We're at the 2014 WCOOP series, it's the corresponding $320 HORSE Event, and there's a familiar name dominating proceedings. Just like two years earlier, NoraFlum was an overwhelming chip leader, dominated the final table, and endured a tough heads-up battle to secure a second WCOOP title and confirm a place as one of the world's best mixed game online players.

Event #42 of the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker was a $320 HORSE event which attracted a strong field of 529 entrants to produce a prize pool of $158,700 that more than doubled the advertised guarantee.

Eugene Katchalov, Bertrand Grospellier and Naoya Kihara were a few of the Team PokerStars Pros in the field but they fell short of the money for the top 72 players.

When pekkuno bubbled in 73rd place, the remaining players had locked up $499.90 and there were a host of big names still in contention.

Mickey Petersen (69th - $499.90), Roy Bhasin (59th - $515.77), Paul Volpe (54th - $571.32), Justin Bonomo (40th - $833.17), Aditya Sushant (34th - $833.17), James Obst (22nd - $1,309.27), Dan Kelly (19th - $1.309.27) and Toby Lewis (18th - $1,309.27) were some of the notables to make a deep run before succumbing short of the final table.

It would take over nine hours before the final table would be formed. Limit Holdem brought the end for Piipboy in ninth place when top pair wasn't enough against Marto115's turned set of eights to see our final table as follows:


Final Table Line Up

Seat 1: Ulett_23 (54,940 in chips)
Seat 2: RolldUpTrips (331,405 in chips)
Seat 3: Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee (141,286 in chips)
Seat 4: Parasences (87,237 in chips)
Seat 5: Dosenpfand (218,202 in chips)
Seat 6: Marto115 (260,446 in chips)
Seat 7: Aftret (528,667 in chips)
Seat 8: NoraFlum (1,022,817 in chips)

There was a huge discrepancy in chips when the final table kicked off with NoraFlum over one million in chips, while Ulett_23 had just three over three big blinds when Limit Holdem kicked things off at 8,000/16,000.

Ulett_23 was able to spike an early double up with queen-jack rivering a queen to get past RolldUpTrips' ace-ten and gain enough breathing room to avoid being the first eliminated.

That honour went to Parasences. The game was Omaha Hi-Lo with Parasences' last chips all in on a flop of 2♠9♠4♠. Parasences held a monster A♥2♦K♦K♥ with the kings well ahead of NoraFlum's A♦5♣Q♦T♣. However the T♠ turn and 5♠ river brought an unlikely two pair for NoraFlum with tens and fives, and with no low for either player, Parasences was unlucky to be out in eighth place for $2,777.75 in prize money.

NoraFlum continued to surge, winning a big pot with a full house in Omaha Hi-Lo against Marto115, but things went a little better in Razz for Marto115, making a seven-low to double through RolldUpTrips.

That left Dosenpfand and Ulett_23 as the short stacks and the two went to war in a hand of Razz with all the chips in on fourth street. Ulett_23's board was looking grim with three sixes showing, but Ulett_23 managed to river a nine-low with Dosenpfand only able to show a queen-low. That meant that Dosenpfand was on the rail in seventh place for $3,967.50.

It had been a great comeback for Ulett_23, but the comeback would be brought to an end in sixth place. Again it was NoraFlum who did the damage, getting bets in on every street in Razz with a nine-seven low good to scoop. That left Ulett_23 crippled and next hand a queen-low wasn't enough to survive as NoraFlum made an eight-low to claim another victim. Ulett_23 is a former mixed game WCOOP winner, and another gallant WCOOP run here ended with $5,554.50 for sixth place.

NoraFlum had a commanding lead and wasn't slowing down as RolldUpTrips was next to join the rail. With the game over to Seven-Card Stud, RolldUpTrips was all in on third street with NoraFlum making the call. RolldUpTrips' board would run out A♥2♠K♦8♦2♣3♠8♥ for two pair, but NoraFlum revealed J♥J♦5♥A♦J♣6♦Q♠ for trip jacks to take it down. RolldUpTrips collected $7,935.00 for fifth place.

Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee hadn't been able to get involved too much, but he broke the momentum of the chip leader with the elimination of Marto115. The game was still on Seven-Card Stud with the action capped on third before the last chips were in on fourth. Marto115 showed A♣7♣6♣A♥Q♣4♦A♦ for a pretty strong trip aces, but ImaLuckSac opened K♥T♦J♠Q♠K♦2♠9♣ for a king-high straight to collect the pot. That left Marto115 to depart in fourth place for $11,902.50 in prize money.

NoraFlum had over two-thirds of the chips in play three-handed, but Aftret set about closing that gap, winning a nice pot in Seven-Card Stud with aces-up.

However ImaLuckSac wasn't so fortunate. With the game switching to Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo, the chips were all in by fifth street with ImaLuckSac unable to improve on a pair of queens with a Q♣2♥Q♠4♥3♠T♣8♥ board. NoraFlum showed 4♦4♣3♦8♦3♣Q♥9♦ for two pair to scoop and eliminate former EPT champ Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee in third place for $16,187.40.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 7: Aftret (735,024 in chips)
Seat 8: NoraFlum (1,909,976 in chips)

NoraFlum had a big chip lead but the heads-up battle was a pretty tight contest.

NoraFlum was winning a lot of pots but the bigger ones seemed to go to Aftret. A wheel in Omaha Hi-Lo saw Aftret scoop a nice pot to get up over one million in chips, but NoraFlum made a straight a few moments later to pull back those chips.

When the game shifted to Razz, Aftret got bets in on every street with an eight-low which changed the chip lead around, but Razz wasn't all good news for Aftret.

NoraFlum made a nice call down with ten-low to better Aftret's king-low, before NoraFlum won another nice Razz pot with an eight-low to regain control.

When the action moved to Seven-Card Stud, Aftret doubled through with kings and nines against NoraFlum's unimproved pair of fours, but the trend continued with NoraFlum quickly turning things back around, making a straight the very next hand.

When NoraFlum made a jack-high flush in Seven-Card Stud to scoop, Aftret was in trouble and next hand was all in on third street. Aftret's board of 2♣K♣7♥T♥2♦9♦A♣ was only good for a pair of deuces which wasn't enough as NoraFlum showed 8♦K♥4♥3♦3♠3♣9♠ for trip threes to grab the victory!


It was a brave run by Aftret who took home $21,979.95 for second place as NoraFlum's domination went all the way to WCOOP title and $29,994.50 in prize money. Congratulations!

WCOOP-42: $320 HORSE - $75K Guaranteed
Entrants: 529
Prize Pool: $158,700
Places Paid: 72

1. NoraFlum (Mexico) $29,994.50
2. Aftret (Norway) $21,979.95
3. Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee $16,187.40
4. Marto115 (Bulgaria) $11,902.50
5. RolldUpTrips (Mexico) $7,935.00
6. Ulett_23 (Canada) $5,554.50
7. Dosenpfand (Germany) $3,967.50
8. Parasences (Germany) $2,777.25

The 2014 World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing and the Player of the Series race is starting to heat up, but it's not too late to jump into the WCOOP action, with events running right through until September 28th. There's over $40,000,000 in guaranteed prize money to be won! Check out the WCOOP homepage for more details.

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